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why Extron switcher don't work with Faroudja processor?  

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Just bought a new Extron switcher SW 4 AR HVxi few days ago for around $850. It's a 4 in 1 out RGBHV switcher all in BNC terminal. Very expensive but it suppose a quality product. URL at http://www.extron.com/product/product.asp?id=sw4ar-hvxi

My video processor is a Faroudja VP400A and the projector is the NEC XG85. The setup works fine when direct connect the 400A to the XG85 using 5 BNCs to BNCs connection. But using the Extron in the middle won't work. The projector 'INFO' said the singal is at 62.9Khz (right) and 33hz refesh rate (wrong). I only get a flickering video noise picture! But if I use the Faroudja 15pin monitor output with a 15pin to 5 BNCs cable to the Extron, the singal pass fine and the XG85 see the frequence is at 62.9Khz and 59.9hz refesh rate. Yesterday I borrowed a friend's Faroudja LD200 for a test. If using 5 BNCs to the Extron, the projector can never sync. Again the LD200 15pin output works with the Extron.

What give? I want to use the BNCs terminal of the Faroudja to the switcher! Anyone has any idea? Thanks in advance.

Btw, the 5 BNCs cable from Faroudja to the Extron is okay because I tried using 5 I-joins to direct connect the 5 short BNCs cable to the 5 long BNCs cable from the projector without any problem.


Li On
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Tricky thing, good for you I know it because I had the same configruration
The high level faroudja sync signals clip the inputs of
the Extrons inputs. They are 5 and 10 Vpp. You can try
double terminate them with additional 75 ohm resistors to
reduce the sync level of the VP 400. Hook an oszi you
will see it.

make it so
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Hi spatz,

Thanks for the advice but I don't think so. The Faroudja VP400A manual read:

R,G,B Non-composite, Positive, 714mVp-p
Vertical Sync 59.94Hz, Negative, 4Vp-p, 75 Ohm
Horizontal Sync 62.8KHz, Negative, 4Vp-p, 75 Ohm

I believe that's a 'standard' level singal. Btw, if the expensive 'industial grade' Extron switched still don't work, what else?


Li On
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I'm using a SW 4 AR HVxi, DVP5000 and a G-90. I have not had any problems.

As you know, the switcher can be set to manual, or auto switch on synch. If you haven't already, I would try both modes. Other than that, I would send the unit back. It should work.

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are you running 1080i into the 5000? I know this is a silly question since I already know the answer, but how does the 5000 & G90 look? (I assume it is fantastic but its not often we get to interact with someone who has this "dream" setup!- congrats!)

- Jerry
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I am running 1080i from a Dish 6000 into the 5000. With my 92" diag. 16x9 1.3 gain Studiotech, the setup, with a good transfer, is incredible. When Roger Galvan set the G-90 up we discussed all the options and trade offs. After viewing contrast settings from 50 to 85. I keep it on 60. I guess that's the benefit of a relatively small screen. Roger confirmed that with the low contrast setting, watching 4:3 Dish programing will not be a raster burn issue, and with the 5000, I can even stomach watching SD Dish programming.

Sorry for the digression Li On. Hope your Extron issue works out.

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thanks for the info- must be spectacular! and yes, Li On, sorry for the digression and of course I hope the extron issue is resolved.

- Jerry
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