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C.I. owners?  

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Originally posted by adidadi:
I just watched: The Whole Nine Yards. What an amazing transfer.
Hehehe... What a coincidence. This is also the first movie I watched with my brand new Quadscan connected to my JVC D-ILA. Vertical banding! Horror! (I later found out that this is a known problem with QS v2.06 that will be fixed in v2.11. However Focus Enhancements refuses to acknowledge this problem, so I'm returning my unit for a refund and going with the Vigatec scaler instead...)

Regarding the transfer: I agree with you. It really looks good! http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/cool.gif

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Your movement to Vigatec and use of D-ILA got my attention. I would consider it but suspect you will be ahead of my timeline. I have brought in the QS and also the Extron 150 and tried them compared to my Faroujda LD200 coupled to a G15. The QS I had was human interface unfriendly. Might be better now. The 150 set to 1344x1024 was less watchable than the LD200 functioning as a doubler. It also would output 1080i. The LD200 was more pleasant to watch however. What I really want is something to make DSS look good, but short of HDTV, I think it is unlikely. I look forward to your observations.

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My new v5.2 chip has the same verticle dark/light banding that v5.0 and 5.1 had. I did not have this in v4.4. I asked Alan before v5.2 was released to look into this and nothing happened. I asked him again after I got the v5.2 and he said he would ask the tech guys if they changed anything to cause this but I have not heard back from him and it has been about two weeks. Have you had any luck getting rid of this? joe
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No problems with version 5.2 that I can see. I had a problem with 5.1 where the picture would be in black and white when first turned on for some reason or another, but hasn't appeared since upgrading. The image from my Sony DVPS-7700 DVD player and Marantz 520 laser disc player are very very good after being passed thru the CI.

Sony VPH-1271Q Projector, DVD - component connections, S-video Laser disc.

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I'm considering the CI to go with a G70 I purchased today and that should be delivered next week http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

What do those of you with the CI and an 8" CRT projecotr use as an output resolution? I've heard that 720p is about right for an 8" CRT, while driving the projector at its theoretical maximum resolution of 1700X1200 will result in an excessively soft picture. Any thoughts?
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Hi Folks,
I'm wondering if any of you C.I. owners can share your observations about the latest version, 5.2? Any oddities or problems? Is everyone pleased with the latest chip?
Thanks & Good Viewing,
John G
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It seems to be perfect. Finally. Great picture. By the way, I think that all the observations about blotchiness, artifacts, etc., can be linked to the transfer, I just watched: The Whole Nine Yards. What an amazing transfer. It looks very close to HBO HD channel. It was such a beautiful picture that it indicates the CI is capable of a very film like picture. It is working very well.
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My CI (v5.2) looks great with the Davis DL450 clone (Viewsonic PJL830) I am currently using. Anamorphic DVD looks excellent, and even laserdiscs look quite good through the scaler. It is a little more difficult to establish a good synch at 800 x 600 with laserdisc, but like DVD once the synch is established it always holds for the entire movie. I don`t see the vertical banding mentioned above. However, I did see this with the beta version of the 5.2 software, but it was no longer visible after I installed the final 5.2 chip.
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It's great hearing from other C.I. owners. It appears that most of those who have posted are pleased with the final 5.2 upgrade. Any other C.I. owners out there who would grace us with comments? Also, what are you folks using for source material? Do any of you find problems with any specific sources (DVD, DSS, LV, etc)? Lastly, it might help to know what projectors you are using.

I'm currently using the C.I. with a Davis DL-S8 (SVGA), and feeding it with a DVD player (component output), LV Player, DSS, and S-VHS (all through S-Video connections).
Good Viewing,
John G
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I’ve had my 5.2 chip in for a couple of weeks now and when used with my NEC 6pg Xtra it produces a beautiful picture. I still have an Mpact2 based PC (usually run at 800x600) but the CI produces, IMO, a better overall picture 99% of the time when using HDTV-720; especially now that we have FILM MODE=ON which I use exclusively for DVD movies only. Sure, in the dark scenes on all but the best transfers you still get color banding/blotchiness but I think it is better than what it was many upgrades before. I’m very happy with the price/performance index. However, I do need someone to confirm these anomalies for me:

1. When my CI is turned on (after being turned off for approx 5 min), it always defaults to MEM-1. All previous CI’s always remembered your last memory slot you were using. Now this is not a problem, I just have to re-program my PRONTO. Just wondering if this is by design.

2. When my CI is turned on (after being turned off for approx 5 min) I loss my CHROMA DELAY setting from the SETUP MENU. Everything else like SYNC, OUTPUT FORMAT, AUTO POWER etc. is remembered (thank goodness)!

Rob – I guess we will have to live with those horizontal lines (scene transition etc). I mentioned it in one of my other post: http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/Forum2/HTML/002552.html

The bottom line is you may have to tweak the H/V DETAIL but it may soften your picture slightly...

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I have another thread where I asked a question about my memory inputs vanishing after a brief power outage (selecting memory only says "evu"). Alan and Jedilite responded and apparently I need the 5.2 chip to fix this.

A question: when I got the free hardware upgrade a couple of months back I had terrible vertical banding along the left edge of the screen that forced me to completely recalibrate my projector from scratch. Will I have to do that again if I upgrade to the 5.2 chip? (I have an NEC 9PG). I'd hate to have to but I will if it's necessary. I'd just like to know what to expect. Jedilite, when you upgraded to 5.2 with your 6PG did you have to reset your projector? Thanks for any help!

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Thanks to answer my question about progressive DVD player.
Does the CI owner need to pay for each software upgrade or recent 5.2 chip upgrade? How do you perform software upgrade? Do you need send CI back to AVScience?

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So far, the sofware upgrades have been 'no charge'. I can't speak for hardware since I've only had my C.I. for a few months. At this time, all upgrades and handled through Alan at AVS. In the case of software (i.e. 'chip') upgrades, Alan has sent me the new chip and I've installed them. The only problem I've encountered were bent 'forks' on a couple of the chips (shipping related problem). It was very simple...took about 5 minutes. It is about as simple as adding 'ram' to your computer. However, if you are not comfortable with this, you can ship the unit to Alan at AVS.
Oh, before changing 'chips' write down the details of any customized settings...chances are they will be gone when you fire up the unit after installing the new chip.
Good Viewing,
John G
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Can someone tell me How does CI work with a progressive DVD player?

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Hi Folks,
Well this thread is revealing some usefull information. However, it would probably help Alan if we could list 1. The Projector , and 2. The Source(s) (i.e. DVD Player, HTPC, DSS, etc).

So far we've got several 'confirmed' reports of vertical banding. That is the most 'consistent' anomaly reported. Otherwise are we all reasonably happy with the C.I.? How about listing some of the positive aspects, compared to your projector's internal scaler or an outboard device such as the iScan.

In my own system (Davis DL-S8, DLP Projector with SVGA max capability), going from the iScan to the C.I. was a remarkable improvement. Color, sharpness, contrast...all were greatly improved. My only "complaints" so far are: the need to re-establish 'sync' at 800x600 each time I use the system, and the vertical banding previously noted.

Another note: on the DLP Forum, Alan has announced that AVS will soon be offering CALIBRATION of DLP projectors. This sounds like a major development (even though it will mean shipping our projectors to Alan.)

Please keep the comments coming!
Good Viewing,
John G
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I also see the blotchiness in dark scenes, however, I feel that this may have something to do with the DVD transfer. As mentioned, the Whole Nine Yards looked as close to perfect as one could want. That leads me to believe that the CI is passing the noise along.

As far as compatability problems are concerned; I can't get the my Playstation or 200 Disc player (on screen display) to work. It shakes. This could be a sync problem with my NEC XG 85. Any ideas on this?

The memory should remain on the last setting. Just thought I would mention that since mine appears to default to the last mem used.

I have a question: does the DSS material off of a DTC-100 look better when going directly through the CI's pass through, or when processed to 800X600 or even 720P? I will do a comparison, but I would also like some opinions in case it is a no brainer and I'd save myself the time.

Also, in regards to that question regarding using a progressive player; the progressive outputs would not be upscaled. Only analog component through the CI would get processed.
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Although your question was answered already, it's probably worth repeating that the CI does not accept signals from progressive scan DVD players. What it does is produce progressive scanned images from standard DVD players as well as from other NTSC-based sources.
The CI also offers a passthrough input feature that allows for such equipment as the DTC-100 HDTV tuner and similar components to be connected, adding greater flexibility to a HT system...


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Hi Frank,

Thanks for furture explaination.
Since CI has only VGA connector for passing through, it means that the signal from progressive DVD player couldn't even passing through without expensive transcoder, am I right?

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My next question is: I would like to improve my current setup, which is Sharp ZW99 + DVDO.
I have three choices:
1. Buy CI and use my current Toshiba 3109 dvd plyer.
2. Buy transcoder from Extron or Inline and new progressive dvd player.
3. wait for PSM-1 modified dvd player.

Has anyone done comparision with them? or your opinion.


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I am not familiar with your projector but I will say this: give it a try with a CI video scaler (set to output a matching resolution signal to your projector) and your current 3109 Toshiba DVD player (outputting component video signals). The resulting progressive scanned image just might be what you're after. Why spend money on transconders and the like when it could be a bit easier? I recommend you seek a dealer who can demo the combination of a CI with a FP and a standard DVD player before outlying a heafty sum of money on components that may not do better...

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I already posted this in the improvements forum, but I have three rather simple questions, which I know could probably be quite easily answered by this forum. Please post these answers if possible. These are my questions:

1)With a 16:9 screen, what is the significance of properly expanding a 4:3 letterbox image? I don't understand this because I would have thought you play the widescreen side of the disc and choose anamorphic or widescreen. I hear this 4:3 expansion comment quite often. Does this only apply to people with 4:3 screens?

2)I have a Cyrstal Image going through an NEC XG85 onto a Stewart 16:9. When I play certain discs that I thought were anamorphic, they look squished in Anamorphic setting, but when I select Widescreen, it unlocks it to perfectly fit the whole screen without bars. Can someone please clarify this. Shouldn't Anamorphic do the unlocking? Are my CI settings inverted, or is my brain inverted? Maybe some DVD titles as examples could be used in the explanation.

3)Another thing which bothers me is that I don't know which DVD aspect ratios to get excited about. Anamorphic 1.77:1 seems to fit the best? Which aspect ratio delivers the highest resolution and full screen picture on my screen?

I would appreciate any clarification on these 3 questions. Thank you very much.

Silence is overrated!
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go with the CI. The DVDO is a good unit that you could probably sell at a minimal loss. The CI will allow you to ouput at full panel resolution (800x600), have end user controls for picture calibration not available on the RGB input of your projector, AR control through the scaler, and all NTSC material (not just DVD) could be played through the scaler. The progressive DVD with a transcoder will be about the same money without any of the above features.

Don O
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My choice since I've made this for myself is.

1. Buy CI and use my current Toshiba 3109 dvd plyer.

Also, the next best thing for this projector IMO is a Cygnus Image Processor. I feel the only other thing to improve your enjoyment would be a Panamorph to use the entire panels pixels and light when squeezing down to 16x9. Just my .02 cents worth.


Rick & Carey's Home Theater
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uhmm...let me see if I can be of some help...

4:3 video material should be projected at that aspect ratio (note that the CI--at least mine--already has some 4:3 aspect ratio distortions, easily seen with test patterns that contain circles and the like) via the STANDARD setting (or whatever is called when the CI is set to output a 16x9 signal). Black bars will be seen up besides the active image.

The WIDESCREEN setting (here again, whatever is called when the CI is set at 16x9 output) widens a letterboxed (or full frame for that matter), non-anomorphically "enhanced" image to fill the entire 16:9 screen, but cropping of the active image is introduced. You can use this one when watching the square aspect ratio video material, but visual distortions will be readily seen. Your choice, of course...

The ANOMORPHIC setting must be used to decode the enhancement a lot of DVDs contain now days (thank God for that!), which will add 33% of resolution lost otherwise when reproducing black bars, which after all are still active lines of resolution themselves. So regardless of a film's original aspect ratio (i.e., "flat" spherical 1:85:1, scope anmorphic 2:35:1, 70mm 2:21:1, etc.), when you play an enhanced DVD via that setting on the CI the visible results are such that now you can see images with their correct physical dimensions, and not tall and skinny as otherwise they will appear if decoding is not applied.

Hope this helps...


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Thanks Don O and Rick for your valuable advice.
I can borrow QS scaler, progressive dvd player and Extron transcoder from my friend next week, and make some comparison between three devices by A/B VGA switch box. I will make my decision and give you my report.


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Originally posted by Frank J Manrique:
...The WIDESCREEN setting (here again, whatever is called when the CI is set at 16x9 output) widens a letterboxed (or full frame for that matter), non-anomorphically "enhanced" image to fill the entire 16:9 screen, but cropping of the active image is introduced. You can use this one when watching the square aspect ratio video material, but visual distortions will be readily seen. ...
What sorts of distortions?
I'd be mostly interested in using this mode to display material that was "letterboxed" inside 4x3 (like a number of PBS shows and some satTV movies which are either letterboxed or were filmed in academy and intended to be soft matted) on my 16x9 RPTV.
If by distortions, you mean that I'm throwing away some active lines, that's fine (I'd expect that and don't care if I'm throwing away either blank active lines or doing my own (appropriate) soft matting.
Are there geometrical distortions as well?
I'm particularly curious about this as I'm "on the fence" about a CI, and my RPTV locks into 16x9 when given RGB input (so any zooming would have to be done by the scaler).

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Originally posted by Frank J Manrique

The WIDESCREEN setting (here again, whatever is called when the CI is set at 16x9 output) widens a letterboxed (or full frame for that matter), non-anomorphically "enhanced" image to fill the entire 16:9 screen, but cropping of the active image is introduced. You can use this one when watching the square aspect ratio video material, but visual distortions will be readily seen. Your choice, of course...
Frank, I think this is wrong, or at least misleading. What aspect ratio is the screen you're using? I have a CI which I use with an NEC 9PG. My screen is a 16x9 aspect ratio. For NON-ANAMORPHIC DVDs the WIDESCREEN output of the CI is the correct selection, and introduces no distortion or cropping of the material. If I watched, for instance, "Crimson Tide" in STANDARD mode, the image would be both windowboxed (black bars, or really lack of image, on the sides) AND letterboxed (top and bottom). By selecting WIDESCREEN the CI zooms the 4x3 image (because even though "Crimson Tide" is a 2.35:1 film it's really just a letterbox image inside a 4x3 frame) so that the sides of the image touch the edge of my screen (i.e., it fills the screen horizontally). Since this is a letterboxed image the only "cropping" or "distortion" that occurs is with the black bar areas at the top and bottom which contains no active picture area. In other words, the image just gets bigger to fill the screen from left to right without losing any active image area.

Note that this is NOT true of the menu system, which is mastered in 4x3 so that the top and bottom portion of it will be cropped off by the WIDESCREEN setting.

Frank, are you the guy who owns a D-ILA and had questions about vertical blanking controls (or lack thereof)? Also, if you're using a 4x3 screen the WIDESCREEN mode is useless and would result in distortion of the image.

What "readily seen" distortions are you referring to? Maybe I'm missing the gist of what you're saying.

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I am aware of one area where the CI is geometrically distorted. I've got a 16x9 RPTV, and anamorphic and widescreen display quite accurately, but when viewing 4:3 standard material, the horizontal is stretched by about 5%. This is quite noticeable and I've commented on it. Alan Gouger at AVS says this is well-known and there are no current plans to do anything about it. That's my only quibble with the CI. For other viewing, it's absolutely great and I would not do without it.
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Thank you for your response. That certainly helped. Just to ensure I got it correctly; regular widescreen enhanced DVD's can be played with the widescreen setting to fill the screen (distortion may occur), eliminating the bars.
Anamorphic discs will appear to unlock when played in Anamorphic, but, may still have black bars top and bottom.
Am I correct? Thanks.

Silence is overrated!
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I also have been experiencing blotchiness on very dark scenes. I am going to try to check and double check all of my connections and calibrations before I start thinking it could be the CI. I put in my DTS Movie Demo Disk in my new DVD player and select the movine "The Relic". On the dark scenes, all the blacks are in motion. Their seems to be alot of overprocessing or noise going on with the darker images. The black scenes are not solid black at all, it is blotchy and forever moving around to a point where you cannot watch this movie anymore. My 6PG settings are not being pushed at all either. If someone could help it would be appreciated. Any ideas on whats going on?


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