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CI problem,HELP  

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Just got a new CI replacement and out of the box the component input from DVD has no color. I checked S-video input and it works fine. I know I have not switched the CR/CB cables. Does anyone know of a correction before I return it? thanks, joe
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Joe, I had this problem after I got my CI back from AVSource for a hardware upgrade. The color from component input was intermittent (sometimes it was there, sometimes it wasn't; I had to turn the unit on and off several times for it to regain color). On Alan Gouger's advice, I opened the CI and tweaked the color pot inside. It is the white pot toward the back of the unit. YOU DO NOT NEED TO MOVE THIS VERY MUCH!! I barely touched it and color snapped back on and has been rock solid ever since (a couple of months at least).

Good luck!

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