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Frostman,if you can receive analog 29,you should be able to receive the digital signal on channel 14 with a good uhf antenna.wutv-dt is not at full power i believe their still at 35kw not 1000kw that they applied for.Wnlo/wivb channel 32 is at 1000kw from grand island so you would be able to get cbs in hd as well.I receive all buffalo hd signals except wb-dt perfect.I am 55 miles from wutv tower and 85 miles from south towers.
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Thank you to everyone here who has posted such great info. I am hoping that someone locally can provide some answers about OTA in Richmond Hill, Ontario. I am a few blocks north of Major Mackenzie, just west of Bayview.

I have experimented with a Radio Shack 1880 and had success pulling in CityHD and Toronto 1 HD. I had the antenna sitting on the floor pointed out my patio door and it worked well. This was a test only and I am now hoping to use a much better UHF antenna, perhaps the CM 4228 or 4248.

To apease my wife, I will probably have to install the antenna in my attic. I know that this will adversly affect my reception, but its all about compromise.

I know that the 4228 has a listed longer range than that of the 4248, but an installer who says he has practical experience with both models, recommends the 48 over the 28, and says that the size and shape of the 48 is better suited to an attic installation.

I guess that I am hoping that someone in the area, can advise me of the number of HD channels I can expect to pull in from my location (hopefully Buffalo), and if I should be considering any other makes or models of antenna.

I heard that Global recently went HD, are they available OTA?

I know those are a lot of questions, any help is appreciated.


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The CM 4248 is a YAGI antenna, and is much more directional, (about 80" long) but has slightly less gain than the 4228 (about 2.5 dB). This means you MAY have to aim it, and ideally you may need a rotator with it. The 4228 has a broader beamwidth, isn't as long, but is higher, and for Buffalo, definitely won't require aiming for each channel.

That said, installation in the attic will reduce any antenna by about 50%. And both may work fine. It's a matter of trying. That's the fun with antennas.

What you will/should get is NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, UPN, FOX and WB.

FOX, PBS and UPN are on Grand Island, while the others are S.E. of Buffalo.

As far as I know, Global is still broadcasting their HD over cable or satellite only. Most of the Cdn. HD channels are not operational yet OTA.
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Originally posted by htnut99
I am hoping that someone locally can provide some answers about OTA in Richmond Hill, Ontario. I am a few blocks north of Major Mackenzie, just west of Bayview.

Being that far north, you NEED to put that 4228 or 4248 outside. I'm in St. Catharines and have had occasional problems with WGRZ and WIVB. You must be 90 to 100 miles away.
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Richmond5 is around Bayview & 16th. I haven't heard his results yet!
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Thanks for the replies dsspredator and intrac.

I am hoping to test out the 4248 later this weekend or at latest next week. The installler had the 4248 in stock and let me have it with the understanding that if it doesn't work well for me, that he will swap it out for the 4228.

I am hoping that richmond5 chimes in with some advice as well, as he is a few kilometres away.

The one thing that I hope is helpful is that on a clear day I can see the CN tower from my house, Richmond Hill is just that a hill and on relatively high ground from Toronto.

Intrac - thanks for the info regarding Global, I was wondering why no one had mentioned picking them up OTA. Any idea if or when they will be broadcasting OTA?

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Global will be on Digital channel 41. I don't see a date for their OTA anywhere. I assume that it should be this year.

The Global announcement says: Global's HDTV programming will be available to Rogers Ontario customers on channel 286 effective October 14, and on ExpressVu channel 801 effective October 11.

If you work out OK with the 4248 (or 4228), you may never watch Global again. No simsubbing of US programs with OTA.
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I'm pretty new to this, do you mean that later this year when Global starts OTA broadcasting that it will be on channel 41? Or is it there now?

When I had the R.S. 1880 hooked up I never saw any Global HD channel, only CityHD and Toronto1HD.

Sorry if I am getting confused and asking dumb questions.

As soon as I have tested the 4248 or 4228, I will post results.

Anyone know where Richmond5 is?

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I have heard global-hd will come on in april and will be on channel 65,41 is their current analog signal.I have a 4248 in my attic .It works excellent ,no reception problems.It is very directional must be aimed correctly.It prevents multipath reception.All Buffalo digital stations perfect except wb-34 only at 650 watts.I am in north Mississauga.
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I am encouraged to hear that someone is using the 4248 successfully in an application that I will be attempting. The only worry I have is that you are much closer to the US signals than I am, but it does give me hope.

Thank you for clearing up the Global HD thing for me.

Do you have a rotator or an amp on your 4248?

Thanks again,

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htnut99,I have 7775 uhf only c.m. preamp.I am 91km from grand island transmiiters and 139km from the buffalo south towers in hills
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Thanks, I guess I might have to look into an amp. I am not sure how far away I am from the towers, but I must be significantly farther away than you.

Do you have a site that I can check for distances.?

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Hdnut99,go to www.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/audio/tvq.html scroll down to stations within radius enter radius of abuot 180km,enter yuor co-ordinates ,submit scroll across to distances.Richmond hill at major mach. & yonge 43:52:14 North and 79:26:16 west.Distance to Grand island towers is 103km and 153km to south towers (abc&nbc)
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I apprecaite all the information provided in this thread and was hoping for some suggestions with my setup. I am located in south-west Mississauga on the 21st floor of a condo. I have a silver sensor and my condo faces south west. I am able to get all Buffalo channels in the 80% or higher except for 34. That one is on and off. I however, cannot get a blip on either 53 or 66. What can I do to try and get these channels in without adding a roof mounted or attic antenna? Thanks
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Plugplay - WB49 is probably one of the furthest for you, and it doesn't appear to be on full power. You would need a higher gain antenna for this.

With analog TV, a weak signal goes snowy, with digital TV, a weak signal drops out.

CITY - 53 and Toronto1 on 66 probably need you to aim for the CN Tower with your SilverSensor.

Htnut99 -- With an outside ant. you probably won't need an amp. Your distances and the channels you can get are all here: http://www.2150.com/broadcast/default.asp

Just enter your lat/long, and choose 100 miles, and you'll see all the channels you can get. It will show you distance, direction, and by channel number.
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Plugplay ,you might try moving your antenna as far east as possible toward cn tower but they are both low power and are not likely to penetrate thru steel and cement Etc.
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Hdnut i would try without preamp first as you would be aiming toward cn tower and may overload any preamp with strong analog uhf signals from cn tower
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Thanks intrac and rob50312 for your replies. I am coming to the same conclusion as yours robas to the cement and steel in the building, and with little chance of these channels and the new ones coming online soon having more power than them, what are my options? Thanks
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You say you get all the Buffalo channels, except 43 -- I wouldn't be too concerned. It will improve when they go full power.

You say your condo faces S.W., what direction is your antenna facing?

With Toronto1 and City, its your antenna direction. You have to aim east, instead of south, south-east.
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Originally posted by intrac
You say you get all the Buffalo channels, except 43 -- I wouldn't be too concerned. It will improve when they go full power.

You say your condo faces S.W., what direction is your antenna facing?

With Toronto1 and City, its your antenna direction. You have to aim east, instead of south, south-east.

Actually its 34 that I have problems with as it is at low power. That one I am not concerned with as it will improve as they increase the power from the light bulb wattage they are using now.

As for TI1 & City, I usually leave it for best reception of the buffalo channels but when I am trying it get either of those two, I slowly move it around. I can't hit them no matter where it faces. That is why I need more help. Thanks for your reply as I do appreciate it.
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Radio shack has a couple of amplified indoor antennas. One of these may work for you.

IA-600 AMPLIFIED INDOOR ANTENNA 15-8936 @ $49.99

If they don't, you can return them.
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Thank you again for all your advice, I will try the 4248 without the amp first, and thanks for the link to the station search as well as providing me with longitude and latitude co-ordinates, I would have had no idea what my co-ordinates were.


Thank you as well for the link to the station search, and all of your assistance.

This is why I love our hobby and HT forums, people willing to help others, nice change from the day to day world.

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receiving test patterns perfect 6:18pm
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rob50312 seems like that 4248 works pretty good for you?You even have it in the attic.Do you ever have any probs with Buffalo channels?
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Getting some signals here on channel 20 & 24.

So far getting 17.6 dB on D20.

Picture is 1080i, and audio is Dolby Digital 5.1.

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Has anyone had problems getting NBC HD channel (2-1) in Mississauga? I have a Samsung TS160 HD receiver and it keeps on resetting itself whenever it tries to tune into this channel. I get the other Buffalo channels without any problems (ie. FOX 29-1, UPN 32-1, PBS 43-1).
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Where is channel 20 and 24 ??
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20 is CBLT Digital and 24 is CBLFT Digital (both CBC Toronto)
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Here is a website with a list of all the Canadian digital television present and future broadcasters.

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Frostman I have no problem with any of buffalo-dt channel except wb channel 34 which is still at low power due to our crtc restrictions
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