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Vigatec - scan frequencies  

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Hi folks,

here the scan frequencies after our final tests. We do not offer
D-ILA with 75 Hz. The frame rate conversion from 60 to 75 Hz is
simply unwatchable. The 75 Hz or 90 Hz are little jerky as well and should only be used when the projector is not scanning to anything else. For CRT use, you definetely go for 100 or 120 Hz.This is as smooth as 50/60 Hz.
Sorry if earlier information stated otherwise, but the hardware would have supported it but is does not make any sense.

Find the actual scan frequency table here:

make it so
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Hi spatz, two questions:
Can you implement a 72 Hz refresh rate for NTSC sources to remove motion judder from film sources? This might make sense because most projectors don't like 120 Hz refresh. This feature is on the Yamashita DC-2000.

Also, I want to add an SDI output to my DVD player to use with the GVC1280. Will the GVC1280 accept SMPTE259M Level C (4:3, 270Mbps) and Level D (16:9, 360Mbps) formats? Thanks.

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sorry no free samples at the moment for you. We can meet at CEDIA though
if you like to arrange an appointment.
The 72 Hz is tricky because we will have to detect the start of
the pull down sequence and force synchronize the frame rate converter.
Otherwise there would be no benefit of the 3:3 sequence. This can be done but we will offer it in a later firmware version if we manage the software
changes which are tricky.
There is already a protoype with a D-1 input 270 Mbit/s and you can upgrade
the unit in the field with that input or order it immediately with it.
We have implented this for our professional customer base.

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