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Based on recent and past issues in this area we need to now make mention of what we will be watching for.

Please understand first and foremost that speakers are subjective. Meaning...what I may like, you may not. We do not hear things in the same way, nor do we have the same room setup or gear. Thus speakers are a subjective breed.

When we see posts like "This vs. That" this just screams of issues to come. Always have, always will. You see, people will defend what they own. No one wants to think they could have better of this or that of the money paid. They tend to want to think that they made the best choice and will defend that when they see someone putting down what they may own. This happens time and time again. Not only in this forum area, but others as well.

Now we have a large following of a few brands on this site...this tends to also cause issues when posts are made to the negative about the brand. Please remember their are other speaker owners here. I personally have "Maggies" but you do not see me pushing what I own on others. Why? Because I know they may not like them as I do. Are their better? Sure! I know that. But I like what I have just as you like what you have.

So others with their requests without pushing, promoting, or casting judgment on others or other brands. This should be a support type area...not a promoting area.

So in thinking along these lines we ask...Please No More Threads such as....

"I just bought "blank" and they are the best"
"I have my "blank" on order"
"Another Happy "blank" customer"

...and other threads along these lines. They will be closed or removed.

Threads such as..."This vs. That" will be CLOSELY MONITORED and if they go the wrong direction...either it will be closed, removed, or offending threads removed. If the thread is nothing more than a post clearly to provoke...and yes you sometimes can will just be removed.

I hope you can understand what we are looking to do here...we are looking for support and not hype or attacks. Support and help are the keys here. Go out and listen before you buy is always the BEST advice.

Thank you all for yuor help in this matter.