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Dish 6000 w/G1000 D-ILA & a scaler?  

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I have a G1000 D-ILA arriving tomorrow, the 6000 SHOULD be in by the weekend, the first receiver screamed when plugged in, did nothing otherwise, and my Cinematrix modified DVD player for progessive and scaling should be back within a week.

I have no plans for playing old lasers and tapes. I will have Mark Fosters mods installed for screen positions and panel usage. I had read somewhere here I think that upconversion by the 6000 to 1080i was a bit lame but it wasn't clear to me if it was a matter of the Dish 6000's artifacts or the poor quality of the "regular" Dish signal. No question about the HDTV signal.

It LOOKS like I shouldn't need a scaler for regular dish programming when using the component outputs on the 6000, should I? I'm getting confused here. Should I be using the regular computer RGB input on the G1000? Or?

Do I need a CI or equivilent for anything really?

Am I missing something?


Larry Vale

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You will not need a scaler as the 6000 will upconvert the non hd channels to 720P or the 1080I/540P which ever you choose to use in the setup menue.

Thanks Very Much!

Alan Gouger
AV Science
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it appears you may be the first one to use a cinematrix modified DVD player with a D-ILA projector. It would be great if you could post your impressions of this combination. I do have one question now. Does the modification add picture adjustment parameters, particularly sharpness, tint, and color. As you are probably aware, those three parameters will not be adjustable when using a 1024p source and synchronizing to an SXGA D-ILA resolution.

Don O

PS there is a way to add sharpness control to the D-ILA through the RS232 port that is not available with IR control
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Don O

I'll be happy to pass on what I see assuming Frank gets the Mod in and back to me soon. First off he's mentioned several times that the Pioneer 727 Changer is PACKED inside. I never pulled it out of the box when I got it but did notice it was a lot smaller than the Sony 200 disc changer externally. He is also having to put in some board to deal with the 8 bit output of the Pioneer players. I'm hoping he doesn't tell me I'm screwed and can't use that player at all or suggest that the only way would be to make up some external box...with a seperate power supply et all. *scared look* In any case he's waiting for parts still from Cinematrix. That was what he told me today. I will only be able to compare it with my Geoforce "HTPC enabled" PC assuming I can get that set up correctly. The PC was put together for that purpose 6-7 months ago but I never was able to try it on a HDTV other than a Panasonic 56WXF95A with an audio authority adapter. That was disasterous since the set was way out of registration to begin with. Finally after a long fight with the dealer it went back yesterday.

I wasn't aware I couldn't adjust those parameters actually. Does that depend on the input I use? The Player will only really be able to output into the component inputs from the modification board. I did ask Frank to set up custom resolutions @ 1365x768 and 1365x1024 though.

"Does the modification add picture adjustment parameters, particularly sharpness, tint, and color.?"

Not from what I read it doesn't.

Incidentally I did notice one man has a program that will enable various functions via the RS232 port. An email to him was something I was going to do today. I am hoping I can do some sort of "passthru" of those commands. I do use the one com port on my cheapie HT laptop in the room for control of the Sony CD changers via a slinke ( www.nirvis.com ) as it is. Adapting a laptop for another com port at this point is beyond me though. The thought of having preset zoom and focus at a minimum sounded very cewl. Especially since Mark Foster says he is 3 weeks behind and I don't know when the Panamorph will be shipped. Now if I could get an email back from Richard Martin about his getting me a "slot" I'd be happy.

I really don't know how much will change when I get Mark Fosters mods too. I am currently talking to him as well about those.

Your feedback and thoughts are appreciated.

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I would have assumed that you were ouputting the source from RGBHV connectors that would have been added during the modification. The component inputs of the projector do no have native support for 1024p, and the projector does not support 1366*768 out of the box. In addition, the component input only has 5 resolutions available. In looking at the mod, I did see a player with RGBHV on 5BNCs. This would be my choice.

In thinking about what mods would be necessary for 16:9 screens without a lens, I would think that at least 3 sources would need to used (1 for 16:9 enhanced, 1 for 4:3 full frame non-zoomed, and 1 for 4:3 letterboxed). With a lens, I would think the difficulty would be displaying 4:3 or letterboxed material. Being that this mod will be unable to perform a reverse anamorphic squeeze (like the CI), you may have to deal with geometric distortion of all 4:3 material.

Don O

PS In all computer resolutions, the video adjustment are limited to contrast and brightness. In addition, the 16:9 switch is disabled.
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