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TEMPEST owners.... what sub box do you run and why? (Adire Audio)  

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What box design do you all run for your 15" Adire Audio Tempest drivers?

I have mine in the sealed mid Q .707 design box and while it really sounds excellent, I plan to build an SBB4 ported box soon to get a little more "punch" at the sacrifice of what may be some quality (?).

What design are you using and why?

Has anyone tried the new bass horn design? Rolls off below 30hz but does sound interesting. :)
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Don't remember the exact specs OOPS, but its running on a 260 liters BIG sonotube tuned to 21Hz. Thanks to my wife for letting me do whatever I want in my listening room!

Oh, regarding the "why", because I wanted the most BOOM I could get (total SPL this is, not 60Hz punch) for my money.

I can get around 110dB at 18Hz in my small room, not that I run it at that level to hear music! ;)
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My Tempest based sonosub is also 260 liters volume, but tuned to just under 17 Hz using a 6 inch diameter port. I think the Q is somewhere about .6 or thereabouts. It is powered by a 250watt plate-amp from parts-express (no bass-boost version)

Why... because I wanted serious bass for my home theater but at a reasonable cost.

Oh yes... Un-equalized frequency response... output does drop quickly below tuning frequency.

It stands just under 6 1/2 feet tall.

Joe L.
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I am running the mid sized boxes sealed from the recommended enclosure specs on adires website.Jon from stryke/ae built them to adires exact specs.

they sound incredible for music and movies.Much more musical than a ported box.Im able to acheive some really loud levels and still sound precise!
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I might add...get a second sub instead of switching boxes for more slam.
If you have the mid q design you have an excellent sounding sub and you will definitely miss that box.
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I'm currently putting togehter a 214L Ported box tuned to around 15-16hz for HT use. I used the reference design from Adire. Will post results when done.
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I put together a 340 litre sonotube for a friend, tuned to about 16hz.

I neglected to take into account that he tests things to destruction. And that he likes to play LOUD.

It lasted eight months, which, in retrospect, is the equivalent of a 25 year old dog... He launched the voice coil. The next one is gonna be a bit better damped.

Sucker would make stuff fall off the walls tho...
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Hello guys,..Not sure how to post pics, but I built a 480 liter dual Tempest Sonosub, much like J. L.'s,....
Much bass! Recomended by Dan Wiggins of Adire,...He really knows his stuff,....

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