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My preliminary impression of I-O DATA AVEL LINKPLAYER2

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This will be my personal preliminary imprsssion with the I-O DATA AVEL LINKPLAYER2(AVLP2).As a owner of Momitsu V880,V880N had been ranked first in my waiting list of DVD player.Actually, I lived in Taiwan and the company of Momitsu is also in Taiwan. So, it would by very convinent to buy V880N and get service.Personally, I had been very satisfied with V880's picture quality even with so many bugs which most had been fixed by firmware upgrade.

But as a network-based dvd player,the AVLP2 beat the V880N with its new Sigma chip with USB2.0,high speed wireless lan and even lower price.

I just received it for 3 days and I did not have much time to test it(I worked W1-W6 8pm to 9:30pm). So this would be a very preliminary report. I am not good in English. So the response to questions may be incomplete or delayed.

The first part of my expreience will be the player's basic function and building quality. Later,maybe I'll tried to comment on its picture quality comparing to V880.

Just like most Japanes products, the package,the manual and the remote all seemed built with a better quality than V880 even the player was made in China. The sense and response of the REMOTE is better than V880's to me. Both V880 and AVLP2 use EPO's dvd-rom with different models.

The software was called "AVEL LINK SERVER". I had installed it in 2 PCs one was WIN98SE and the other WINXP SP1. Even, it was Japanese,the installation of the software was very smooth without any problem in my Chinese system. I did not expreience any Java problem. The "AVEL LINK SERVER" did not include internet access or any itune-like function as in V880.

The main interface in AVLP2 included:
main setup
lan setup
wireless setup
dvd player setup

It is very easy to setup lan or wireless just like ususal PC.

It also had a video toggle button like V880.
It supported :
composite and S
D4 480I, D4 480P, D4 720P,D4 1080I( D4 means component)
DVI 480P,720P,1080I,640X480,800X600,1024X768,and 842x480 for plasma

The response to button of video toggle seemed more rapid than V880. And I did not expreience any problem with video toggle which I had expreienced in my V880 initally.
Also, to now I had not expreience any abnormal freeze needing unplug the power cable as happening often in my inital V880

Yes,with the player's DVD-ROM,you can only get component output. The DVI output can only be achived via networked hard disc either in your PC or portable USB2.0 hard disc. In the FAQ of AVLP2 in I-O DATA webpage,they say because it's not HDCP compliant ,so the DVD-VIDEO(or the dvd-rom in the player) can not output from DVI. Anyway, when you rip the dvd to hard disc, you still can get DVI output.

Yes,it can just play VOB file not IFO file.When you push the next chaper button, it skip to next VOB.But if you want to keep the chapter serach fucntion,you can still keep it by using like "SAMRTRIPPER" which could rip your DVD to hard disc by chaper, then you can get a VIDEO-TS file with ex.
20 VOBS if your DVD have 20 chapter.Of course,no menu.

To be continued.
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Wow...great to finally get some info on this new player with better network capability thanks to the new Sigma chip.

Can you comment on the picture quality relative to the Momitsu (essentially comparing chipsets).

Are you saying that this machine will only allow a DVD to be played via component?

What was the cost of the unit and where can people in North America get one?
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Mind me asking real quick how much this bad boy costs/will cost?
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We owe TOFU some thanx, people have posted recently asking about this player and not much new info turned up due to its newness.

Thanx TOFU!
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Originally posted by Q of BanditZ
Mind me asking real quick how much this bad boy costs/will cost?

I saw some post on this forum where someone got a reply from, I believe, the factory stating a price around $300.
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In the iodata website you can download an english language manual on the AVPL2/DVDLA

It states in section 2.4 of the manual:


2.4 Video Size Limitation
Up to 2 Giga Byte: AVI (DivX and Xvid)
Up to 4 Giga Byte: MPEG/WMV (FAT32)

I guess this means my 3 hour 3gig DivX file won't play? Or is this just a limitation in FAT32 file systems?

This seems rather limiting.

All the best,
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US version will not have wireless or dvi unfortunately
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There are two models. The first model to be launched in the USA (November) does not have DVI or Wifi, then following that iodata will launch the DVI+Wifi version for USA. So there will be a high-end and low-end version of the product. I am looking to pickup the lowend product. Cause my little Panasonic AE100 projector will only make use of the component 480p signal.

This information is from this thread (from iodata email replies to AVSforum members):


All the best,
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I can live without the wireless. 10/100 wired is fine and for folks who really want it to be wireless can always purchase an 802.11 b/g bridge. However if the North American version is missing the DVI... That's a huge stickler for me personally. Not sure about other folks here.

EDIT: Just read RicardoD response and the other thread. Guess I need to hold out a bit.
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Originally posted by ZZtop
We owe TOFU some thanx, people have posted recently asking about this player and not much new info turned up due to its newness.

Thanx TOFU!

Um, it's TUFU...

...and yes, thanks TUFU! Too bad about DVI only working with limited file types, though. That really makes it a non-starter for me.

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does anyone know if the hi-end version will have L:

1-custom resolutions?
2-upscaling thru dvi?
3-secret menus or macrovision off?

basically will it have the same features as momitsu.......
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Hi Tufu,

I also lives in Taiwan, and thinking about buying either the V880N, and the I0 Data AVel.... however I am having trouble to find a place selling this unit. Would you please give me some advice? It is a pitty that the IO Data machine can't out DVD to DVI via it's interal DVD-rom.... Hope there will be a firmware to fix this.... thank you for the help in advance!!
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To all your questions:

1.The list price is 29800(Japanese dollar) with a 15% discount using the
store's point card. So, it should be around 25500.
My friend bought it from the BIC Camera electronic store.

2.Until now. I had just used a I-O DATA portable USB2.0 hard disc to test the player's function. Yes, it only supported FAT16 and FAT32 system. So, I can not copy a MPEG file more than 4G to the hard disc. I had not try to access the computer yet. But I think a file in MPEG more than 4g will not be recognized by AVLP2. I don't have a file of divx more than 2G to test now.

3.Unlike momitsu v880, there are no custom resolution,secret menu to change the region or macrovision off and brightness control . Who know,maybe someday one can find the magic button combinations to access the possibe? secret menu.
Yes, the player can upscale the component or DVI as you can see in the above listed resolution. My projector Mitsubishi D1208 can accept and display all of listed resolutions except DVI 1080i.

In recent 3 days, I had placed 3 dvd moves,several mcrosoft WMVHD demo,
one large digital picture file and one mpg file (1080i) converted from 1080i
TS movie in the USB2.0 hard disc.

One of my important purpose to buy this player is its ability to play WMV9.
But it was sad to say,I am not satisfied with this. All of the WMVHD demo downloaded from microsoft web site played with some lag or stuttering. And most disappointing, there were no sound out from digital. I don't konw
where the problems are.I'd like to find other's experience. I had ordered 2 WMVHD discs which will be available within one week. I'd try to test it again and see what will happen.
Also, the player can only play WMVHD 720P but not 1080p.

When I played the 1080i mpg file,it is flawlessl and beautigul just like seeing the progrms with my BSD(1080i).

Later, I will comment on several other bugs of this player.
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Hello TUFU,

Regarding upscaling, I think the original question is meant if the player upscales DVD-Video (DVD Disc) to DVI or component. It is stated in the spec that the player won't upscale DVD to DVI. I think what you mentioned is only for video files in external HDD.

Also, the reason why the player won't play the sound of WMV HD must be a limitation of Sigma Design EM8620L chip. WMV HD usually comes with "Windows Media Audio9 Professional" as audio codec, typically as in Microsoft's demo you tried, but the EM8620L chip can't decode that codec. Three Japanese players (IO Data Avel LinkPlayer, Buffalo LinkTheater PC-P3LAN/DVD, Transtechnology DVX-600) all have this same problem, that is simply because all are using the same Sigma Design chip.
Someday, we should be able to get WMV HD fully capable player at $300 price range, but not this year.
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Thanks for your comment especially the audio problem of WMVHD.
I am not familiar with the codec thing. So, I'd like to know whether the WMVHD disc will have the same problem?
I had read one man's expreience that I can rip the WMVHD disc to hard disc only with the movies in 720p which will be less than 4G. Is it possible after considerig the DRM?

Regarding the upsaling ability, I mean when I played DVD disc with the player ,I can toggle with the vide button between its D4 480I 480P 720P and 1080i just like the V880 do but not from DVI (no singal when set to DVI resolution ).While playing files in hard disc, you can choose either component or DVI output.
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So you bought it from Japan, no wonder i can't find it in Taiwan.... but still many thx for sharing the info!!
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There are receivers that will decode Windows Media Audio9 Professional over SPDIF I believe. It is once again a shame but what can you expect with M$$FT.

A real bummer that the sigma doesn't decode, that is very strange, I think it is mere a matter of software implementation? (I mean the chip has only recently emerged, not all functions are implemented yet..) I'll go check sigma website..

Still my V880N plays pretty good... but no wmv9, guess noone does beside the htpc addicts..
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My only requirements are 480p (the horror!) since my AE100 projector only supports that resolution.

Ideally I should build another PC and make it a MCE2005 HTPC and stuff it in my stereo cabinet, but I just don't have the money for that now.

I want this I/O device to become my "media center extender" so that I can watch my recorded video, and archived DivX/XviD content on my projector in the family room (along with my digital photo albums). I hope the server software I have to install isn't too buggy.

My HT receiver can take PCM, DD, or DTS audio. Am I correct in thinking this IOdata player will convert MP3, WMA or AAC into PCM digital audio output so that my receiver will understand it. Currently all I have is a digital audio connection to my receiver from my DVD player.

The other thing I am wondering about is if my wife is downstairs watching a DivX file and I am on the PC which is serving the file, that it doesn't slow my PC down to the point of being useless. (i.e. I want to surf the net, do PC stuff, while simultaneously serving video to my wife/kids downstairs)

$250 for iodata link player


$180 (for MCD2005 + remote) + $300 (linksys media extender) = $480 which is starting to get close to just building my own HTPC with MCE2005

All the best,
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Ricardo - how much it slows down your PC is really more of a function of how fast your PC is, than anything to do with the DVD player.

One question for TUFU - will the player output any kind of signal out of the DVI from a DVD? I am thinking of whether you can get 480i or 480p digitally, rather than 720p or 1080i. Thanks!

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FWIW I am in the exact same boat. Would really like to be able to access all of my Xvids and Vorbis audio as well as HD capped from the MyHD, plus use it for normal DVD playback but I don't want to set the HTPC in the living room.

I would assume if the bundled software only directs the player to the file on the HHD then the computer just starts to send the info via LAN, it shouldn't be any more resource heavy than copying a file over the LAN.

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I don't know, when I transfer 4G over the LAN the PC does bog down a bit and it's a 2.4GHz machine with 1G of mem on a 100M LAN. The question is, is copying a 4G file as intensive as serving a 4G file? My assumption is no but how much less intensive is it? I'm sure that physical memory pays a pretty good part.
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Originally posted by Tbone2000
I don't know, when I transfer 4G over the LAN the PC does bog down a bit and it's a 2.4GHz machine with 1G of mem on a 100M LAN. The question is, is copying a 4G file as intensive as serving a 4G file? My assumption is no but how much less intensive is it? I'm sure that physical memory pays a pretty good part.

'Copying' and 'Accessing' a 4GB file, or any file of any size for that matter, is indeed two completely different things in terms of being machine intensive. It is much easier to 'access' a 4GB media file versus copying due to the fact that when you are copying a file, the machine is sending the COMPLETE file, assuming 100Mbps or higher, at a much higher transfer rate than needed to actually 'play' or 'access' the file.
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I figured it was something along those lines.
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All of the WMVHD demo downloaded from microsoft web site played with some lag or stuttering.

Which demos were you using? We'll try them in the lab...
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does it automatically squeeze 4:3 material?

and finally are the demo's the same as the extreme disks? In other words, will I be able to play the T2 disk in HD?
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I must postpone further comments on AVLP2 because I had read Japanese very hard in recent 2 days to find out any solutions or upgrades for this player's problem.
1.There are several firmware upgrades during this period. I'll upgrade to the newest today and see what happened.

2.There is a new software"avel link advanced server 1.5" which someone told me that it could solve the audio problem of playing WMV HD.

3.Also, with the new software, there were no 4G limitation that means if you use a NTFS system it may be up to 2TB.


4.One of my friend told me he did not experience lag problem with WMV HD.
I had test "amazon,dolphin,T2, caves,and the discovers" so far.

To Ursa:
The DVI support started from 480p not 480i just like V880.So,yes, I can get 480p or above resolution from DVI but not from the DVD-ROM.
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As a owner of Momitsu V880 for more than one year,I had expected to meet some bugs with the machine like AVLP2. The only problem is I can not read Japanese.But with the help of translation software and some chinese characters in Japanse, I can still figure out some important informations regarding this player. I'm glad to tell you guy that after upgrading to the newest firmware from I-O DATA. Things seemed getting better.

The lag while playing WMVHD DEMO was gone. Now it played smoothly without stuttering. Even more encouraging was with the new software
" AVEL LINK ADVANCED SERVER",now I could play WMVHD DEMO from my PC (of course, not from portable USB2.0 hrad disc linked to AVLP2) with digital sound out.

I'd try more tonight.
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could you please try to see if the DVI can work with the internal DVD-ROM now? Thx

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I doubt DVD-playback through DVI will work with this update.

I've had a mail conversation with a support person at IO Data. He claims that macrovision forbids them to enable this. (He agrees that this is a software issue)

What I don't understand is how Macrovision can forbid this, if they use HDCP on the DVI output. Could it be that the AVLP/DVDG hardware is not able to support HDCP!?
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No,the internal DVD-ROM could not ouput via DVI. When you set AVLP2 to whatever DVI resolution and tried to play with DVD-ROM,there showed a warning saying no to DVI output.

Regarding the picture quality,I had compared it in DVI from AVLP2 and V880 just for a short period. I am not good to describe it with tecnical terms. All I can say is the piture in AVLP2 is a little more sharp and clear than V880. In AVLP2 the picture also look more colorful and with a better contrast(sometimes,I felt the picture inV880 just like having a slight white
over it).
For DVI output,I think AVLP2 is a better low priced DVI player than V880.
But the limitation of DVI ouput only through network media not DVD-ROM could be a big problem for those want to use AVLP2 as a major DVD player.

The last is about the photo quality of AVLP2 which I think is a much much better part than V880. When I played digital picture from V880, it just like v880 had treated whatever the high resolution digital picture as 480i and then even with upscale,the picture seemed blurred. But in AVLP2,it is a different story because the AVLP2 supported high resolution for photo,so it just like you see a real high resolution photo in projector. The difference in photo quality of both player is very impressive than the subtle difference in DVI output of video.
I had not tried to compare the component output of both players. But I can say at least the AVLP2 is as good as the V880.
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