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I've just recently set up a CrystalImage scaler with my Sony KLW9000. The CI is RGBHV out via 5 BNCs. The Sony is is RGBHV in via svga (HD15?) d-shell.
I had on hand a svga to 5BNC computer cable, which I'd used in the past to drive a monitor at oh, at least, 1024x768 at 72Hz (which was a big deal at the time). So I used that...
I'm driving my display at both 480p and 720p, and am wondering about, for instance, the 5BNC to svga cable at Am I actually going to get more signal through this cable than the computer cable? (If so, I'm a prime candidate for some of their svga to svga cables for my computers.)
Oh - and while I'm at it, is there any advantage (other than cable neatness) to specifying a 1" length for my color component cable? The CI lives right on top of my DVD player...