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72 hurts  

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So it seems that DLP machines want a 72 Hz signal but the CI and Quadscan put out 60. Is tearing noticeable with these scalers? Extron equip,emt is VERY expensive and I would like to avoid a scan converter anyway.

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The ci has a filter that allows it to work with dlp.
I think QS will be doing the same in a future upgrade.

Thanks Very Much!

Alan Gouger
AV Science
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Who said that DLP machines want 72HZ ?

ALL DLP machines work better with slower scan, not faster, and will probably end up dropping frames to keep up with faster rates.

Lower scan (60Hz) gives the system more time to create the image and actually results in LESS flicker type issues - This is particularly true of single chip DLP though just as important for 3 chip.

Hope this helps!
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