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Specific question on subwoofer placement.  

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My friends over at UPS tell me my PCi is arriving tomorrow. This is my first real subwoofer, so I'm very excited. My only concern is where to place it. I've been scouring websites and this forum for a about year now while I've been putting my theater together, and I've consistantly heard that a sub in a corner is great for output. I would love to do this, but my front corners are right next to doors, and my back corners are minimized by a large couch. If I put the sub in one these back corners, will the nearby couch deteriorate the bass?

I also have space right next to permantely closed sliding glass door. Just out of curiousity, what kind of affect would glass have on bass?

I'll appreciate any feedback whatsoever.
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You have to experiment with placement to find the 'right' spot for the best bass. One fast and easy method is to place the sub where you will be sitting, your sweet spot, and walk-crawl around the room and listen for the best bass or whatever pleases you most, that spot would be the best place for the sub, if its not possible to place the sub there...try the second best...
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But for the sake of ease, will a couch right next to a sub inherently affect its performance?
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I have a question about the "place the sub in the listening position" approach.
I may be making this much more complicated than it really is, but when you place the sub in the listening position, does this mean that if your couch is the main listening position, that you place the sub on the couch, which will affect the sound (especially if it is a down firing sub). Or does it mean that you move the couch, and place it on the floor, which due to the height difference will also affect the output from normal.
Is it really that complicated?
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Put it on the couch. Might have to put a board under it to keep the spikes from puncturing the couch or the padding from muffling the driver. Another good use for the Auralex Subdude!

Optimal position is right where your head is when listening, but that can be tough. Just get as close as you can.
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Demy, I have my sub behind the couch next to a rear corner with great results. The bass feels immediate and yet still blends perfectly with the rest of the speakers. You'd never know the sub was behind the couch without looking. As long as you have a good sub that doesn't draw attention to itself, you should give it a try.
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The reason it integrates well in that situation is because it is in the corner. If not, you'd probably notice it.

Putting it next to the glass door should have zero effect on it. Try the crawl around, you'd be amazed. Just make sure you not where the bass is the smoothest, not necessarily the loudest.
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Thanks for all your help guys!:)
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AVS › AVS Forum › Audio › Subwoofers, Bass, and Transducers › Specific question on subwoofer placement.