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Is there any way you can post pictures of the output to your TV via Avel Player and the Momitsu Player? Maybe we can get a sense of the PQ differences as well. And thanks for all the answers.
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Originally posted by TUFU
To Ursa:
The DVI support started from 480p not 480i just like V880.So,yes, I can get 480p or above resolution from DVI but not from the DVD-ROM.

Thanks! So ordinary DVDs, even if not upconverted, are not playable via DVI? That's really too bad. Otherwise, it sounds like the other half of my HTPC replacement (the first half being the HD Tivo...).

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Thanks for your observations TUFU. I am anxiously awaiting the sale of this in U.S.
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Keep the info coming TUFU!!

Could you give any info on what the LAN navigation looks like? Is it glitchy or well thought out? Does it just show file names, etc.? Obviousely I am not talking Xlobby type capabilities, but how easy is it to access the files on the LAN? (Very important for WAF...)

Also, and I relize this is asking a lot, but have you had the chance to try out any Ogg Vorbis or .OGM (Xvid preferably) MPEG4 streams? Totally understandable if you don't have any.

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Thanks for the great update. I hope the support in the USA is there when the product launches. In particular firmware and Server Software updates, otherwise like you TUFU, we will be be struggling to understand the Japanese forums!

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mmmm...if i buy one then i will take out rom drive and do a hack or just wait til someone else does this and do what they did i will have 1080i over dvi on this player just wait and see...lol...i love computers...
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Unless the DVI controller is in firmware, I wouldn't hold your breath.

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Originally posted by deez
mmmm...if i buy one then i will take out rom drive and do a hack or just wait til someone else does this and do what they did i will have 1080i over dvi on this player just wait and see...lol...i love computers...

You may be able to make the drive region free but you also need to hack the firmware to access the DVI port. It could also be a hardware limitation; it may not have a hardware path from the DVD ROM to the DVI output We will not know until we get one on hand.
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It probably depends upon what was in the reference design...
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I'd like to add some more comments with this player.

1.I could post some pictures comparing AVLP2 and V880,but I doubt that I can take a good enough photo tolet you see the difference in picture quality of both players. Maybe it was more easy to take some photos to show the lan navigation and file list.

2.I did not have any MPEG4 stream in OGG or OGM. I just tried some songs made with ogg extension in AVLP2 and it played well.

3.It seemed that there were going to have some similar products from China (AVLP2 was OEM and made in China) as seen in other thread. If I-O DATA thought DVD-VIDEO output from DVI was illegal?, then I thought there might have the possiblity that similar products made in China could unlock the DVI,region and macrovision limitation. Even it does happen,then you should worry about the ability of software or firmware upgrade from these companies comparing to the well reputated I-O DATA or V880's previous expreience.

4.There are still some bugs remained to be fixed which I found recently.
The first is the sound problem. That means when you play either from DVD-ROM or hard disc,the sound just suddenly become explosive,stuttering or just absent which happened most ofter during forwad and chapter search and sometimes during cyclying with audio choosing. This happed mostly in backup DVD,and less in region2 original DVD and hard disc either in USB2.0 or from PC. When the sound problem occurred,it could be normal again when you pushed backward or just stop pause and played again but .Some segments of DVD-VIDEO just showed explosive sound which could not be normal by whatever methods. I think it is most likely a firmare problem.

5.Another bug happened when I ripped movies to hard disc. In two of them(Miracle and Troy),the original white subsitle become gray with a white shadow around it.Maybe I can post some pictures to show it later. Someone know where is the possible cause for this?
Also when you see the films from hard disc and cyclying through the subtitle button,the response to show subtitle seemed delayed and sometimes just no subtitle ,and you must toggle through the subtitle button again to show it.
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First, thanks to TOFU for interpreting a lot of information from the japanese userguide.

I've been using the AVEL-1 linkplayer for several months and have been struggling with many of the problems mentioned by TOFU. And some of them i've managed to solve. This week i got the AVEL-2 player, which of couse raises a number of new problems.
Anyway - I believe i have "solved" the DVD to DVI problem, and here is the recipe.

For this to work you need to "cheat" the AVEL1 or 2 to believe that it is playing "non-protected" material over the network. So what you do is

1) Install Sly Soft's ANY DVD on the PC where the AVEL link-server software resides
2) Map the DVD-drive of that PC with the AVEL link-server software
3) Insert DVD disc into drive of PC where the AVEL link-server software resides - and play from the AVEL with DVI out !!! Quality is EXCELLENT !!

This has been a big improvement from earlier when i had to rip movies first.

Hope this is helps someone out there.

BTW. TOFU - have you experienced some deterioration of PAL discs ? These are really jumpy/jerky on the AVEL2, I would relate this to poor conversion between PAL/NTSC, but i am not sure. I did not have this problem with the AVEL1

BTW. paid 28500 Yen for the AVEL2 in the Tokyo/Akihabara SOFMAP store

Regards Jens.
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Did I not read in the manual it has a true PAL mode, that can be accessed using (FW Disable setting)

Am also interested in finding out about the multiregion code for this.

Am planning on getting the AVLP2 from Japan for the main purpose of playing WMVHD commercial discs from US, in 720p and 1080i when they are released, hopefully this will pose little problem, using a D4 to component cable?
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you may want to read this before you buy a player.
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Kevin - It's an interesting article, but do you really think it's relevant to this generation? Anyone who buys one of these players ought to know that it won't play either HD-DVD or Blu-Ray. The WMV-HD support is a) for consumers who have some of the media already, or who transcode transport streams, and b) to act as a test bed for chipset vendors like Sigma to test out their chipsets before either next-gen format hits the market.

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I'm going to buy one of these networked media players as soon as one becomes available in U.S. supporting WMV-HD 720p.
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like i posted in the other thread read this quote. if true there will be no more wm9 so it would be wortless buying one that plays a code that may no longer exist.

The uncertainty has raised questions about the future of Microsoft's Windows Media Video codec. On the assumption that WMV9 was destined to become an industry standard, Microsoft convinced both the Blu-ray Disc Association and the DVD Forum to include it as a mandatory video compression format (along with MPEG-2 and H.264/MPEG-4 AVC) for next-generation high-definition DVD formats. Now, there is speculation that delays or licensing problems for VC-1 could prompt either or both of the DVD industry groups to simply delete the Microsoft technology from their specifications.
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I read the speculation.

It's a turf war within SMPTE. The surest way to guarantee Blu-Ray or HD-DVD are DOA, would be to omit it, and wake up to a video I-Pod.

With WMV-HD, Microsoft has basically demonstrated that Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are not needed to deliver/view HD content. (and neither is Denon...lol).
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Hi JensH, nice to see you share your expreience with AVLP2.

1.I had tried to access the PC's DVD-ROM without success in the first AVEL LINK SERVER and I did not try to do the same thing in " AVEL LINK ADVANCED SERVER". Thanks for your information, now I could map my DVD-ROM to the video destination pathway. But for some reason, I still had no chance to test this.

2.I only owned a PAL disc made in France. Sadly,it just like you said that it was jerky and even worse was that when I tried to forward the film the palyer was dead. That means the player was unresponsive to any button with black screen . All you can do is to power off the player( like the inital product of V880,sometimes I had to unplug the power cord,except in AVLP2 you can just push the power button off).
Also, do you expreience any digital sound problem while playing either from DVD-ROM or hard disc?

3.I had burned DIVX trailer of "SHARK TALES" to dvd disc and played it in both V880 and AVLP2. The picture is very amazing and impreesive in AVLP2.
But, in V880,when I tried to access the file,all I got is totally dead of V880 and I had to unplug the power cord again . Same things happened when I tried to play some 720p mpg file converting from HD TS stream in V880.

4.I'd like to try to find more informations from Japanese website. Hope they can fix it as soon as possible.
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Tufu or Jens,

It seems the Avel Linkplayer2 still has many problems. You mention the good reputation of IODATA. I want to purchase this player as soon as it is available but only if the company has a track record of fixing these kinds of issues. Can you comment further on IODATA's reputation and whether you have confidence that these problems will be addressed with future firmware and software server updates.

All the best,
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Kevin - You run Gentoo, don't you?

Ricardo - good question. While I don't use any PAL material, this isn't good news when I am hoping to have something more stable than my HTPC is today...

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Hi RicardoD,

As I had stated previously,I had expected to expreience some problems with this player. Why? AS a owner of V880, I had encountered many problems with the inital product of V888 one year ago,I had upgrade firmwares several times and also changed the DVD-ROM.Now, I can say my V880 is stable and acceptable. That is why some people think products like V880 is immature and like a trash. To AVLP2,things became more complex because it was just like a half-HTPC. There must have some problems with the first product. So,anyone want to buy product like this ,should keep this in mind.Hope when it is available in USA,the bugs will all be fixed.

When I say " good reputation" ,I only mean:

1.The I-O data is a worldwide company with many products in either AV or PC area. Personally,I had used many products of I-O daa such as DVD burner.hard disc,and LCD.

2.Within less than one month after first release of AVLP2, there were several firmwares upgrade and also a new software to fix the bugs. So,to now, I think the support from I-O DATA is very good. Of course,I can not be sure whether they can fix all the problems. So you guy are lucky to wait for at least one month to see someone like me to test and find the problems.If the problems you concerned can not be solved,then you can seriously consider whether to buy this product.
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Thanks for the additional comments TUFU.

The intent of this product for me is to make it a cheap HTPC alternative and since it is a hardware/firmware type product it must be very stable and completely simple for my wife to use. And to be honest, I don't want to deal with any hassles either.

I recently purchased SageTV/Hauppage PVR-250 combo for my main computer in my office and my wife loves it. Now we just want to access my PVR mpeg2 files and the mpeg4 library I am slowly building in my main family room projector area. And I am sure my family will enjoy photo slideshows as I have a 6 year library of digital photos now.

In my mind the Linkplayer2 is an easy, relatively cheap, one-box swap out of for my current DVD player that allows me to do many things.

I can't seem to configure a cheap HTPC that is not at least double the price of what the Linkplayer2 costs. I also like the idea of using money saved toward more network storage.

My video requirements are simple: 480p and VGA out, that's all my projector will support. So I will not be waiting for the DVI WiFi version.

So thank you TUFU for helping to work out the bugs!

All the best,
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Some further comments.

As I had stated previouly , I had been very impressive with the DIVX HD
"SHARK TALE" trailer.Initally,I played it from an external USB2.O hard drive connected to AVLP2. Then,I tried to played it from my notebook(P4 1.4M centrino,512RAM,40GB,5200RPM) via ethernet. I thought I should get same picture quality. Wrong,there were very big difference in picture quality as compared from USB2.0 hard disc. Then I burned the file in DVD-R and played it in DVD-ROM of AVLP2 and tried to compare them via DVI.

I am not a good photographer. Even with this kept in mind, I though all you guy can easily see the degradation in picture quality when playing via ehernet. Can someone comment on this? Does this have any relationship to ehernet connection, PC power(CPU,MEMORY,HARD DISC et) or the types of film played? I'd trie to play and compare WMVHD demo later.

Also,the subtitle bug,see the original white subtile now was changed.
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Your photography clearly shows the notebook degradation you described.

Will the AVLP2 play a non-DRM protected, WM9 720p file from the DVD-rom? Sorry if this has already been answered.
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TUFU - Is your latop connecting to the player via 10Mbps or 100Mbps Ethernet? If it is 10Mbps, then the network is more than likely at fault. Otherwise, my guess is that your laptop's hard drive might not be fast enough to serve the data fast enough. Do you have a desktop with a 7200rpm hard drive available? That would be a "best case" test for the network integration.

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Yes, the DVD-ROM can play WM9 720P demo file or HD mpg file(burned in DVD-R) via DVI but only via component with DVD-VIDEO disc.I also tested and compared playing WMVHD from my notebook and USB2.O portable hard disc with similar results.
I'm still waiting for my WMVHD discs from Amazon to test how to play it with AVLP2.

I am sure my ethernet is 100M.
I don't have a more powerful PC with a high speed 7200rpm hard disc now.I really want to figure out what are the possible causes for this.I know someone had this player and I will ask him and let you know the result.
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I can live with those limitations and flaws as described, if I can play WMV-HD 720p content (created with JVC 720p camcorder), via DVI on DVD-R media if output is non-degraded as shown by TUFU's pics (above).

But it looks like I have to travel to Japan to buy this thing. Why is the U.S. introduction delayed?

Thank you for questions answered and please keep the observations coming.
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Your pictures make the difference obvious. Does mpeg4 have the ability to "downgrade itself" if it is not getting data fast enough? I thought it would just stutter or something if your network or HD is not up to speed.

Thanks for the continued testing. You are debugging it for me I think.

One more possible test: If your notebook has USB 2.0 port, can you hook up your USB 2.0 HD to your notebook and try to play the file located on the USB HD, through your notebook to linkplayer ethernet connection?

All the best,
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I had tried to connect the USB2.0 hard disc to my notebook to test the
DIVX HD "SHARK TALE". Again ,the picuture was severely degraded via ethernet.
When I just wanted to give up, I see there were two items in the software of "AVEL LINK SERVER ADVANCED" were checked by default. With the second item checked, IT seemed that you can play as many as AVI films with various codess which were installed in your computer. It was just like AVLP2 use the codecs in your PC to decode the AVI file,so there were no limitations to just DIVX or XVID coded files from DVD-ROM in AVLP2.

Then I tried to uncheck the item and see what happened. WOW....,the picture turned to be normal,and which wereamazing and beautiful just like playing from DVD-ROM and portable hard disc.
If I can read Japanese,maybe I can find the cause of this problem when it happened.
I owned many electronic products made from Japan and I averagely had a travel to Japan once per year,but its sad to say I still can not read Japanese.It's my fault.
Anyway,it is still a good news to all of us.
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That is great news and actually a terrific feature that you can play video with the decoding done on the PC. In the case of your DivX example it leads to a poor picture but one can imagine other scenarios where you have some oddball codec requirements or you are dealing with a file that is not DivX/Xvid hardware compatable. At least you will be able to play those videos.

All the best,
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