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New Yamashita Motion in Silence processors  

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Earlier this week, I got some prices from Motion in Silence on their new high-definition video processors. The DC-1000 is about $8000 and the DC-2000 is about $14,800 (!) (after hearing those prices, I didn't even ASK about their DC-8000, the sole function of which appears to be to convert 1080i/59.94Hz to 1080p/72Hz doing inverse telecine). Rollout to dealers begins on the West Coast over the next few weeks.

And that is still all analog in -> digital processing -> analog out. Who will be the first to market with a DVI/DFP in/out processor?

Have these units been shown at trade shows yet? Any eyewitness reports? These are way, way, way out of my reach, but I'm just curious how they perform at 3x the price many of us paid for our projectors.
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I just heard about these processors today, too. In addition to direct sales, Vidikron is one firm that will be slapping on their faceplate and selling them.

They seem squarely aimed at Faroudja. The $13,995 model seems to have many of the functions and scaling capabilities (if not more) of the DVP3000. One interesting note: The unit does not have 3/2 pull down because the manufacturer claims its not necessary because the unit will digitally detect film and video and process them at 72 Hz and/or 60 Hz frame rates (again, their claim, not mine).

The $8995 model seems similair to the DVP2200 which list for $8K, but will do a wider range of output frequencies: 625P, 525P, 1024 X 768, 1280 X 1080, and of course, SVGA and XGA like the DVP2200. I do have one major concern -- nobody seems to know if this unit has an HDTV pass through like its more expensive brother. It's hard to believe that it wouldn't though.

I have seen neither of these units in action. They do seem to have more industrial, less refined cosmetics than the Faroudjas. But the specs are promising.

One last thing: For our Eurpopean friends, both units are PAL TV system compatible at no extra charge (Faroudja charges more for PAL compatibility).

I'm not sure I'd choose either of these over the more established Faroudja line which does so many things so well, but it sure is nice to have the competition.

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Whether this new line of processors be a threat to Faroudja is yet to see. However, from the way they set the price, they must have sufficient potential to justify their claim. In the past, the Japanese YEM has been putting out line and 4x doublers yet they couldn't even find popularity within their domestic market, not to mention a foothold overseas. While I am a supporter of Faroudja picture quality, I join many readers in this forum to dispute Faroudja's pricing policy. That is, of course, purely a personal view. It is good then to see new comers joining the competition. Faroudja will either lower their price or put out even better value added products.
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Unity Motion.
Motion in Silence.
Yasushi Yamashita.

There's a familiar bell ringing here somewhere.

D. Erskine
DEsign Cinema Privee
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Vidikron is one firm that will be slapping on their faceplate and selling them.
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I received the sheet on these processors yesterday, and Vidikron already has slapped their faceplate on them.

A strange thing about the 2000 is that the next resolution after 720p is 1040p with nothing in between.
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