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Originally posted by Clarence
mercury, I'll put a copy in the mail for you tomorrow.
Clarence, please don't stop there! If you don't mind, burn me one, too. We should be coming up next weekend, unless T-giving weekend won't be good for you. Lemme know.
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Hi Larry-

I'd already made one for you. I'll just drop it in the mail.

We'll be out of town next weekend for Thanksgiving (I'll be visiting Pete for a Momitsu vs Samsung SIR-T360 shoot-out too), so let's check schedules for the following weekend.

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Roger-dodger! Let us know how the shoot-out fares.

By the way, the 8500 is now wearing (pardon the pun) the tubes from the 8000 (thanx again, Mike!), and is on the ceiling and putting out a nice image. I can't wait for improved input and neck boards and a real calibration setup!

Thank you for a great machine.
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Hi Clarence,

What would it cost me to have you burn one more, and stick it in the mail? Feel free to PM me if you'd rather. I really like the looks of the demo disc.

Also, I've noticed that you've switched from HTPC to Momitsu. Does this mean you have given up the 'poor man's video wall' (2 CRT proj. side by side) ?

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Does this demo play on DVD players or do you need to have a HTPC. I really want a good demo but sadly my PC is pretty lame. If you can make a demo that plays on a DVD player I'll find a way to make it worth your while to make one more copy!
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Hi Clarence,

I have the same question as PGP.. will getting on my knees and grovelling get you to send me a demo disk? :) PM me if you like!

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FYF for those who asked, you can burn DVD Shrink material to disc with programs like Nero .


I have the Blue Man Group also on DVD, but believe most of it is in 2ch....I think there are only 3-4 songs that are in 5.1 but none of which are during the concert. Chapter 11 with the Ozzy/Devo tribute is just unbelievable on my system. My two year old loves it :) Nice job on the DVD demo.....I will have to make one this weekend.

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Yep, I noticed that about BMG. The Devo/Ozzy clip is the exact one I put on my demo disc. I also noticed my Eagles clip was only coming up in stereo since they didn't include Dolby... so I've changed it to where DTS is the primary stream. I'll give it a quick test.

If you figure out how to get DVD Shrink to do Chapters instead of Titles, please let me know. I really want to get the "Next Chapter >>|" and "Previous Chapter |<<" buttons to work, instead of just using Fast Forward.

Davey, coolhand (yes, this plays on a regular set-top DVD player), PGP... PM your addresses and I'll send you a copy. I've got a few extra early copies from before I made some minor changes (like my early TS2 clip was 4:3 instead of WS) and I've added a Shrek2 clip, and I changed the priority of DTS on the Eagles clip.
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I also have the "Eagles: Hell Freezes Over" DVD, but the option comes up as to whether or not you want to view in PCM or DTS...so I think you could put the DTS version on there (Chapter 5 is fantasic--but the whole DVD is a MUST HAVE for everyone IMO).

As for Shrink, I'm not sure if you can assign chapters using it, but I have another software package that allows you to....so basically it can be done, it's just a PITA. I will mess around with Shrink more and see if I am missing anything.
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Thanx, Clarence.

I have the DTS LaserDisc version of "Hell Freezes Over". It's incredible! "Get Over It" really rocks the house, but the entire album is fantastic.

I added a DTS output to my LD player. I got the little circuit board and other parts in a kit from Precision LaserDisc, which is now defunct, thus:


However, it appears that the "bde" link on that page continues on providing the kit, or one like it, so check it out. It is in Germany, but they "do" English.
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I guess I cater to many more geeks in my setup so I demo ST2:Wrath of Khan in the nebula scene a lot. Darn it, now I am humming the soundtrack at work.

I also demo the opening fight scene of Master and Commander.
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For me, nothing beats the pure quality of Star Wars: ATOC, especially the Asteriod Chase scene between Jango and Obi-Wan, where Jango drops a couple concusion mines on Obi-Wan. It has stunning visuals, great ranges of colors and tremendous sound.

IMHO, that disc is about as reference as you can get.
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My HT has better sound, a room full of M&K, than video, a Sammy DLP. So my demo piece is the first song, Hotel California, from "Hell Freezes Over".

Edit #1: Believe it or not, I made this post after getting only three pages into this thread. Didn't realize my post was following those of some other Hell Freezes Over fans.
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One of my new favorites is the thatrical trailer for Titanic (found on the disc, obviously). I'm not a huge fan of the movie, but the trailer is very good for showing off a theater. The picture is great and the sound is excellent and covers a lot of ground. There's swelling music in some parts, crisp dialogue in others and the whole iceberg crash scene gives the bass a pretty good display. For a quick 2-3 minute demo to show the great range of a HT, it does the trick.

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Well I just watched Die Another Day and the entire movie sounded awesome, but the very beginning when they are surfing, wow both platforms were really getting a work out from the Bass Shakers, from the pounding waves. I will now use that DVD as the one to demo the theater/system.
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Clarence that demo disk is AWESOME!!! the Base and sound in some of those scene's not only rocked my house,but moved more air in my theater then ever before in one sitting:)

big,big thanks,...

except unfortunately it froze up once and acts like it wants to freeze up throughout the demos....:(

two questions,

does your burner support Bit Setting???

what player do you watch it on???

and please list every piece of equipment used to make such a disk.
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Oh, and now i can answer CPanther95 original question...

"""What is the best 5 minutes to show when showing off your Home Theater?"""

(that would be Clarence's original"Spectacular,Spectacular demo disk);)

just change the question to"What is the best 30+ minutes to show when showing off your Home Theater?"

happy T-Day.
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Originally posted by Clarence
Hi Tedd... nope, Animusic is 4x3 (Eagles too; and it looks like I chose the wrong format on Toy Story 2 which must have both formats on the same disc) but Animusic is 5.1... as are the rest of the clips.

My copy of Animusic is DD 2 Channel STEREO.

Is it available in 5.1? :confused:
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mercury, I'm curious about the freeze-ups... I tested it on 6 different DVD players and never had a hiccup. I'll send you another copy and see if it was just a bad disk.

I just use the DVD+R recorder that came in my PC. I don't even know the model number... I'll look when I get back from vacation. I used DVD Shrink to compile the clips. I used Office Depot DVD+R's just because I wanted the inkjet printable surface. For playback in my HT, I use a Momitsu DVD player. But I've also tested on 2 PCs, 2 DVD players in the house, and my kid's portable player. No problems at all. But I'd like to hear if other people have problems.

Sorry guys, I sent out a full stack of 25 freebies (over $50 of DVD+R's and postage) but I don't think it's appropriate to charge for them, so I'm going to hold off on sending any more out until I at least figure out how to build chapters - so hold off on the PMs.

Jawhn, I'll double check my Animusic DVD to see if it's really 5.1... I know it says "Special Edition".

A few of you might get copies where the DTS tracks (Eagles, U2, Clapton) play back in only stereo by default. That's before I learned how to prioritize DTS.
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Clarence, got the disc yesterday. Well done!

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The opening beach scene im Saving Private Ryan for the guys....everytime I show it I get the "OMG...I have to build a HT"

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Originally posted by Cambor
The opening beach scene im Saving Private Ryan for the guys..

What would you suggest for women? "You've Got Mail"?

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I'm going to add a couple of 'Harry Potter' scenes for the wife, she really likes the movies - so that will suffice ;) mind you I am lucky - she also wants the wreck scene from Final Destination :D

On another note this is the first post I have made on the new PJ in the HT *YAY* 118" AVSForum - all I need is sound and carpet :rolleyes:

- Brett
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Sorry about the dupe posts, not sure what happened - and not a shameless attempt at getting to 200 posts :eek:

- Brett
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5th Element (Superbit) Diva scene.
Pod racer scene.
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Stew4msu - For the women I suggested something more appropiate like remake of George A. Remero's classic, "Dawn of the Dead"...they up'd the richnest of Red's (blood) and off white/pinks (Brains) in the remake so it would show the nice color range off...I particularly like the Chainsaw in the van escape/crash scene for the ladies as part of my HT room demo ;-)
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My vote goes to the scene in Kill Bill 2 where Uma is fighting Daryl Hannah - full range of sounds, from punches, to breaking wood, to swordplay, to slamming doors, all with impact.
The video is also solid, particularly the closeups of uma's bloody face...

I demo'd my new Mits WD-62725 + Rotel RSX-1056 + B&W703 with this scene last night, my friend was amazed, and he sells HT for a living...

Anybody else love this scene?
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Last 20 minutes of The Matrix. Great video, powerful audio....
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Lately I've been showing something that has neither great video nor great audio -- the first 3 minutes of Bring It On. (Cheerleader gym cheer comedy moment).:o
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The new Top Gun DVD from 29:47 (mm:ss) to 32:54. It's the first Fighter Weapons School combat between Jester and Maverick. When the planes go from front to over my left shoulder, the surround sound goes the same way.
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