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The Olympics in HD and DD5.1 sound is awesome. The best part is, the commercials are in Stereo and they go silent because my receiver is set to DD5.1

I adjusted my Radio Shack antenna and now I get all the digital channels with good strength all the time. I also decreased the number of splitters so the signal strength is better.
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I adjusted my Radio Shack antenna and now I get all the digital channels with good strength all the time. I also decreased the number of splitters so the signal strength is better.

Are you picking up FOX digital also? What kind of signal strength are you getting with KVEW? My signal strength meter use to read in the high 90's for KVEW's digital signal. Since they've started broadcasting in HD, I'm only showing a signal strength in the low 80's.
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Originally Posted by Jim Golden View Post

Are you picking up FOX digital also? What kind of signal strength are you getting with KVEW? My signal strength meter use to read in the high 90's for KVEW's digital signal. Since they've started broadcasting in HD, I'm only showing a signal strength in the low 80's.

Yes, I am picking up FOX digital and CBS digital, but both are weak compared to NBC, ABC and PBS. Both FOX digital and CBS digital can bring in a strong signal, but I had to compromise and point the antenna between their strongest points. Without splitting the signal(coax direct from attic into my OTA HDTV tuner), I can get both CBS and FOX in the high 60's. FOX's best signal, in the low 90's, can be acquired by aiming the antenna South/Southeast. CBS is more south as are the rest of the channels.

When I split the signal without a booster, the signal strength drops to from the 60's to the low 30's on CBS and FOX while maintaining low 90's for PBS and NBC, and the high 70's for ABC(KVEW).

I recall KVEW's DT signal being in the 90's and since they started broadcasting in HD, it has dropped to the high 70's.

On another note, has anyone else experienced occasional picture drop-out on NBC during the olympics? Audio is still working even when the picture goes black for a second. Is this a weak signal or is KNDU having some issues broadcasting the video?

Edit: I also canceled Charter cable TV(kept the internet). They jacked up their basic TV rates to $20/month but with the antenna, I can pick up all the channels in digital/HDTV and analog on my other TV's. I only watched the same stations that broadcast OTA anyway.

Jim Golden: I have a Radio Shack Accurian HDTV STB. Here are my current channel signal strengths:

With coax being split:

Without any signal splitting(direct from antenna into HDTV STB), all channels move up a few points in signal strength, but KEPR and KFFX more than double into the 60's.
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Anyone else have the picture go black for a few seconds every once in a while tonight during the Olympics on KNDO-HD 23.1 over-the-air? Didn't do this yesterday during Opening Ceremony.

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Good. At least I know it wasn't just me now that got the black screens every once in a while during the Olympics tonight. Excellent timing, Snyder81!!

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Originally Posted by YakHDTV06 View Post

Anyone else have the picture go black for a few seconds every once in a while tonight during the Olympics on KNDO-HD 23.1 over-the-air? Didn't do this yesterday during Opening Ceremony.


Glad to see it's not just my antenna.

One other question...does anyone know why my analog channels have such weird numbers? I can't get FOX on 11, KNDU on 25, etc. Here is how my analog TV's pick up the channel numbers:

ktnw = 82
kndu = 76
kepr = 70
kvew = 93
kffx = 11
Fox Sports Northwest(Snowy, but visible) = 113
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Whoa, thats wierd since I thought OTA channels only went up to 69 in the UHF band. And Fox Sports NW OTA? I thought that was cable only? A good priest and exorcism may be needed.
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Was FSN Northwest showing an NBA Basketball game? If so, it was probably Hispanavision which is Over-The-Air in Yakima and down in the Tri-Cities area. They show Sonics games broadcast by Fox Sports Northwest every few days right now. That is probably what you were picking up. As for the higher channel numbers, I would guess that you have the TV or VCR setup for receiving cable channels. I have done that a few times on my TV or VCR and it puts the channels on higher numbers.

KNDO-HD night 3 of the Olympics seemed to be OK again picture wise. No breakup or black screens last night that I saw. KAPP-HD on the other hand is still breaking up on a regular basis. It was even unwatchable for about an hour last night around 6PM and again around noon today.

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Still was messing up a little as of early Tuesday evening. KAPP also forgot to turn on the HD for GMA this morning until sometime during the second hour. I turned it off shortly after 8AM thinking it wasn't going to be on at all this morning. Then I checked about 10 minutes before 9AM and it was HD. I hope this isn't going to be common occurance in the future. Also noticed Monday's Oprah on KAPP-HD had lines in the picture like the kind you would see if there was interference with an analog picture. I take it they don't have as much digital equipment as KNDO does.

When is KAPP-HD going to get rid of the garbage that comes on from time to time?? It is now almost 2 weeks after they were supposed to go HD.

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Wednesday Night's HD Lineup (Lost & Invasion) was still a mess. I actually decided to count how many times the picture either had garbage on it or broke up during the middle of the show Invasion last Wednesday night. It broke up or had garbage on the screen 40+ times in just one segment of the show alone!! A segment by my definition is one part of the show between two commercial breaks. Another segment of Invasion had at least 35 of these occurences. So it had garbage or broke up 75 times at least and I didn't even count the whole show. That is on average over once every minute. If you don't count the 15 minutes of commercials and the 2 or 3 minutes lost to Lost running past 10PM, that is like an average of twice a minute that it is happening.

If that isn't bad enough, KAPP comes back on early Thursday afternoon as KVEW-HD and KVEW-SD once again. Then this morning on GMA, the breakup is happening so often at times it is not even countable. KVEW-HD starts GMA in HD and a few minutes later it is back to the ABC SD feed it appears. Then it goes back to the HD feed a few minutes later only to go back to the SD feed again and then back to the HD feed again a few minutes later.

I am beginning to believe that this is going to be a permanent problem. I am guessing that the source of the problem is the second channel added to their digital channel lineup. I am guessing that their software is inadequate to handle the broadcast of the 2 channels (HD & SD). I am assuming since they don't ever take down the SD channel and their Spokane sister station has 2 channels (HD & SD) that KAPP is required by their parent company to offer both feeds which is probably ruining both in the process. Really dumb if this is the case.

Yakima Fox is still suffering from some kind of interference it appears. Was better the last couple of days though. Too bad we won't see it digital over-the-air anytime soon.

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I've noticed a *dramatic* brightening of colors with the HD feeds, especially the Olympics. All the reds and yellows are almost a bright neon - so bright that they become a distraction. I was thinking it might be my tv, but the other channels don't have this issue with bright colors. I know HD is supposed to be more vibrant, but it's WAY overboard, at least on my TV. Has anyone else seen this?
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Well it is hard to know where to begin. The breakup on this morning's GMA appears to be a different kind of breakup than the one that happened last night.

Last night's breakup happened constantly more than once every 5 seconds and did not affect the Standard Definition channel as far as I know. The breakup last night looked like a flip book with several pages in a row missing. For example someone's hand might be in one spot, and then it is in a totally different spot a few seconds later.

This morning during Good Morning America the breakup only happened once in a great while. This kind of picture breakup appears to be mainly garbage on the screen. I noticed it happens a lot more often when they are showing pictures on the screen during GMA, or when they have the red bars on the sides, or when GMA first comes on at 7AM. Don't ask me why, but it is doing that. The Standard Definition channel IS affected by this one. I noticed that the 2 digital channels were showing different things when they were showing the GMA news segment at 8AM this morning, but I was unable to catch a lot of breakup on either channel at that time so I could rule out if it is just one feed's problem if breakup occurred at that time. I might have been able to tell then if having both digital channels up at the same time was interfering with each other if both were putting garbage on the screen at the same time when showing two different things.

Hopefully they will get this fixed soon. They keep switching from the KAPP to KVEW feeds so I assume they are still working on it. Went from KVEW-HD to KAPP-HD on Friday Afternoon, then back to KVEW-HD during the middle of InJustice, then back to KAPP-HD on Saturday Morning, and then back to KVEW-HD Saturday night or Sunday.

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If random garbage on the screen on the KAPP-HD (still broadcasting the KVEW-HD feed by the way) was not bad enough, this morning during GMA the color was so off it looked like I was looking at a 3-D book like I had when I was a kid. For example, a hand was in one spot but you could see the color of the hand just to the side of it. Also the color was going in and out at the top of the HD channel picture. This problem occurred only when ABC feed was shown. Did not occur on local news or local commercials. The 3-D effect went away as soon as they switched back to SD on the HD channel about 8:07AM. HD feed of Good Morning America never came back on after that today. Don't know if this was an ABC network problem or another KAPP/KVEW problem.

The random garbage happened during local commericals and news and even after they switched back to SD on the HD channel. Also happens on the the SD channel 35.2/42.2 at about the same moments.

I still think that KAPP should investigate the problem by taking down that second channel that is mainly for non-HD TV's to see if it is causing interference with the HD channel. I don't know why you would want to own a digital non-HD standard size TV anyways.

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I see KNDO-HD 23.1 OTA had problems with the audio again. It was like I could only hear the crowd and music during the 4PM airing of the Olympics again. Well I cannot blame KNDO too much because they have been by far better than KAPP/KVEW and KIMA CBS. This is not a serious problem unlike the other stations.

KAPP/KVEW-HD is still messing up way too often but at least GMA was in HD this morning the whole 2 hours and didn't have the color problem I mentioned in the last post. Obivously the color problem was an ABC network problem and wasn't a KAPP/KVEW problem as they can't fix even the obvious problems.

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... starting on Wednesday night at 8PM. However it was only better for less than 30 minutes until KNDO-HD had the audio switched on correctly again. Then KNDO-HD seemed to be better than KAPP/KVEW-HD yet again.

When will KAPP (still broadcasting in Yakima as KVEW-HD by the way) ever get around to fixing the problems they are having? I am about 90% sure that the problem is on their end. I am also about 90% sure that the problem could be fixed with the second SD channel still in operation or the problem could be eliminated by dropping the SD channel. I personally prefer that this is fixed because ABC might have a good subchannel like a 24 hr. news channel to offer which I believe they already do. They don't carry it here because KAPP is not KNDO/KNDU. That's a shame too because KAPP has more bandwidth than KNDO for a non-HD channel, but they prefer to use it for people who choose to buy a regular sized SD digital TV so they don't have to adjust the picture aspect ratio.

During GMA's breaking news this morning they showed a different news loop on the 2 digital channels and the breakup did occur on BOTH channels at the SAME time showing DIFFERENT things. Therefore it is not a feed problem. It is a transmission problem at KAPP. Probably inadequate software for broacasting 2 channels or some defective transmitter part.

I sure hope there is someone at KAPP who knows how to fix this problem which is now in its fourth week.

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Well it is Monday morning. Olympics ended last night. Picture was probably not quite excellent but still pretty good last night during the Closing Ceremonies on KNDO-HD. I think NBC's satellite equipment isn't the best it could have been rather than KNDO's reduced bandwith from the other 2 digital channels they offer OTA, but I could be wrong.

KAPP-HD (still KVEW-HD in YAKIMA OTA) is still having a lot of garbage on the screen. Noticed the garbage right before several commercial breaks during the NBA game yesterday morning. It was even worse later that afternoon during the hour-long weekend edition of EXTRA. And then there was garbage on every so often on GMA this morning. KAPP still has garbage coming on at least during 2 hours worth of programming each day. And they don't even broadcast 24 hours a day!! So at LEAST 12% of the programming yesterday was affected. 100% of the HD broadcasts today was affected by this garbage as GMA is the only HD show on KAPP/KVEW today. Maybe KAPP/KVEW should start advertising a disclaimer that the "Now Broadcasting in High Definition" means that it is not available cleanly to Yakima Over-the-air viewers.

Now on to KIMA CBS. I would not be surprised to see that sports news anchor Alan Silence come on in a commerical saying that the Final Four will be broadcast in "Spectacular" or "Stunning" High Definition. KIMA is pretty well known for their "stretching the truth" type ads. Wouldn't surprise me if they have the HD up in time for the MARCH MADNESS tournament because they apparently have been keeping us in the dark before on when they were planning on going HD.

Now on to KCYU FOX and KBWU FOX. I understand now that there is ZERO, ZILCH, NADA chance of KCYU FOX going HD before the July 1 Full Power deadline, because I was wrong about it being a Class A TV Station. It is actually only a "TRANSLATOR"!! Don't know how it can be a translator since it has call letters like the other channels in Yakima. KBWU's Tri-Cities signal is also a translator. Only the signal for KBWU out of Pendleton, OR is actually called a station by the FCC's definition apparently. So don't expect HD from the Tri-Cities FOX tower either by the July 1 deadline.

So there you have it. Just trying to let the others around here know what the locals don't want you to know.

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I've been very happy with all the Tri-Cities stations. I'm looking forward to CBS going HD in July and hoping for FOX sometime in the future. I think this thread has turned into YakHDTV06's personal HDTV blog YakHDTV06, are you reporting any of these problems to your local station directly?
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Originally Posted by YakHDTV06 View Post

Now on to KCYU FOX and KBWU FOX. I understand now that there is ZERO, ZILCH, NADA chance of KCYU FOX going HD before the July 1 Full Power deadline, because I was wrong about it being a Class A TV Station. It is actually only a "TRANSLATOR"!! Don't know how it can be a translator since it has call letters like the other channels in Yakima. KBWU's Tri-Cities signal is also a translator. Only the signal for KBWU out of Pendleton, OR is actually called a station by the FCC's definition apparently. So don't expect HD from the Tri-Cities FOX tower either by the July 1 deadline.

So there you have it. Just trying to let the others around here know what the locals don't want you to know.


When cbs goes hd, that means fox will be the only one to not have HD in the TC or yakivegas. When that happens, we need to get a petition going and send it to the FOX people, both local and corporate FOX, maybe the FCC as well. Squeaky wheel gets the greese!
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[quote=Snyder81]I'm been very happy with all the Tri-Cities stations. I'm looking forward to CBS going HD in July]

How sure are we that CBS will be in HD in July?
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Last night was bad as usual on KAPP/KVEW-HD. KAPP had the constant breakup last night. Lasted from at least World News Tonight until Nightline. Then in the morning that breakup is gone and when GMA comes on in the morning I get the garbage on the screen. Like I think I mentioned before, I haven't tried to contact KAPP because I am absolutely certain they know they have a problem. They are using the Tri-Cities KVEW feed still. I am sure they would have switched back to KAPP feed if all was well. Plus I have tried to contact them before and usually don't get a response. I am hoping someone here in this forum maybe has a contact at KAPP/KVEW who can pass along this information to the station.

I was pretty disappointed too with KNDO-HD last night. Even though I don't watch MEDIUM, I noticed they didn't have it in HD until like 15 or 30 minutes into the show. That is not a good sign the night after the Olympics. Some viewers might start wondering if the HD was a temporary Olympics-only thing. I still think KNDO is by far the best of the local stations. I hope this doesn't become a regular problem.

I wish the FCC would make a requirement for stations and translator stations to go HD like they do for digital. Then maybe I could complain about KAPP-HD. Oh well.

Snyder81, it is good to hear that you are happy with your locals. I know I complain a lot about most of the Yakima Locals. I am just glad I don't live up in the Ellensburg area where they don't have Over The Air HD digital channels yet as they only get translator stations up there.

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It is like a very good chance. Probably 75% chance that CBS will be HD by July here. I would probably say 100% chance of HD by the end of the year. Fisher Communications, KIMA and KEPR's parent company, is not a market leader. They are followers. They tend to go HD in a market shortly after the other stations in the area do. They don't want to be seen as being technologically behind compared to the other stations.

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Does Charter encrypt their QAM HDTV channels? I'm wondering what HD channels a QAM-capable HDTV tuner would pick up at the present.
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Just came across a list of what channel numbers the stations will use after the analog stations go off the air in a few years. It appears the local stations are going to use the digital channel's number for KAPP, KNDO, KYVE, & KIMA for Yakima and the digital channel's number for KEPR, KNDU, KTNW, & KVEW for the Tri-Cities.

The only exception is the FOX stations which aren't listed except for KFFX out of Pendleton, Oregon. KFFX appears to be switching their digital channel number to their analog channel number after the transition.

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Did some more digging on the local FOX situation. The parent company name they use is "Mountain Licenses" and I could only find the Yakima, Tri-Cities, and Spokane stations and the Pendleton KFFX station and their translators. The company name sounded suspicious to me because they list their address in the town of OKEMOS, Michigan which is a suburb of a bigger city in Michigan. Can't remember which city it is now. So I decided to do some more digging to see if they go under a different corporate name.

I happened to find a file that listed several FOX stations across the country. I decided to search the file for "OKEMOS". Guess what I found? I found at least 2 other stations with addresses in this town. One is in NY. The other is the FOX station in Medford, Oregon. I looked it up on the FCC and it is the same address. This one the licensee is named Broadcasting Licenses instead of Mountain Licenses. I looked up the Medford FOX website and found an interesting FAQ file.

According to the Medford, OR FOX website's FAQ file, they are planning a news program in the next year. They already offer a digital channel and they were supposed to be HD in January of this year.

If Mountain Licenses AKA Broadcasting Licenses can have a local news program, broadcast in digital, & broadcast in HD in Oregon, WHY WHY can't they do it here in Washington? Even here the main station is KFFX in Pendleton, OR while Yakima and Tri-Cities have to settle for analog low powered translator stations. Enough said for now.

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The picture on KAPP/KVEW-HD out of Yakima seems to be improving since last Wednesday night when LOST was a mess. Then about the time they announced Best Actor went to Philip Hoffman, the picture started messing up every so many seconds again!!! Lasted the rest of the night. Now why can't KAPP/KVEW-HD out of Yakima give us a good picture when a BIG show like LOST or the OSCARS are on? They could give us a good picture for the movies that were on this week, Sweet Home Alabama and Beautiful Mind or a show like "InJustice" which will likely get canceled within a year or two. Oh well. Just another moment of stupidity by KAPP/KVEW I guess.

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There should be no HD breakup tonight on LOST for us getting it in the Yakima area over-the-air as it is a rerun and the reruns come in OK and the new episodes are the ones that the channel breaks up during. OK so maybe I am being a little sarcastic. I just can't understand why they can't fix something when it is so obvious when the problem happens and why it happens.

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KAPP/KVEW-HD Over-the-air out of Yakima has had constant picture breakup every night this week since the OSCARS on Sunday night. No progress is apparently being made here.

Still not finding any evidence that the local FOX affiliates are going to go digital on the Washington State side of the border anytime soon. So unless you're in Oregon or can get the Pendleton, OR signal from your place in Washington you are out of luck getting FOX in digital for next few years.

I finally got the "guts" to e-mail someone in the TV division of the FCC to see what they suggested I do. I edited out my personal information in the post below.

Here is the lousy bureacratic response I got:

You may send your formal complaints in writing for these television stations to the Office of the Secretary, FCC, Washington DC 20554, but frankly, the Commission does not regulate what kind of programming that radio and television stations air.

As far as the TV digital conversion goes, a law was recently signed that analog transmissions would have to cease in February 2009. So I don't see the conversion being reversed.

Dale Bickel dale.bickel@fcc.gov

-----Original Message-----
From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxx.com]
Sent: Thursday, March 09, 2006 5:38 PM
To: Dale Bickel
Subject: Yakima, WA area Over-the-air Digital Commercial Broadcast Stations

I want to file a complaint about 3 of the 4 Yakima, Washington area commercial broadcast stations. They are KAPP, KIMA, and KCYU-LP. All 3 of them are definately underserving the Yakima, WA market. The only one who is off the hook is KNDO (NBC affiliate).

KAPP (ABC affiliate) started an HD signal at the beginning of Feb. so it would be HD for this year's Super Bowl with the home state team Seahawks. The signal constantly puts out garbage or breaks up, but this station seems to be doing nothing to fix the problem. It is 6 weeks later and they are still using KVEW sister station feed in place of KAPP for their digital Over-the-air. Since the stations are not required to go HD by the FCC I realize there is not much that can be done about this. However, the garbage comes on the regular Digital channel once in a while too and all channels are supposed to be digital aren't they? So maybe something can be done about this problem.

KIMA (CBS affiliate) is not HD yet even though the same broadcasting company (Fisher Broadcasting) who owns the CBS affiliate in Eugene, Oregon has been HD for over 2.5 years. I realize that pretty much nothing can be done about this kind of favortism since the FCC doesn't set aside a date when they have to go HD and KIMA-DT has said they will go HD in a few months anyways.

The worst one of all though is KCYU-LP (FOX). This is apparently a "translator" station and not a real TV station. The "real" FOX station (and the only one for this market in digital) serving this area is in Pendleton, OR in a different state (probably like only 25% of the viewers in our market and the advertisement from the area is probably less than that on this station) and is not receivable in the Yakima part of the market. The broadcasting company that licenses this station also licenses the FOX station in Medford, OR and the Medford, OR station is digital and going HD very soon if they haven't already. Again I don't know what can be done here for this kind of favortism. I just want to get things started so the Yakima area (not just the state of Oregon) can get an HD signal for FOX some time soon instead of an indefinate wait.

Who can I complain to? It is not fair that 3 out of 4 Yakima, WA stations are showing favortism to other regional stations in similar sized markets owned by those same companies.

Any chance that the FCC will change the requirements to make all commercial broadcast stations go HD before the end of the decade?



So there you have it. The FCC is apparently going to be no help. The guy just gives you a worthless address in D.C. and doesn't even know what I am talking about even though I made myself very clear what I was saying. Anyone else got any suggestions?

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I now have found evidence that one of KAPP/KVEW's own engineers (who I will not name for the time being) is actually working against his own station. This is some stuff he has said in one post on the Internet.

Beginning of Quote

Perhaps. And if so, you should contact them and ask about that.
I certainly can't do anything about it. I'm just a broadcast engineer in
a small-market station, venting my opinions.

If anyone wants information about a specific station's operation,
policies, or condition. The place to go is that station.

To continue in my venting, though, in my opinion the entire broadcast
television industry is in desperate financial shape, and I expect to see
a number of stations going off the air in the next few years.

The FCC ordered the change to digital broadcasting at a time when the
technology was not yet invented. Thousands of broadcasters have spent
themselves into near-bankruptcy buying equipment that is still
"beta-test" quality because nothing better is available, and the
alternative is to lose one's broadcasting license.

Though the FCC continues to change the rules and the deadlines, there
will inevitably come a time when all analog broadcasting must cease. The
FCC will then auction the spectrum once allocated to those analog
channels to the highest bidder.

Since a broadcast TV station (except for PBS) derives all of its income
from the sale of commercials, and the cost we can charge for a
commercial depends on how many viewers will watch it, and because I
personally don't think enough viewers will be equipped to watch digital
over-the-air TV when the deadline occurs, I think income will drop
drastically while expenses will be at an all-time high.

So, hey... Maybe it'll last long enough for me to retire.
Maybe not. Most stations have already laid off or downsized staff to cut
costs, I understand.

End of Quote

Sure sounds to me as if he doesn't have any confidence in KAPP. I wouldn't either if he is more concerned about being employed than fixing their HD OTA problems.

I might put some more stuff that this guy has said over the next few days so stay tuned.

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His/ Her response seems reasonable to me. I agree that the current "system" is not working. The smaller stations do not have the capital to keep up with the changing technology.

My response, quit helping them. The fact is that digital TV and HD are are here to stay. I'm okay with the smaller broadcasters not broadcasting in HD, but what I don't like is the current "system" wherein I have to have their permission to buy my HD Network Broadcast from someone else.

As I posted elsewhere in this forum, I submitted waivers to purchase my network HD through DirecTV to each of our four stations (KVEW, KEPR, KFFX, and KNDU). Each station turned me down (i.e. would not allow me to purchase HD networks outside of the area). I say let them die!

The whole premise about satellite companies not being able to provide network channels to an area, unless they originate in that area is buerauracratic BS.

Why doesn't anyone complain that DirecTV has to spend the bandwith of >200 channels to broadcast 4 network channels throughout the country?

Sorry, I couldn't help myself!
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I don't know much about DirecTV or those waivers you have to get from the local stations, but from what I have heard it sounds like a waste of time to try to get the stations from your area or another area. It sounds like by the time you get the channel or channels you want you will probably wind up moving away or the channel shuts down, etc.

I agree about Digital TV is here to stay. I just wish the FCC would start requiring the stations to go HD too by the 2009 date when they have to be digital by. The FCC guy apparently thought I wanted the TV stations to go back to analog. I have no idea why he would think that.

Anyways as I said before, I am going to put another quote by the KAPP engineer in my last post. Enjoy!!

Start of Quote

I'm an engineer at a small-market TV station in Washington state,
currently broadcasting in analog, digital-SD and digital-HD, and I'd
like to ask that anyone noticing a technical problem please for God's
sake don't call the station and ask for an engineer. Or at least, please
wait a few hours. And make sure you ask for an Operations Engineer or
Master Control Engineer, rather than just an "Engineer".
I've had a number of occasions when I was pulled away from diagnosing
and repairing a problem, to explain to a viewer that, yes, I know there
is a problem and that I am working on it. It usually takes several
minutes of precious lost broadcast time to get the viewer to agree to go
away and let me get back to fixing the problem.

End of Quote

Do you get the feeling this guy wants you to wait a few hours just hoping the problems go away?

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