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Help me decide...  

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I'm looking to upgrade my subwoofer. I currently have an older Mirage sub that only extends to about 35 Hz and only has 200 watts of amplification. The rest of my system consists of the following:

Klipsch Forte II's (L & R)
Klipsch CC and SS
Onkyo TX-NR901
Sony VPL HS-20
Da-Lite HCCV 92" screen.

My room is an irregularly shaped basement HT/family room. The HT area is sound dampened and light controlled. The overall space is fairly large and relatively neutral sounding. I am considering several options:

Klipsch RSW-15

SVS PB12-Plus/2

Onix Twin UFW-10 Package

I am leaning towards the Onix system as it provides ample power with (2) one-band parametric EQ's (freq, bandwidth, and level). Also, having 2 boxes should allow for more placement possibilites.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

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Is there any way to know or calculate the peak SPL of a two SW system?

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I had the RSW-15 and then upgraded to the SVS, go with the SVS. The dual 10" subs will not do what the single PB12-plus/2 can do by far.
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The HSU TN 1220HO.

They have a system with two cylindrical sub's and 800 watts for somewhat more $$$ than the above systems.

HSU cylindrical sub's

Also, they have a "box" sub that appears to have great extension and output. Two of these together would be in a similar $$$ range to the above systems and could could be incredible also:

HSU Box Sub's

With these "internet-only" dealers, it's difficult to know what the systems will sound like in your HT. You can't go audition them anywhere. One needs to depend on the insight of other users. Therefore, any opinions are highly appreciated.


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Originally posted by craig john
Is there any way to know or calculate the peak SPL of a two SW system?

Run your mains as LARGE, and in effect you will be running three subwoofers.

I use that type of setup, and I pick up an extra 5 DB in the bass department.

You have to spend a lot of time integrating the subwoofer into the mains bass region!

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If you are looking for an excellent sub, try Servodrive.


I can assure you that you will never need another subwoofer again and it will pressurize your large room and still deleiver bass below 20 hz at high listening levels. I have owned about every big named sub and have finally found a subwoofer that delivers performance in spades. Highly recommended.
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I have the plus/2 also and it's awesome. Whatever you go with get some kinda isolations pads to isolate the sub from the ground/floor it's resting on. It'll give bass better definition. Auralex has a couple of options for sub isolations, run a search for "auralex" on google.
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Has SVS officially spoken out about the pads and if they recommend them???
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I don't think SVS has "officially" spoken out about them, but it makes alot of sense especially for music lovers that has a SVS sub. Why would you want to hear the bass shaking the floor, when you're listening to music. I have one of the pads right now, and the 2nd one on the way, since the one pad is not enough to hold the PB12plus/2 stabily.
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