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CI or HTPC  

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I like to know if the Crystal Image processor(latest version) is better or inferior to a HTPC while viewing solely DVD sources.
I noticed that AVS sells both of the above mentioned products.

I have a Runco 930 CRT and a Pioneer 525 DVD player.
Thank you for your input.
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Hello Dailo,
Welcome aboard. Essentially the image quality from the C.I. is the equivalent to an HTPC. However, since "HTPC" is a generic term and the C.I. is a specific component, it's a bit of an apples/oranges comparison. Having owned a C.I. for about 4 months, I can tell you that I'm very pleased with the image. In my instance, I went with the C.I. rather than an HTPC because I view multiple sources other than DVD (i.e. LV, DISH, S-VHS, etc). At this point these sources do not look good when routed through an HTPC.

Keep in mind that these are both 'cutting edge' approaches to getting a great looking signal to your projector. Both require some patience. Based upon my own experience, and reading posts on this forum, I would not describe either approach as "plug and play". The DVDO iScan IS "plug and play" but yields nowhere near the picture quality of the Crystal Image Scaler.

Good Viewing,
John G
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Thanks John
I cant say say anything youve havent already covered. Great answer!

Thanks Very Much!

Alan Gouger
AV Science
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Thanks John and Alan for your input.
I have multiple sources(DSS, LD, DVD, SVHS) and I think the CI will be a better option.
Thanks again.
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