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I think we all understand and appreciate 40/29's commitment to public safety. Is there maybe a simple way of explaining to us viewers why the bugs and crawlers can't be patched onto the HD programming?
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We don't have the equipment yet and we don't have the money to buy it.
That's the quick and dirty all there is to it.
We have zero income from HD, yet even the simplest things are very expensive. I was really hoping the Dec 2006 cutoff date would stick so we could shut down those analog transmitters bleeding us dry.
The KHOG analog needs a $70,000 tube this year. The one in it won't make it another three years. My electric bill was up $20,000 last month alone. That's a lot of commercials. Since we are a business, we have to make a profit and keep the shareholders happy.

Just the ability to put in the weather map in HD is estimated to cost around $150,000.

Even ABC is struggling with the cost of converting to HD. That's one of the reasons GMA is not in HD except on the east and west coast. ABC doesn't have the infrastructure to tape delay GMA and distribute it in HD for more than one time zone at a time yet! (West coast begins as east coast ends)

I look at it like it must have been back in the earliest days of color television. There are a lot of beautiful things to come, just give it time. The baby is just being born.
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8 years (HDTV started in 1998) is a long time in labor. :-)

Yeah, it's a shame the stations are having to fork out so much money for the conversion, even though they (via the NAB) are the ones that asked the FCC for free spectrum for HDTV, to "save broadcast television"....
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Nobody here started in 98. I remember attending the NAB show in 98. Manufacturers were showing encoders encased in plexiglass because they didn't want us to see that there were no guts in them. It was all vaporware. We started in 2002 and we were the first in the market. We went on at full power too. As of this writing we are still the only DTV on the air at full power. All that should be worth something. In fact you are still waiting on k... to even broadcast it's first bit aren't you? How many of you even realize that we are the only major station in the market where the program originates from a local control room 24 hours a day, not just during newscasts?

We seem to be the only station on here willing to let you throw rocks at us.
Free OTA TV is already dead. It is just a matter of how long the body will keep hanging on before it breathes it's last sigh.

A little inside. When we were installing the transmitters, we never thought about HD. It was always DTV. HD was maybe a little extra we might be able to do once in a while. The major thrust is still DTV. DTV is the replacement for ATV and that is what we are working on. HD hardly ever even gets a mention except for the large market stations.

What free spectrum? That's what all the DTV mess is about in the first place. Congress wants to take away TV channels to auction the spectrum off for big bucks. They see $ signs and pork barrel projects to fund. We started with a 6 MHz channel and we will end up with a 6 MHz channel. Cost us 2.5 million just to get where we are and we ain't there yet. Meanwhile we have to work double to keep ATV and DTV going side by side. That wasn't supposed to happen either. Yep we lined up and asked for it, Kind of like the Christians that got ate up by the lions did!

Big gain, Sam!
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Originally Posted by 4029engineering View Post

...We seem to be the only station on here willing to let you throw rocks at us.

[you must've missed my ]

Hey we're glad you're on here. Also glad your station does full power and doesn't do any multicasting to degrade the HD channel yet (although we all know that it's only a matter of time before all stations do). However, you must realize that consumers have also shelled out a lot of money for HDTV setups in their homes. Many expect a better HDTV experience than they are getting, and it's very frustrating for many.

Rocks? Hell there are other venues besides this barely read local reception forum to throw lotsa rocks! [ducking]
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Originally Posted by 4029engineering View Post

As of this writing we are still the only DTV on the air at full power. All that should be worth something. In fact you are still waiting on k... to even broadcast it's first bit aren't you? How many of you even realize that we are the only major station in the market where the program originates from a local control room 24 hours a day, not just during newscasts?

We seem to be the only station on here willing to let you throw rocks at us.

I, for one, will vouch for the fact that 40/29 has had far and away the best network HD service provided in NWA.

The only time I've voiced a complaint (first MNF game of the year wasn't in HD), I got a very nice, apologetic letter from an engineer stating what the problem was and that it would be fixed in the future.

I use Cox, and based on my untrained eye, the PQ on ABC (especially during sports, such as NFL games) is much better than that of CBS. This could be the whole 720p vs. 1080i, but for whatever reason, ABC looks better. And, for the record, as nice as 5.1 is, I can't tell that big a difference with sports, which is what I spend the majority of my time watching.

The frustration with the industry in our market is probably being projected, unfairly, but projected nonetheless, on ALL broadcasters. As a consumer, it is incredibly frustrating to spend a large amount of money on a TV, then be told there's no way for you to receive 50% of NETWORK HD coverage. Even though I'm not sure I'd switch, it would be nice to at least have the option to receive network HD feeds via satellite.

Have the broadcasters not tried to subsidize early market HD? I mean, if I had to pay an extra $10 per month to get all of the networks in HD BEFORE the hard HD conversion date, I'd be willing to do so. I know there are legalities and such, but at this point it seems as if Congress, the FCC, networks, local affiliates, and service providers never got on the same page regarding the inception of next generation television.
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Thanks for your insightful comments. I know you are all doing the best you can!
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I do not think any one is trying to throwing stones here. We are very aware of 40/29's commitment to the market. I understand your commitment. Please try to understand our frustration. This forum is a place to vent those frustrations and ask questions.

The content is out there. Most of the popular prime time shows are produced in HD currently. An increasing number of people are purchasing HDTVs. These people want the option of receiving the channels in the best possible quality.

I have spent the last four weeks trying to find a way to receive a quality signal of the major networks at my home. I have cable. I have satellite and I have an off air antenna. I am paying almost $200 a month for television service. I cannot get what I want. 40/29 is the best of the local networks. My biggest beef is with KNWS. Their signal is unwatchable on satellite. It is marginal on cable, and I cannot receive it OTA. They currently do not broadcast in HD. They do not return messages or answer their phones. We should have another option to the local NBC. I am considering getting a huge directional antenna and pointing it towards Tulsa. That would solve the KNWA issue.

If the local stations want to keep the advertising revenue from the viewer numbers, they are going to have to satisfy their desires. Customers are demanding better image quality. Look at the increase in activity on this board recently. One way to keep viewers is HD programming. Look at Mark Cuban's HDNET. It is basically Dallas public access and I find myself watching it for the picture quality. I understand it is an expensive upgrade, but it is going to have to happen. The time is here. The local stations are not going to be able to delay any longer. 40/29 will benefit from beginning the conversion earlier than the other stations.

I do think we all want to keep the general tone of the forum positive.
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Originally Posted by DasGeek View Post

... We should have another option to the local NBC. I am considering getting a huge directional antenna and pointing it towards Tulsa. That would solve the KNWA issue...

DasGeek, if KNWA wasn't owned by Nexstar, the issue would've been likely solved long ago.

Can you get any Springfield MO channels where you are? KYTV-DT is the full power NBC-HD affiliate there. If you have DirecTV, there are also "satellite" options for network HD.....
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Speaking of weather maps, 40/29 I get your OTA signal strong here in Boone County. I know there are at least 3 towns in Boone County that get KHOG on their cable systems. How come Boone is not included on your weather warning/watch maps?
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Anyone else getting the USDTV barker channel OTA on 39-10? It's one of several sub channels on 39-n coming from KSBN-DT, Springdale. The rest of the extra sub channels, except for KSBN's main programming are blank. They used to be in the 99-n range...

Here's a screen camera pic
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Nexstar finished upgrading KARK-DT (NBC) in Little Rock today to a full power HD station. Maybe they will start the KNWA-DT upgrade soon.....

Update on Nexstar info from "RF Monkey" on the LR thread:
"KNWA's programing originates from the Little Rock hub. The terminal gear is in house, but still in the box. The time frame for the HD transmitter buildout, I have not heard."
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I don't know the answer to your question about the weather map. I'll pass that on to Charles. You can email him directly if you like at csalser@hearst.com .

Noticed a problem tonight with the HD feed on IN JUSTICE. I called the control room and had them switch to SD and reboot the HD satellite receiver. That seemed to do the trick and we went back to HD.

We had a viewer from Fayetteville email this week. He says that he was receiving all the available channels, but with the actual RF channel number instead of the PSIP name (ie 15-1 instead of 29-1, 9-1 instead of 13-1). Now he said those have disappeared and he gets nothing at all. He was wanting to know what we had done. He has an early RCA HD television. Anybody ever hear of something like this? Anybody else showing us as 15-1 instead of 29-1 or 21-1 instead of 40-1?

And one last thing. I was curious about how the DTV signal made it through the bad weather last weekend? The microwave relays seemed to not have a problem so anything you saw would have been with the actual OTA signal.
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If it's an early RCA w/ built in DirecTV/OTA tuner, he may need to reboot his TV by unplugging it for a few seconds. This will sometimes fix problems arising from PSIP changes or reboots made at station(s). Sometimes, non-standard PSIP data changes may affect video, audio or both, but only for certain brands of receivers. Other brands ignore the bad PSIP data.

When I lived in LR, KATV & KLRT both made PSIP changes that affected certain receivers. KATV first said there was nothing they could have done to affect reception (missing audio) on only some receivers , but after about a month of complaints, they finally contacted Harris Corp. and traced it back to a PSIP "upgrade" [done by Harris]. KLRT fixed a similar problem, although more quickly, because it affected their OTA receiver!

Do you know anything about USDTV coming to NWA? If you do, but can't comment, please say "no comment".

[Edited to add comment about Harris (in brackets above)]
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Originally Posted by arxaw View Post

Do you know anything about USDTV coming to NWA? If you do, but can't comment, please say "no comment".

Sorry, I really don't know anything.

Direct has contacted us about picking up our HD sometime late this year or early next year. That's all the scoop on anything I have.

Harris connected into our PSIP and Flexicoder back last month when we had the white noise on some receivers. We did the upgrade then and they looked at everything changed some settings and declared it was correct. We had them check again last week and they said it was all still correct. We have a few of those Direct TV RCA boxes at engineers homes but we'll have to get them to hook them up again. Most took them out as they got newer sets.
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thanks for the info on D*
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anyone else with macroblocking on 29-1 today (sunday 12:20pm)?
signal strength is 100.
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Same here in Greenwood, and my signal is about the same as I usually get. But 40-1 had no problems for the few minutes I watched it. Must be 29-1 specific.
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thanks arkeng,

I was going crazy trying to figure out what in the hell was wrong, since signal strength was 100 and I hadn't made any changes to my equipment. It's still doing it now at 3:40pm, but not quite as bad. I wish they would fix these intermittent problems w/ 29-1.
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Belive me. If I could figure out how to fix it I surely would. If it were only so simple as you seem to think it is.
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I just checked and we aren't seeing any problems at 29-1 on two different receivers. The transmitter computer reports everything is fine. 103% power and 2.6 % EVM. Error count is 5.0 -8 (thats .5 to -8n or .00000005 digital errors per second over a 1 minute average). I don't know what the problem could be unless it's the weather.

Which is what I was asking in a previous post. We haven't had anything but good weather in quite a while. I have heard that DTV doesn't do weather very well and it's looking like those reports are correct.
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I never said the fix was simple. I would just like to see 29-1 fixed.

"Weather".... That's funny, I don't have problems with other full power digital stations in bad weather.
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Anyone else besides me have problems with KFSM 5-1 tonight beginning around 8:00 pm? HD went away and came back on SD, at which time my H-20 began a continuous re-boot. I had to remove the antenna cable and change channels to get it to quit. Channel 5-2, the radar, and 5-3, the SD mirror of 5-1, are just fine. CBS from Tulsa, 6-1, was still transmitting the program in HD, so it wasn't network.
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Arkeng, try unplugging the H20 from power for a few seconds and plugging back in. This may allow you to view 5-1. If not, you'll have to leave 5-1 out of the channel lineup for now. Definitely report the problem to D* tech support.

Do you have the H20-600 or the newer H20-100? D* sent me a replacement for an ailing H20-600 (lost about ½ the sat. xpndrs on it). The H20-100 hasn't gone into "reboot loop", like my H20-600 did on 29-1, but it won't pick up 5-1 for me at all. I think the H20-100 tuner is weaker than the H20-600 which has two Korean LG tuner chips. AVSForum Moderator Ken H told me he believes the H20-100s are RCA models. They are made in Mexico and have a single Broadcom tuner chip.

29-1 macroblocking has disappeared for me this morning. Has it cleared up for you?
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arkeng-I had the same problem last night with my H20, was fine all day and then last night at about 7:45 I flipped to it, and boom, reboot. Came back on, and then again did it's thing. I did the same as you, had to stop the antenna feed before I could get it to work. Mine is the 600 model.
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arxaw, thanks for the input, I did unplug the H20 last night when trying to get 5-1 back. Also tried the reset switch. Didn't help. But no problem this morning so far, 5-1 is back. Will just have to see if it's trouble free during HD programming. I think the soap at 11:00 this morning is normally in HD, so I'll check that. I sent an e-mail to D* tech support, got back their standard "unplug or reset" response.

And 29-1 looks fine this morning also, no macroblocking, so whatever it was has cleared up.

My H20 is the 600 model, made in China. Would hate to have to replace it, I like its sensitive tuner.

nj829, thanks for the feedback, are you receiving 5-1 OK this morning also?

Update -- HD is back on 5-1 as of this morning as well.
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Hi everyone,

So tonight I'm getting ready to enjoy my first HD episode of Lost. (No re-runs, no Razorback games finally). So what happens when the programming should switch from Standard def to High Def? Cable box starts wigging out!

At first I thought it was trying to switch to MythBuysters (on SD Discovery). I promptly cancel this recording and the picture goes black (menu still visible) but there is sound. So now if I have the cable plugged into the box, all I get is a odd symbol and the left side of the box display making a clockwise display. Going around and around. When I unplug the cable, the power stays on but it looks like it starts scanning. There's a count up going from 01 to 10 then restarting. Power button does nothing.

Un-plugging and repowering does nothing different. Just keeps cycling and not putting anything out to the TV.

So, is my box fried?
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Don't feel bad, Alphastrike, due to the winter weather advisory map last night, 40/29 wasn't able to display the HD signal, which you can find more info about the HD limitations and weather maps at the top of pg 8's thread. As for your box, not sure there what to say there, sounds fried to me just off the info you gave.
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Lost on WABC-DT via D* looked pretty good
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Anyone else having a problem receiving KAFT-DT OTA today?
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