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Originally posted by DynamiteD
This past weekend I brought and Anthem AVM 30 home from work to compare to my Pioneer VSX-59TXi. The DVD Player is the Integra DPS 10.5, the Amp is the California Audio Labs SL-2500 5ch x 500w, the Speakers are Paradigm Studio 100s in Front, CC-570 Center, and Studio 40's in the rear. After hours switching back and forth between the two I gravitated toward the Anthem. The sound difference wasn't monumental but the Anthem was slightly clearer. The voices would hang in the air a little longer and there was a few more details in the music. The difference is very subtle at best. What I would recommend is to get a list of products you'd consider, throw out all the specs on the products and just listen to them.
I can't believe it. Did you use the i-link connection to Pioneer? You are in Newport Beach, I am in Irvine very close to NB, let's audition my modified 49TXi in comparison with your Anthem AVM30, and I have no doubts, you will hear the difference. Anthem is not even close to Pioneer in the level of DACs and DSP. What kind of sources did you use? What kind of modes?
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As subjective as this subject is let me throw in my worthless 2 cents. In the last 2 years I've had an AVM20, REF50, Krell Showcase and Proceed AVP2 all driving an Aragon 200W 7 Channel amp. All settings were the same and I even had the REF50 and AVM20 hooked up at the same time. Let me note that I've owned all of the above pre/pros and didn't just have them for a few day demo. In the above setup the only pre/pro that clearly sounded better (even the wife noticed) was the Proceed. The others all sounded exactly the same. After auditioning the 56TXi in the store a few weeks ago I bought one and now having had it in house for a month It's performance has been OUTSTANDING! The pre/pro and amp are gone and I use the 56TXi solo (and no it has nothing to do with financial considerations). The MCACC is way better than using an SPL meter and it souns just as good as ANY of the previously mentioned combos. The only loss of performance from the Pioneer is in the volume levels that can be achieved, but it still gets plenty loud at reference levels. It probably will not drive really low impedance speakers, but then again it might. Who knows! I'm sure the 59TXi is great as well with more power and a few more features. A/V has been a VERY serious hobby of mine since I was 13 (29yrs) and I have climbed the mountain and still feel I'm on top with the Pioneer. Features may ultimately decide which way you go, but rest assured it's unlikely you'll be dissapointed with the sound quality.
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Just got the anthem avm 30 and the anthem mca 50 processor/ amp to replace my pionner elite 49txi. What a differance , the anthem sounds great in compoarison to the pionner. The 49txi was a good product but can not be compared to the anthem.
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if speakers are NOT connected to a receiver, since the receiver is only being used as a pre/pro, and the speakers are connected to external amplifiers, does the receiver's internal amplifiers actually consume power
If there is no load[speaker] then there is no consumption.The circuit still receives power but it will stay "idle".
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Originally posted by Staged
I'm glad you are enjoying your setup.
What part of SJ are you from? Do you happen to know Kevin G?
He is my buddy from my Supra racing days, and he is a home theater enthusiast from SJ. I grew up in SJ. I'm up north now.

Take care.


i must've missed your post a month ago. I'm in Audubon, about five minutes from Cherry Hill. Don't think i know your buddy.. Supra racing huh? Back in my day, i used to drag race at Atco Dragway. I had a '69 Chevelle SS396 i ran. Where in SJ were you from?
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