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DVR and HD receiver?  

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I am looking for a combination DVR and HD receiver only.

NO Tivo or DVD recorder with it.

Does such a unit(s) exist?

Who makes them?

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NO Tivo or DVD recorder with it.
Tivo is currently the best DVR software, so I am a bit confused by your post. Perhaps you mean you want a DVR that doesn't require a $5/mo fee?

The appropriate forum for HDTV DVRs like the HDTV DirecTivo is the HDTV Recorders forum.

The LG 3510 is the only feeless HDTV DVR available for purchase. It works with off-air signals from an antenna. It costs $600 and has one tuner, so you can only record or watch one program at a time; you cannot record one program while watching another. It will not work with the encrypted channels on your cable system. It requires no monthly fee as it uses the free TVGuide software, but as you might expect, the functionality and usability of that free software is very, very limited. For instance, you can't record a program while watching a previous recording.

If you want to buy your own HDTV DVR to record one program while watching another, your only options are the $899 HDTV Tivo from DirecTV and the $999 Dish 921 from Dish Network. Both of these will let you record one channel while watching another; both will also let you record two satellite HDTV channels simultaneously while watching a previous recording (though only the HDTV Tivo will let you record two HDTV local channels simultaneously). Both record the original digital signal from satellite and an antenna, so recordings are 100% identical to the original live broadcast. Both have the same $5/month DVR fee, which is waived entirely if you subscribe to their top programming package.
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Thanks for the thorough and informative post. I wish there were more posts like this with the options with both pros and cons laid out concisely. I just got a 60xs955 sony lcd so I want to get programming now. I have only analog comcast cable with their broadband. It has been cheap this year at $54 month but that ends in Feb (1 yr promo). Now I am wondering what my best solution is. I have no land line (just cell) so if I get a satallite offering I have to get that too I think. Comcasts broadband is great but sbc yahoo dsl is an option too. I don't watch sports but mostly just learning channels. It would be nice to have something to record things so I can watch them when I want but not totally necessary. I can't spend a grand on an hd tivo. Getting some HD channels to enjoy the max from this tv would be nice and I get a couple now even with analog as they include some of the local broadcast ones over the line it seems. What are your recommendations for best bang for the buck?
I am also trying to figure out if the current tivo offering for $99 is worthwhile. Also I got a dish network promo with free activation, free install, no commitment, free hd receiver upgrade and 6 months of free hd programming, and a $49.99 credit on the first bill. I am wondering if I should take advantage of either of these before the month ends and they expire.

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