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TOP-LiDo Panasonic TU-PTA100E  

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Did you hear about the Panasonic TU-PTA100E? According to the german
home theater magazine "Image Home Entertainment" and their Guru Udo Ratai,
it's a tv-tuner unit designed for plasma monitors which for DM 2700,- (about
1300 USD) incorporates a very good linedoubler. Hooked up to a CRT beamer,
the picture is much better than a Vidikron Kronos Five's internal Lido.
They even compare the picture to Runcos SC-3000 very favorably and say that
it could be the cheap and good solution to the "no PAL progressive players"-

What do you think about that unit?


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Hi Harry-THX,

you´re right. The PS-board is the cheapest way at tthe moment to get a progressive picture from dvds. But what about other sources? So if anyone has the component listed above (maybe it´s another name in the states) please tell us something about the quality. There must be a few guys which have a panasonic plasma monitor and also this product.


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be sure to set the cinematrix to the same output rate as the 2200- the best the 2200 can do is 800x600 so make sure to do an "apples to apples" comparison. The 2200 is really not the optimal processor for the G90, but I am sure the G90 will show you everything the 2200 is capable of.

In my own unscientific tests of comparing the 2200 to a panasonic H1000, progressive player, nd a dvdo iscan, I find that while I prefer the H1000 for anamorphic DVDs, there is something that Faroudja does for Laserdiscs and cable tv that the iscan just quite doesnt have- and the iscan is darn good for what it is. my point is- also consider what sources you will use.

- Jerry
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