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Mitsubishi HC900 Screenshots :)  

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A few shots of the HC900 in action. Really does look very good for a budget machine.





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Very nice! It sure doesn't look like a budget machine :p. What is your source and screen type? Thanks for the pics.
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Is this the same as the HC900U (you said HC900)?
If so, then where did you buy it and how much was it?
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Very very nice, are these screenshots you took? They look very professional. Also would like to know what screen was used.
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This is getting tiresome
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I'll get there soon
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....and there we have it. 5 meaningful posts.

Can I post a link now? Please?
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These are screens taken from various forums in Germany and France.

The owner of this Proj is Worf.

I've followed the threads, but have not seen him mention the screen. He does, however, have a dark room (walls and ceiling). Lamp in 'low' mode.

Those pics are from component input and not DVI.

Comparison can be seen here:

Worf's HC900

Caution: The color variations are due to the screens being photographed with a digicam. They are not present IRL.

The screens at the bottom are with HC900 sharpness 'on'
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Thanks for the link Andretti. Very Nice. Were the DVI shots upscaled to 720p? Let us know if you find out what screen these were taken on.

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Hi it's kraine (worf ;)). These images are taken on a screen of 2m50. In 720p mode with a pioneer 868.
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Correction some of those screenshots are 576 pics using YUV output and the other one are 720p pics using DVI output.

Here the direct comparaison :

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Hello kraine, how is the fan noise? Any issues with rainbows? Did you compare the Mits. to any other PJ's ? Have you viewed any HiDef material on the PJ?

Thanks for your screenshots and comments.

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Hi Client1,

You have to use this projector in low mode (to spare the lamp). In this mode I get a measure of 28db.

I watched HD in the HC 900 and it's look great even it's only a matterhorn chip.

In fact I use this projector with a PIONEER 868 in 720p mode (with SD DVD's) and in 1:1 1024x576 mode with my HTPC.

The Picture deliver by my HC 900 is one of the cleanest Picture I have ever seen on a DLP Projector. Almost every DLP artefacts are invisible. You have also a very "punchy" picture with great colors and deep contrast (1100 lumens max in low mode).
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Is this projector available in the US?
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most impressive, looks like this might be the matterhorn that will finally overthrone the ht1000
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I was the happy owner of an NEC HT 1000, and there is no doubt in my mind, this new matterhorn is cheaper and better. :)
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Comparing a high performing Matterhorn projector as this machine to a LCD 720 projector, are there significant differenecs when viewing HDTV?
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Very nice. I prefer the component screen shots as the DVI looks a little edgy.
This thing has very natural colors. Very nice. I think the manufactures are starting to get the hang of it.
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On the other hand, the component is noticably softer... I supposed it is all preference. And while it is apparent there IS a difference by looking at the screne shots, it would be tough to say which is better without seeing them in peson.

Which do you prefer in person kraine? Thanks.
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Is the HC900 available in US under a different name?
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Tweeter in Framingham MA sells the HC900U . I know I work there. Unfortunatley we only display the Yamaha pj's. I just put my order in for one. It will be my first pj.

The PJ is not on any Mits USA website that I've seen.
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I won't put the price in here, but here's a link to an online dealer selling it now for below MSRP :


I find Mits to be a difficult company to deal with - I'm only a joe-blow kind of person, but repeated emails to their sales dept here in Canada hasn't resulted in a single reply to me. I guess they don't want my business????

Looks like a nice PJ though.....
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I hope this is legal, but HB Communications (who does not sell on-line), based out of Conn. also sells this projector. When I bought my HC900, I called Mitsubishi to get a list of 'authorized' dealers and they were the easiest (cheapest) to get it from.
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at that price it's easy to see why the sony and panasonics get more attention.
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Originally posted by gojan
Comparing a high performing Matterhorn projector as this machine to a LCD 720 projector, are there significant differenecs when viewing HDTV?
I prefer it largely then a HC 2000 or H77 which I could see in comparison side by side.

Small mitsubishi does better than these two HD2+ in almost all the fields, precision of the image, contrast, luminosity, quality of optics and lack of the DLP artifacts like double contours, halo effect or video noise.

As I indicated, the HC 900 has a very clean image and very precise and like points out it alan, the colors are natural without calibration, simply with some basic modifications.
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kraine, I am looking at the HC2000 since I watch a lot of HDTV. Are you saying you prefer the image of the HC900 compared to the 720p PJ's? I would think the 720p would give you a better HD image due to the higher rez. Have you compared the two watching any HDTV? Do you see any rainbows with this machine?

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