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I have an older InFocus LP-720 projector connected to my HTPC. In my previous installation, I built my own ceiling mount for it. However, I noticed bad motion artifacts when I selected the ceiling mount mode. I ended up using Nvidia's nView utilities to flip the image on the video card, thus allowing me to keep the projector in normal mode, even when upside down.

The down-side to this is that if I want to watch TV directly on the unit or I want to view the VGA signal on another monitor, I have to flip the image either on the projector or the video card. It's a big PITA.

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So, I have since moved, and figured now is the time to work on a fix. I would still like to move my projector onto a mount on the ceiling, but want to keep the projector right side up, rather than mount it upside-down.

The keystoning on this projector is built into the lens. I figure that I would need to flip the lens 180 degrees. At the very least, I would LOVE to clean the dust blobs that are INSIDE the lens.

Do you guys think this will work, or do I risk permanently messing up my optics?