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Black Melamine-Who Carries it?  

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I am looking to build my Equipment Rack out of Black Melamine MDF. I've built a White Melamine cabinet in the past, but for my new room, I need black. I've checked my local Lowes and Home Depot and have found nothing other than White.

Anyone know of another place I can check?
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this source popped up on a google search


You could look up a custom cabinet shop in your area and see if they have a supplier and would be willing to order some for you OR

You could get some black laminate and make your own panels.
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I special ordered a 4x8 3/4" sheet at a local full service lumber yard. Then I purchased the black edging tape off the internet. You might try Menards, Home Depot or Loewe's. Once nice thing is that the supplier shipped it to the lumber yard sandwiched between 2 sheets of plywood to protect it.

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Thanks. I can check with HD and see if they can special order it for me. I didn't know if anyone has had HD or Lowes special order it for them.
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I asked HD if they could special order, and all they could get was white or almond. If you're near a Menards, you could try with them. Mine said they could get it, but not in the sizes I was hoping for. (24"x48")
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Originally posted by DougK
Then I purchased the black edging tape off the internet.
Hi Doug,

Do you recall where you purchased the black edging tape?


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I special ordered it from Menards.

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My local HD has it in stock here in Canada but it is twice the price of the white . White is $23 a 4*8 5/8" and Black is $46 . Might try building the unit then painting it black when its done as the black seems to be very suseptable to scratching during the build process. if you do paint it there is special Melamine paint.
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Are you saying there is a black paint to paint OVER white Melamine?

If so, does HD or Lowes sell it?
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Home Depot can get many different colors, inquire at the Pro Sales desk.
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About five years ago I made a Flexy rack with white melamine shelves. I first cleaned them thoroughly with a degreaser and then only handled them with gloved hands. I then lightly sanded them with 120 grit sandpaper to help with bonding. This was followed with three coats of a flat black primer (generic from Lowes). Then three coats of a faux granite paint and two coats of a clear satin acrilyic. I am still using the rack in my office and have moved it from SC to SD. Not a single chip on the entire rack. The key (as in most painting) is surface preparation.
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Is the melamine coated board actually MDF or is it particle board? I think it is particle board. What I am doing is buying MDF and routing the edges to the shape I want, sanding the edges as smooth as the flat, priming with Zinsser 1 2 3 water base primer (this primer has great adherence to smooth surfaces) and painting with black paint. Make sure each coat drys thoroughly and let dry about a week after the last coat before setting equipment on it.
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If you wish to use waterbase for the shelves, Consumer Reports 09-03 recommended Kelly Moore Dura Poxy+, MAB Rich Lux Eggshell and Benjamin Moore Regal Aquavelvet Eggshell. These do well with scrubbing and don't let objects stick.
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Everything I have read online or in other places, states that the Melamine boards are MDF and not particle board. That was the reason I went with it, as I heard MDF was supposed to be stronger than Particle Board.

Does anyone know for sure?
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I've built various shelves and stuff with Particle board, MDF, and recently wheat stalk version of MDF.

After using MDF I will never bother with particle board again. It cuts, sands and paints easier. I haven't noticed a difference in strength. I recall the particle board is more prone to chipping, and cracking. It also kills your blades.

When building with mdf I glue and tack the pieces in place with a 18 gauge finish nailer. Then I go back and drill pilot holes and screw the pieces tight.

For shelving MDF will bend more than an equivalent thickness of plywood. I tack a 1x2 to the front edge of my shelves for additional stiffening.

HD now sells a pre painted (white or wood tone) "wheat stalk" mdf board. It weighs a little less than regular MDF. I used it recently to build some bookcases for my home office. The prepainted surface acts like a primer and I've had no problem with just painting after filling the nail holes. The stuff tools just like MDF. I think it bends a tad easier than regular MDF. I put a 1x2 on the front edge and nailed through the back (1/4 inch luann plywood) to give more support.
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Do you know if the melamine boards are MDF or Particle? I'll have to look at HD for the prepainted Wheat Stalk MDF. I could get that and easily paint it black.
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I found this thread over at a Woodworkers forum.


A bunch of woodworks talking about MDF versus Particle board.

I've found references to both MDF and Particle board covered with Melamine. You'll have to check your vendor. If you go to the store if it's anything like mine you'll find a damaged board in the stack that they can't sell but they hope some one will buy it. Take a look and you should be able to tell what they used.
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Was at the Orange Box today buying supplies for some columns.

Rather than rip big sheets of MDF (too heavy) I don't mind paying the premium for pre-cut boards.

Big orange had three options Melamine covered Particle Board, Bull-nose rounded MDF and Bull-nose rounded "WOODSTALK". THe L store stocks particleboard boards

I don't need the Melamine since I'll be painting and I hate particle board so I looked looked at the difference between the MDF and WOODSTALK a little more carefully with this thread and my project in mind. The precut MDF were 11 1/4 in width and the Woodstalk were 12 inches in width. since I needed some strips 5 1/2 wide the 11 1/4 less the bull-nose was just too close for comfort to get the pieces I needed. Also the Woodstalk were a buck or two cheaper per board so that's what I picked for this project.

I took some time to look at the boards a little closer the Woodstalk looks like a finer grind version of particle board.
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I use black melamine frequently in my shop. Most of the local hardwood supply houses only stock it in a Particle board core, although I have obtained it with an MDF core on one occasion. I recommend you find out where your local woodshops get their hardwoods and plywoods from, and then check with those suppliers. Try the yellow pages under hardwood. Also check with the local plastic laminate suppliers [suppliers to commercial trade], as some of those stores stock melamine as well.

Painting Melamine is not a good idea due to adhesion. One mght as well just paint MDF.

If you can't find black Melamine [and Egads at that above quoted price, it should be no more than 25 bucks], consider using black plastic laminate over MDF [vertical grade would be fine].


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Thanks Brucer,

That was my other option....Placing Liminate over MDF boards. I am still doing some research with my local Lowes and HD as well as a few local dealers to see what I can find.
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Hey folks.....starting this thread up again.

Lowes nor Home Depot can order Black Melamine for me. I've called some cabinet shops and they cannot order for me either.

So, my option now is to buy plain MDF boards and paint them black. I've seen a few folks say they primed and painted, but wanted your take on the best method to do this.

Should I sand the boards first, or would a couple coats of primer, then a couple coats of paint work? Spray Paint, or something like American Tradition? Roller or brush?

Any help would be appreciated.
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bump as I will be doing this soon but most likely with plywood
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One of two places I found that had black melamine sold their last nine sheets (about the same price as plain MDF) the day before I went. They got out of the business, so they couldn't order more. The other place I found was VERY expensive.

I purchased plain MDF, primed it, sanded it, then painted it Black with Eggshell. Before that, I took it to a local Cabinet Maker who drilled the holes for me so I could have adjustable shelves. He was VERY cheap. He charged me $30 to cut the boards, drill the holes, and a packet of clips to hold the shelves. I put it together when I got home in the recessed area.
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