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Anyone achieve 1:1 pixel mapping with no overscan with nVidia card and sammy dlp  

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I just purchased the 6600 gt with dual dvi a few days ago to replace my 9800 pro a-i-w. 6600 gt is a better gaming card and I figured I could hook one dvi into my sammy hln series dlp and the other into my monitor, so watch movies or play games on tv and still use comp. I am using the the new 66.93 drivers, I think they are the only ones with support for 6600 gt.

The card recognizes the tv as a samsung dlp and even knows to set the resolution to 1280x720 at 60 Hz, which was pretty cool. I get 1:1 pixel mapping but with overscan, TV(Wide) mode. When I set the res to 1248x702 the tv just stretches the image. I know many people with sammy dlp's have had the problem where they can't get "normal" aspect ratio for dvi unless they use custom timings. I don't know why that happens, but that was the only way I could get 1:1 pixel mapping with my ati card. However the nvidia doesn't allow me to use custom timings for the sammy.

The only way I was able to achieve 1:1 pixel mapping with no overscan is when I set custom timings at the res 1248x702 for my comp monitor(primary display) and set the comp monitor to those specs. Somehow the tv (secondary display) accepted those settings and it looked great and overscan was gone.

However there were 2 problems with this
1. It required me to keep my 4:3 computer monitor at 1248x702 60Hz which looks terrible.
2. If I try to start a game (Half Life 2) it opens on the primary display. And if I if I make the sammy the primary display the overscan comes back.

If anyone has had any success with a similar setup or has any ideas please let me know. I might just return the card and go back to ati if I can't get rid of the overscan.

If anyone takes the time to read this long winded incoherent message, thanks for your time.
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What Sammy DLP do you have?
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Got it in May.
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I think I got it to work. The new NVDIA driver has something called the HDTV desktop. Or something like that. You can tell the card to use underscan. It uses a resolution less than 1248 x 702, but it seems to be 1:1 pixel mapping. Also, I think you want to set the driver to "Centered Output"

I'll be interested to see if you get it working. When I first bought my HLN i spent a tremendous amount of time getting it set up for 1:1 mapping. Then I decided to update the driver and they had eliminated some of the custom resolution options and I didn't get it to work properly. Now with the newest driver I think it's working fine assuming you can live with the underscan.

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Are you referring to the newest official driver or beta drivers? Do you happen to know the number of the drivers you are referring to?
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I think it was the official driver. I'm not sure. I can check tonight when I get home from work.
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Any 1:1 mapping attempts by HLP owners?
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Best I've done with a 5063W is the 1248x702.

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bpgreen20 I tried using the underscan feature from the drivers and you just get so much unused space. I wish they gave you the option to customize the underscan to get it exactly how you want it. It seems the only way to get perfect 1:1 with no overscan is with the custom timings that the drivers won't allow me to do for the sammy.

Luckily in half life 2 the ammo and health hud's fit perfectly on the screen even with the overscan.
And the overscan doesn't bother me to much for movies.
Although on Doom 3 the overscan causes me to not be able to see a lot of the little pda options at the bottom.

It just pisses me off that the drivers remove the custom timing option for certain display devices. Its my card and tv if I want to mess with the timings I should be able to.

I found this thread of a guy with a similar problem.
He says he was able to get the custom timing option by using some other drivers. I haven't tried it yet but I will when I get home.

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I'm with you. I preferred the driver several versions ago that allowed you to create a custom resolution and select centered output. The current one may still allow this, but I haven't figured out how to do it. I'm just living with the underscan. Also, I think I'm getting 1:1 mapping, but I feel like my picture is not as clear as it was under the old driver so in the back of my mind I wonder if I really am. I haven't been able to prove this to myself, its just a perception.
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