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Hello all,

I don't know much about DVR's so bear with me.

Last night my car was vandalized in a parking structure that I use frequently.

Today I went searching the web looking for a DVR-based surveillance system that would accept two small spy-cams and audio and could be installed in a vehicle on a continuous loop. I didn't find much and what I found seemed ridiculously expensive (~$800).

I've also looked at "Mobile Electronics" sites with car LCD and DVD players, etc. Nothing for surveillance.

In contrast, I've seen used 40hr Tivo units on eBay for $75. And it seems like that would work, provided:

1) It had two composite video inputs and audio inputs.
2) It didn't require any activation or subscription.
3) It didn't consume so much power that it would run down a car battery.

On the one hand, it seems silly to take a digital signal from a CCD camera, turn it into analog, and then have a DVR do an A/D conversion and store a compressed image. But it seems cheaper than doing something PC-based.

Comments ? Has anybody seen an existing product that is reasonably priced that would hold at least 10-20hrs + audio from two cameras in NTSC resolution ?

This would be a good product for a lot of reasons, including a video record of theft and collision as well as vandalism. I'm surprised I didn't find something easily.