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Short video cables bad?  

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I'm about to have some component cables made up to go between my DVD player and CI. The jacks are only a few inches apart, and I'm thinking about going with one foot cables.
Any reason not to do this?
I know there has been some discussion of reflection in short digital audio cables, but wasn't that mostly about optical cables?
If nobody knows about the video cables, I guess I'm a guinea pig, and will be reporting back.
But... if you know it's a bad idea - please stop me!
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My thinking is that shorter cables are better than long cables. If you do end up getting reflections, you want them to be as quick as possible. The longer the cable, the further horizontally the reflected pixels will be from the original pixels, and hence the worse the image. This is why manufacturers can get away with having non-coax , nonshielded video wires inside the chassis of their components: they may be the wrong impedance but because they are so close to the source, the reflections are too short to cause problems.

Of course having said that, the difference between 1 foot and 6 feet is probably almost completely unnoticeable in terms of reflection timing at HDTV or lower frequencies.

So go with the shorter cable if it's convenient.


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