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Are Digital Coax / RCA cables the same?  

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I have a Yellow Monster Cable (RCA) connected from the digital out of my HD satellite receiver to my Surround Receiver But I don't think the surround is up to par. Should I buy a Digital Coaxial cable, will It really make a difference?
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You can find a lot of information on this subject by doing a search in this very forum. Just a few lines down from this thread, you'll find this one for starters:


Hope this helps.
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a yellow cable indicates that it is a video cable, which means it's 75ohm, which is what is preferred for digital coax transmission, so you're good to go. A digital coax cable is just a 75ohm cable, it's the same exact thing. As long as it works, you're not gonna hear any improvement, as it's a digital cable.
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As long as it is not an audio cable. Yellow usually indicates video, which should work for you. Like other has said, if it works, it works. You are usually ok.

If you really would feel better about a "digital" cable, and you could afford it, it would probably make you sleep better to get one :) .
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If you're using a coax cable you'll always want to have the least signal attenuation, That's why you need a coax cable with 75 Ohms impedance value.

Nevertheless, not all coax cables have the same specs.

There are "normal" coax cables whose impedance is precisely 75 Ohm and have an impedance tolerance = plus or minus 5 Ohm.

There are precision coax cables. These have a more strict impedance tolerance = 75 Ohm plus or minus 1.5 Ohms.

The "yellow" cables can be considered "normal" 75 Ohm coax cables ;)
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Originally posted by ChrisWiggles
a yellow cable indicates
A "yellow" cable, huh? Well, just be careful.

"Watch out where those Huskies go,
Don't you eat that yellow snow..."

Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention.
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