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I've been eyeballing Audiorequest for a while now and am very intrigued by the idea (would love to put one right next to my Tivos), but I have wanted to get the inside scoop on them before I seriously consider buying (especially at the current pricepoint).

Can someone give me a breakdown on the positives/negatives, and an overall impression of the unit?

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I'm kind of in the same boat. I'm particularly interested in comparisons with Audiotron from Turtle Beach. I understand that box is still vaporware, but the price point is much closer to what I want to spend, and I have plenty of disk space for MP3's on my "server," and I can always add more later.

And, for streaming audio direct from the internet, having a hard disk on board the Request wouldn't seem to help anyway.

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I don't get it. What is it about this product that has people buying it. for the same price (799) I could build one heck of a computer that will do all the same and much more. I guess it would have to have a keyboard and mouse, but for the price there is much more that can be had. Please explain what the big deal is over this product.

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Yes the fact is that you can make a computer to do this. But at what cost and what ease of use when you are done? Not to mention the time involved. I for one do not have time to work on a system to 'make it work' when this seems to be a great and simple solution that fit's my needs to a T. Here is a quick list I made up...

It is simple to use.
It can be viewed it on a normal TV thus you can do it house wide.
The software is very user friendly.
It is home networkable.
It is an all in one package that fits into a component rack.
You do not need to be a computer person to run it.
The audio is very, very good.
It uses an IR remote.
It can be computer controlled.
It can act as a music server.
Did I mention it was easy to use (My Dad used it when he was here!). http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

Anyway, true you can make one as mentioned that will do the above. But, I for one will recommend, and have, the Request unit to many people.

David Bott
It's A World Of Entertainment...Experience It!
AV Science/AVS Forum Admin
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I am really supprised to see that david bott uses this item, especially since I think he is the guy that built the "Nate" the ultimate in budget home theaters. maybe there is something to it.
thanks for the info david

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Originally posted by jimbjr:
Does the ReQuest have a CD-R in it so I can record a play list, and if not can I change the cd tray to a recorder?
They were showing the next version @ CES. It includes a CDR and a bunch of other features. Also, a much higher price tag for the next model.

I didn't get all the specs, but it seemed like an awesome machine coming. I'm still going to get one of the current models.
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