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Brighthouse Networks  

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Anyone here have Brighthouse Networks? I used to have Comcast but am moving to an area that only Brighthouse services. Trying to decide bewteen Dish, DTV, Voom or Brighthouse.

How is Brighthouse's HDTV service?
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Brighthouse Networks has the best HD Cable service in the nation.

Which area will you be moving to?

Check out the thread for that area you'll love it.
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Moving to Novi, MI - suburb of Detroit.

Strange to hear someone speaking highly of his cable company. Has that ever happened?
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Well it's not my cable company, it's the cable company in Orlando, where I spend a lot of time.

My local cable company is Adelphia, which means anything is better than them and is why I have Dish.

The Orlando BHN has the most HD channels on a cable system nationwide. The only thing that I'd like them to do is mirror their Analog cables on the digital side.

But here's what you can get on the Bright House HD System in your area:

Basics w/ digital cable - 65.50
Discovery HD Theater

HD Pak - 6.95
HDNet Movies

Showtime HD

Other Stuff
Standard Box is 8.45
To add an HD-DVR it's additional 6.95 or 4.95 w/purchase of HD Pak

information comes from here: http://michigan.mybrighthouse.com/do...20%20Rates.pdf

main website is here: http://michigan.mybrighthouse.com/
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