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Line Double/Scaler Questino  

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I have a Mits 46805 16:9 TV. From what I have read, the internal line doubler is pretty bad. Most of my viewing is DishNetwork and DVD's. When I get the Dish6000 receiver, I have read the non-hdtv programming looks better than with my current dish receiver. With the 6000, do you then view everything through the HDTV input, and the non-hdtv stuff gets converted properly?

If I were to get somethign like the iScan, where in the "chain" does that go? Does everything feed into that, and that goes into the TV?

Basically, I want to end up with the best pictures from

1: HDTV (using the Dish 6000 receiver)
2: DVD's (I currently do NOT have a progressive player, but will get one if that will drastically help)
3: DishNetwork standard satellite TV.

Right now, the DishNetwork stuff looks pretty bad on the TV..

Thanks for any input or suggestions.

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I would consider a video scaler like the CI. This one has a passthrough input to where the 6000 could be connected and do HDTV and DTV from there; do DVD via the CI's own component video input from an standard player. You'll then get progressive scan playback with 3/2 pulldown inverse telecine processing from 24 fps film-originated material. The CI can also match the "native" resolution of your TV set, optimizing reproduction.

BTW, what connection does your Mitsubishi set accepts--RGB/VGA (BNC or DB-15 jacks) or component video? The CI can be ordered configured to output either--but not both--format signals, so you need to check on that.

Good luck on your quest! http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

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