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I really don't have the temperment to follow all of this stuff. I don't understand "James" ire but at least he is straightforward about it. I think that our contact has always been friendly.

Your last message echoed my suggestion that your problem with the Rock was mostly with TAW and not so much with the box itself. How could it be with the machine when you have never even played with the thing?

It strikes me that the people who are playing with 50k or more worth of television stuff might not be so adverse to spending the kind of money that a Rock costs, especially with consideration that there are brands that sell their scalers for fifteen or thirty times that price. This is hardly a killing financial blow in this neighborhood.

Anyway, I will be amused to see what you finally do about a scaler for your DILA. Art

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Fair enough, Art.

- Marc
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I see that people are being referred to as 'trolls'!
Being from Norway, I must object to this blatant misuse of the term. Let me clarify.

From the encyclopedia of monsters:

Originally, trolls were elemental giants. In Norse mythology, trolls were known as dim-witted gigantic man eating creatures who lived in caverns in the mountain and hollow hills. They were ugly and quite evil. Fighting along side the giants in the battle of Ragnorok. These Trolls would be turned to stone if they were hit by the sun. They guarded treasure and were good a metal-working. They eventually evolved into dwarf-like beings who lived in subterranean caverns and were not as strong or bloodthirsty as their predecessors. They are still a threat however as they still like to steal women and children, and are now more intelligent than their ancestors."


Now, does this apply to anyone you know...?
OK! Then please stop using such descriptions of your fellow human beings.

OH, and I don't own a Rock, because I already have a HTPC that works nicely, thank you!

Kind regards

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If I could suggest, a little less name calling will benefit us all.

It is healthy to disagree as long as we do not stoop to using and calling one another names. Frequently disagreements produce valid information, as long as the disgareements do not get into personal attacks and name calling.

I, for one, want all of the new scalers to work. Why ? It directly benefits me. If The Rock works, their approach will force others to respond to the marketplace better.

I have to wonder if the FNR would exist at it's present price point were it not for The Rock and Vigatec. So while one may not go the Vigatec or Rock or FNR route, the scalers one does not choose has helped this person with the scaler they did choose.

If Marc had issues with TAW that is important information, if what he is passing along is factual and his experience or opinion.

Most people that visit here regularly are subtle enough to be able to distinguish hyperbole from fact.

I have read that some people have issues with the FNR because of it's design.

All of these things are part of the competitive landscape, IMO, and will sort themselves out in time.

Let's live above the name calling.

Just a suggestion.

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Very well said. I fuly agreed that had it not been the Rock and Vigatec, the FNR would at least cost you double its present price. Indeed, one can check the price of the Faroudja VP 301, which is single scan rate at 800x600 that used to sell at $15000, then the DVP 2200 which dropped to $8000. Now that the FNR is priced at $4000 and can offer as high as 720p or 768p with all the features of the DVP 3000 plus a few more functions such as built-in test pattern and component to RGB conversion for HD.

Which ever of these 3 new generation scalers you choose depends entirely on your own preference and the usage in accordance with your setup. It is all a matter of system matching and it is always the final picture that counts.
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for an "update" on TAW regarding scaler functions, plasma usage, etc, check out the "zoom and stretch controls with scalers" posts.

I still have not seen any report of a plasma/rock user nor had feedback on this from TAW except via this kind of backhanded trickle down.

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Yes, I agree. It does not benefit those of us that are consumers to bash vendors. We should want them to to suceed because it will bring about new and better products for us , the consumers.

When one of use has a good (or bad) experience that is important information for both us, the vendor and the competition.

I wonder if Faroudja would have been able to fix these issues as fast as they have in the NR without the detailed review by Tom and this forum.

A little over a year ago , think back, and compare that to what options we have now.

It's really exciting I think.

And I agree with you about the pricing. We owned a DVP2200 for a while and I remember the comments from Jeff (Faroudja tech support) at the time about the "bargin" the DVP2200 was at $8K http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

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I suspect that a Faroudja has never been about a "bargin". In my view, the former models of the Faroudja is a lot like an audiophile company's amps: 99% of perfect instead of 90%, and an absurd price to go with it!

With the NR enty, Faroudja seems to have morphed itself into a more "Yamaha" way of thinking rather than a "Mark Levinson" way of thinking.

I personally find it amusing to see the current crop of scalers - the Leeza, the Vigatec, the Rock, and the NR compared to the F3000. Faroudja may still be selling the F3000, but it's last years' product, and is no match for the price/performance ratio of today's scalers. I agree that it should be very interesting to see what happens to the scaler market over the next few years...

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