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XBox+AE700+RXV2400 connection help  

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Im taking my first stab at big screen gaming. I am hoping that someone here can verify my setup? I want to connect my XBox to my Yamaha RXV2400 receiver using the XBox HD Component cables. Then do I just need to run another set of Component Cables out of the RXV2400 to the AE700? Im thinking its as simple as that...and hoping so since I already ordered the cables. Does anyone have a similar setup that they can confirm that this will work?

My AE700 should be here on Saturday. I can't wait!!! I'll be all set for 120 inches of Halo2 goodness!!!
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what other equipemt does you what that will be hooked up?
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That's it...for now, I will just have the Receiver, XBox and projector (and speakers).
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That's all you'll need. You'll also need an optical cable from the xbox hd pack to the receiver.
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Actually, You may want to just run the component cables directly to the AE700 instead through the receiver. Most receivers are incapable of passing true hiDef. That shouldn't make a difference for Halo 2 since it's only 480p. But if you start playing some other Xbox games that are 720p or 1080i, you might be losing some detail in the image. Not sure what your receiver can do. Just a heads up.

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Thats a very good point about going directly to the projector from the Xbox for higher def games. My receiver up converts the 576P I think through component but that's it. Do I just need to get some kind of connecter so I can extend the XBox cables to the projector. I need them to be about 25ft and the standard xbox cable is around 4ft I think.
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Yeah, I guess you would need an adapter if your 25 ft cable is male to male or a male to female extension cable.
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