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CI: Pal Input downscableable to 480p ?  

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Hi fellow list members,

can anyone in this forum tell me, if it's possible to "downscale"
a PAL interlaced signal to 480p with the crystalimage and how the
results are looking ?

To be a bit more precise: I've got a Sony PGM-2950 monitor here,
which is a 29" VGA system and I'm looking for a good resolution
to connect PAL and NTSC sources.

Another question: does anyone know a possibility to convert a 15khz
RGB signal with comb. sync (as outputed by all european DVD players)
to YUV which a scaler like the CI can use ???

Greetings, Tobias
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I have a few R2 PAL discs that I watch through my CI scaler with a 800 x 600 DLP projector. Even though I am in R1 my Apex player will output native PAL which my projector can display. So all the CI is doing is upscaling to 800 x 600. The results are excellent, and the native PAL image looks much better than what I get when I let the Apex do PAL to NTSC conversion.

So to answer your question: if the CI can upscale to 600p with such good results, I have little doubt that it will downscale to 480p just fine.
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thanks for the information so far !!
I already have a Sony DVP-S7700 with cinematrix upgrade and it's
indeed fantastic, but it DOES not downscale PAL DVDs to 480p. It can
only convert interlaced to progressive signals and upscale the image.

Concerning the RGB->YUV: I'll give it a try, but I need such a unit,
since we've got a wide variety of machines with RGB output here, which
simply have no YUV output and my guess simply is that converting RGB
to YUV shouldn't be too complicated from the technical point of view.

Greetings, Tobias
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the selfmade sync stripper at http://home.t-online.de/home/j.redelfs/index.htm combined with the Audio Authority converter may do the trick. But I don't know whether the CI accepts a 576i signal at the YUV input and can downconvert it to 480p.


PS: I am also interested in the Cinematrix upgrade and work in Unterschleissheim, near Munich. It would be nice if I could take a look at your Sony. If possible, send me an email please.
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Extron's Lanciaxi line doubler has a setting that lets you force an interlaced NTSC 3.58, NTSC 4.43, PAL, or SECAM image to 480 non-interlaced at 60Hz.
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