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Connecting PC to Home Theatre  

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I am trying to connect my PC to my HT Amp using a SPDIF coaxial connection.

I have an nforce 2 soundcard with an optional coaxial SPDIF bracket that came with my mobo. I am using 2.1 Creative desktop speakers connected to my amp with a 3.5mm ->RCA adapter.

when I connect my PC to my Amp the dolby digital logo lights up for both ends, left one is for the amp right one is for the PC showing me that there is a proper digital connection.

I have tried using the latest nforce 2 drivers and the ones that came with my mobo as well as Realtek's AC97 3.66 drivers and have enabled digital output in the speaker congiguration with SPDIF output un-muted and set to high volume.

The volume level of my amp is high as with the speakers.

When using the realtek AC97 drivers SPDIF is greyed out in the sound mixer, however when I use the nforce2 drivers the SPDIF is not greyed but still doesnt work just the same.

I spoke with my amp's manufacturer and all they could suggest was that I ensure that the audio is 96Khz sample rate and in PCM mode.

Is there anyway to get 96Khz sample rate out of nforce2 chipset?
Is it likely that my amp can handle lower sample rates and 96Khz is just the maximum in can do?

AMP: Pioneer VSXD814-S
MOBO: K7NCR18D-Pro with optional SPDIF Bracket
Drivers: nforce 2 5.04,4.09,3.13 AC97 3.44,3.66

I'll post more info as they come to mind.
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this may help you in looking for help:
i think that an amp with any sort of decoding digital or otherwise
would be considered a receiver. Amps are usually dumb, as in, all they
do is - AMPlify the incoming signal from line level to speaker level.

i wish i knew what was wrong in your situation as i'm going to be getting
an nforce board soon
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You have to setup the nForce board to "encode" dolby digital. Once you have done that it will output a DD signal to your receiver which will then decode it and send it to the speakers. I have the nForce2 and use the DD encoding for everything coming from my PC. Works like a charm.
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