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Faroudja 5000 Owners ???  

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Will be trading my Dwin TScanner for the 5000. Question, the one thing the TS cannot do is adjust tint and color on a HD signal which passes thru the TS. Can the 5000 adjust these, and are there any known incompatibilities with the RCA DTC-100 and the 5000 ???
thanks, rick
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Hey Rick, you asked questions that I don't know the answer to.
(There's an awful lot of those floating around.)

Seriously, with my prior Dwin HD-500, and now with my just up Dwin HD-700,
I find that the color and tint seem to be perfectly set automatically by the HD pass through connection, of the Transcanner and now on loan the Crystal Image until I get the Transcanner 2. I just set brightness and contrast for the projector memory.

I doubt that the Faroudja 5000 or any top notch video processor will allow for color or tint adjustments for HDTV? Why? Because if you have grey scale and contrast and brightness properly set, it ain't necessary to monkey with color and tint. And color and tint control over HD means that the signal is being processed, which in and of itself can degrade that pure HD signal!!!
Again, I am just making an educated guess.

Steve Bruzonsky
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With my Mits 73905 it is possible to adjust these, and not all the HD content is presented in the same fashion.
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Rick, I'm just noting from my own experience with the Dwin HDP-500 7" CRT projector that once tint and contrast and grey scale were properly adjusted, I would have never felt the need to adjust color or contrast on HD stuff. But again, this is subjective, isn't it? I do know that Edward of Dwin told me no processing of the HD pass through of the Transcanner 2
to avoid any artifacts or degradation of image quality.

Steve Bruzonsky
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I don't know if this is possible on the DVT-5000. It is possible on the DFT-5000.

D. Erskine
DEsign Cinema Privee
Imagine what you could do, if you could do all you imagine.
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While there is an incompatibility bewteen the DTC100, the Faroudja DVP2200 and the Dwin 700, both the DVP3000 and DVP5000 have sync adjustments on the HDTV pass through that eliminate this problem.

The only other issue is whether or not you can get a 5000 anytime soon! Between the back orders and some teething problems with the product, I've heard that the wait is a long one.

Good luck.
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Faroudja specs. say you can make all color adjustments using the pass-through or RGB in.

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One other option suggested by Gary Merson would be to use the Audio Authority Transcoder from the DTC100 to input component to the DVP5000 (rather than inputting via the D15 pass through) to regain color controls should the 5000 not provide for these adjustments on the HD pass through. If I recall correctly, Merson felt that the need for these adjustments on HD broadcasts was sufficient to warrant using the transcoder connection to regain color control. If the DVP5000 is like my DVP2200, I believe you don't regain the tint control, though.

The person who can answer all of your questions is Jeff Davis at Faroudja (408-735-1492). He'll tell you right away if the advice and information you're getting from us is correct or not.

One last thing: Depending on how many devices you have with component outputs, you may need an Extron component switcher to choose among them if you use the Transcoder.

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Thanks for the contact there. I will call him Tuesday.
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