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Radeon 9800 pro or Geforce 6600 Gt  

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I am looking at a new video card for xmas. I have a shuttle sn45g with 512 mb ram and athlon 2500+. Currently have a radeon 9600. It is hooked up via Dvi to a samsung HLN5065W. I have seen that the geforce clocks faster than the ati but then I have seen that the Ati has beter graphics quality and a better DVI interface. Also will a 128mb card be enough or is 256 really necessary. Any help would be greatly appriciated. Also, I use the computer as a HTPC with a limited amount of graphic arts work but mostly for gaming, internet and movies. Thanks in advance for any help.
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if you use AA in your game than more vid ram will make a big difference.

I personally just got the 6600GT, but coming from where I was(GeForce 4 Ti), it's going to be a big jump regardless where I go to. I pretty much set my mind on nVidia because I like their driver and from these boards I read that they are much easier for beginner(ie, me) to start doing PC to TV stuff, as their driver supports it out of box with minimum fuss(at least for me). So if you want to do HTPC work and wants a moderately powerful card I'd recommand 6600GT.....
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You will like either card, get whichever one you can grab a hot deal on.

Watch this forum for a couple of days: fatwallet

You should be able to find a fantastic deal.
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The 4.11 ATI Catalyst drivers now have check boxes to enable High Definition Resolutions 720p and 1080i, which in my oppinion makes finding the right resolution much easier. I had a lot of trouble before even using powerstrip, but now I don't even need it. I am using a Radeon 9800 Pro and the ATI DVI to Component dongle. I haven't tried using just straight DVI.
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That whole dvi article is bs. You can't tell the difference between the two on an lcd monitor. However I haven't used nvidia for htpc purposes so I can't say how good they are in that regard. I use the 9600 pro and have had minimal problems with it in my htpc.

I myself am about to go from a 9700pro in my main pc to a 6600gt as it's significantly faster, also a good bit faster than a 9800pro. Try the htpc forum to see htpc compatibility.
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