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My house is prewired with 2 runs of RG6 to each room that has a TV, except the home theater which has 4 runs of RG6, all to a central point.

I have a dual tuner dtivo in the home theater which takes up 2 outputs from a Spaun 5801 multiswitch.

I will buy RCA receivers for three other rooms. That will take up 3 more outputs from the Spaun, for a total of five used.

In the home theater, then, I have two unused runs. In the three rooms I have one unused run in each. I will put the DTivo in the fourth room. That will take both runs for the dual tuners.

Then how do I distribute recorded programs from DTivo in the fourth room to my home theater upstairs? How do you cable that? What addt'l equipment is needed? Seems like since I will take up both RG6 runs to fuel the dual tuner DTivo, I'll have to run a new coax cable from the RF OUT(?) on the DTivo to the central closet, but where after that? An unused input on the Spaun 5x8?

What about stereo?

How would I control it with IR from upstairs? I have mini IR blaster system in the home theater now and open CAT5 runs from home theater to central closet already in place.

I have a real learning disability when it comes to this type of wiring logic and I thank you very much in advance.

Doug S