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Playing assault on Coagulation, grabbed the invisibility and headed to the bomb as the enemy's fully loaded Warthog pulls up. One guy grabs the bomb and gets back into the passenger seat, I then (still invisible) jack the driver and begin to drive the warthog back to their base. It took them a few seconds to realize that they no longer had a friendly driver, the passenger with the bomb jumped out so I pulled a 180 and ran him over. :)

The guy in the turret eventually hopped out and killed me along with the warthog as I tried to get into the turret but it was sure fun while it lasted.

Gamertag: Wulf X
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A few good ones:

Last night playing in rumble pit on Ascension:

Doing OK, but was getting owned by one guy who had the sword. I encountered this guy and every time he got me. Got the message "10 seconds remaining" and rounded the corner to see him running at me on the outdoor ramp. He got a swipe in and took me down to no shields.

Somehow I got away and was backpedaling down the ramp firing a plasma rifle and magnum at him as he chased trying to get into "lunge range"

Sensing "the lunge," I jumped - keeping fire on him. Just then I thought "uh-oh" - saw him fall to the ground (finally!!!!) as I fell past the ramp ledge on the way down - and fell into the abyss as the "game over"
announcement came. Funniest part was I called over the communicator just as he died "YESSSSSSSS!" It must have been funny for him to see me sail off the edge - and then suprising that I killed him just before I disappeared into the void.

On another game on the same level - playing a custom 1-1 game with my bro-in-law, we were tangled in a close up mess with both of us mele pounding one another. Suddenly he jumps - and vanishes - he jumped off the ledge on accident! Funny thing was hearing him yell "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" as he disappeared.

We laughed hard at that one.
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