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Color of links in posts  

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Is there any chance we could get links to URLs to be underlined or changed in color in some way? (This is with the white background theme for the site)

I turn off auto-underlining of links, so it makes it a little difficult to see links in messages. The current color is 0,0,32 (RGB) which is such a dark blue as to be indistinguishable from black.

This problem manifests itself when someone links text in their message, but that fact isn't immediately obvious. A few messages later, someone will mention a link in the message, and I have to go hunting through the message to wait for the mouse to hover over the link.

Demonstration of problem:
This text is linked
This text is not linked
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Sorry to say that yours is the only request ever received on this and I personally do not see it as any issue. I guess most people would not turn off underlining which would help your issue if it was on. On my screen, I can see the blue vs black clearly.

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Well, I (1) don't turn off the underlines, so don't have the problem, but if I did (2) I would have a problem with the blue/gray color scheme, since the two are close. However, I don't think it's an issue.

The vast majority of people use underlines to call their attention to URLs. It's a web standard, pretty much. In fact, I hate it when people underline things in posts, because I think then it's an URL! :)
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I agree that this probably doesn't affect most people, because I would imagine that most people don't even realize you can turn off those distracting underlines. Once you try it without, you never want to go back! It's been years since I've had them on.

I understand that, as a result of browsers having links underlined by default, it's somewhat of a de facto standard, but it's also good usability to have links be a different color than text. This was the way things worked by default before web sites could specify colors, and there wasn't a problem with anyone diverting from that "standard."

I brought it up so that it could be discusses if there was interest in it, plus to make the admins aware of the fact that not everyone uses their browsers in the same way and those of us who choose not to underline links for all sites have an issue when visiting this site.

Some day when I have nothing more pressing to do, I'm going to see if there is a way to override the styles used by individual web sites, and then I can make this site work better for me. I don't expect the site to be modified just for me (but I'm sure there's more than just me that has their browser set this way).
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Hi...If using IE, click on TOOLS and then COLORS. You can change the color of the links. :)
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As David says, in most browsers you can change the link color (for Firefox, which I'm trying out now, it's Tools -> Options -> General -> Fonts-Colors), as long as the site hasn't tried to 'specify' the style of things. :)
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Right, but as you point out, Lee, many sites these days specify the color of links, which overrides the setting in the browser.

You can set your Firefox to ignore colors specified by the site and use specific colors instead, but that's a brute force method to fix a problem with one site.

It hasn't been a big issue, but since I stumbled across the feedback forum (I've been using this site for years, and never knew it was here), I thought I would bring it up.
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Scott, I like having the links stand out, since I (personally) would rather have that than an obtrusive contrasting color. We saw a bit of how that would look with the context ad link software David tried earlier... :) But the good answer is that it's all configurable, as is. If AVS did make links underlined on their end, then we couldn't change it.

As for the Forum Forum (as I call it), I find it useful to go to the 'master AVS page' once in a while to see what's new and what I've forgetten about and not just what's on my personal Control Panel subscribed forums page.
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I use the standard colors on IE and Firefox and, in both, links come out orange on blue or orange on grey and are very obvious. They blue/grey difference is obvious too. Maybe the problem is your monitor settings.
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While it's possible that it's just my monitor, I have viewed it on three different monitors (two desktop ViewSonic VP171b LCD's calibrated with Optical, one laptop), and I still can't distinguish between black and the dark blue that is assigned to the links on the white background theme.

I haven't had a CRT in almost a year now, so I can't judge whether a CRT would show it any different than my LCD's. Conversely, I would imagine that if someone had a monitor that was not calibrated, especially when it comes to color temperature, the increased blues of a hotter color temp would make the dark blue stand out more.

That blue is only 12.8% of bright blue, and I find it hard to believe that a properly calibrated display would be able to differentiate between that and full black.

I did some playing around with a 900x300 image in Photoshop. The left half was 0,0,0 and the right half was 0,0,32. I had to crank up the contrast so high on the monitor that the whites were painful to view, but I could then see a very subtle difference between the two colors.

Who knows, it must be the case if you guys have calibrated displays and you're able to see it just fine... Maybe it's a limitation of an LCD's ability to display proper black level. (shrug)

I found a Firefox extension that will let me modify the stylesheets for individual web sites on the fly, so I'll give that a try on the next rainy day.
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As usual I missed the salient point. You're using the AVS White scheme. Now I understand what the conversation is about. It looks like I have another reason to be happy about the AVS Black scheme.
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Yeah, the existence of the two schemes can be a problem. We have a wonderful thread in HD Prog about the weekly show ratings and info, but the titles are in screaming light blue! Not at all visible in the while/blue scheme.... I do wish people that used 'special effects' would think about the 'other' population. :)

(I mentioned to the thread owner, no response, but not that big a deal, just an example...)
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Yes, dang spammers indeed. 'nuff said.
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