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Proximity of sub and CRT  

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I'm probably going to end up with a SVS PC-Ultra in a while. My ideal placement (based on room logistics) is behind my TV (Samsung 32" HDTV CRT) in a corner. The distance from the driver on the sub and the back of the cabinet of my TV would probably be around 2.5-3 feet. Is this likely enough distance to avoid adverse effects from the magnetic field from the magnet on the driver?

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Yes. I had 2 PB2+s flanking my 73" Mits. They did not start affecting the picture until they got within 4 inches of the cabinet.
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So I'm OK as long as the picture on the TV isn't affected?
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Yes. The easiest way to determine this would be on the TVs convergence grid. View the grid before placing the sub as a baseline. View the grid after placing the sub. If the sub is affecting the CRT, you will se a noticeable difference in the grid (i.e. red/blue convergence has changed or grid geometry has changed).
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I don't currently have a sub, but am looking to purchase a PB2+

I've noticed when I turn my Klipsch RF35s up to reference, that the screen on my Mits55413 will shake.

Will this shaking be worse, if I were to put the PB2+ within 3-5 feet of it?
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If the Mits screen is shaking without the sub, it will definitely shake with it. I believe that the degree of 'shake' will be a function of proximity and flooring type. Examples: I had 1 PB2+ on the second floor (wood flooring), 2ft. behind the 55" Mits. The anti-glare screen would flex and shake. Due to the flooring, the couch (16ft away) would also shake and you could feel the floor flexing. I have 2PB2+s flanking a 73" Mits within 2 inches on either side. This setup is in the basement with concrete floors. The screen does not flex or rattle. The couch (12ft away) does not shake. So with all that said, it will depend heavily on the floor because it is the common element that physically ties the TV and the sub together.
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thanks web

that was along the lines, I was thinking
my setup is on the main floor, carpeted, with a basement below
I would definitely think that on a concrete floor, it may not be a problem.

I currently do NOT have my glare shield on, so it is the actual screen that is shaking.
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