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How does your console look on your 50"hdtv or above  

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As I posted in the past my current Tosh 65x83 hd rptv looks bad on some xbox games such as halo 2 which by the was looks awesome on my 32" sony. I was going to purchase another rptv and didn't want to have the same problem. I was considering sony gwIII or something like it. What do you own and how do your games look?
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Well to be honest I had a CRT RPTV at one time and games didn't look too great. I also have a Samsung DLP and games look pretty good on it but that is my family room set and I like to play games in my underground lair.
I have an Infocus X1 and to some they may find the giant image an incredible experience but when you blow the games up that big you can see some flaws.
So what I really, really have always enjoyed has been sitting at my PC and playing games so I decided to get an LCD HD TV that I could sit close enough to and use for PC and console gaming and have really the best overall image for my buck so I play on a 22" widescreen Samsung LCD tv.

The colors and graphics look really good from either PC or console, the screen's not so large I can't keep track of what's going on from all parts of the screen, and I can internet surf etc from my desk and have all my stuff connected as well.
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I have a 55" Mitsubishi RPTV, PS2 looked horrible on it with the standard connection cables. I went out and bought some nice component cables for the PS2 and it made all the difference in the world. PS2 games have the clearest 480i picture I have seen on my TV.

If you are using the standard video cables get rid of them and go with a least S-Video, but if you have a big screen component is the best connection.
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I have a 57HX83 and a PS2 (component cables). Most games look pretty rough. The 480p games out there look much better but nothing spectacular, as I'm sure you know with your XBOX.

I purchased the TV hoping that the next round of consoles will support hi-def. I know they're less than a couple years off, but I really couldn't wait any longer (purchased Sept. 93). It's difficult playing some games knowing they look much better on a smaller set but I'm in it for the long hall. I'd hold onto the 65HX83, unless you have cash burnnig a whole in your pocket. The next round of systems are on their way and lets all hope they support 720p/1080i.

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I have a gwIII and PS2 looks great on it. No issues at all just great picture.
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I have a Hitachi 57S500 CRT HDTV. PC, xbox, and ps2 look very good. I had an RCA D52W20 that I sold. I wasn't too pleased with the performance of the RCA. It auto stretched every 480p image to fill the screen and you couldn't adjust it out of full screen mode. I purchased a Pioneer 434CMX plasma display (only 43", so slightly off topic) the other day, and I can say that the 57S500 does a much better job with component input and 480p than the 434CMX does. What I learned from this? My suspicion that I already had the televsion with the most pleasing picture to my eye was correct. I am not disappointed with my plasma purchase though. It will be a perfect TV for my office.
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I am using the componet cables and some games look really awesome but there are game such as halo 2 that contrast is horrible (very dark). I would be certain that something was hooked up wrong or broken but as I said so games look great not just 720p or 1080i games either. I've already started earlier thread regarding and I know others have the same problem. So I'm setting out on a mission to find out some of the current hdtv rptvs that won't have the same problem. By the way this is a added set tosh is now in builtin wall in bedroom so I need another set for entertainment room.
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I've got a Pio 5040hd and have component hooked up with xbox, ps2 and gamecube.

They have always looked great on it - no problems, tho I wish all games would use the full amount of the picture (many have a small amount cut off on the right and left.
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Samsung 5685, component, only play Xbox... no time for the others anymore.

Halo2 is very nice, no issues of any kind whatsoever... much better than my old CRT.

The overscan I get from my PC is another story.
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I have been pleasantly surprised by my 48" (almost 50") Mitsubishi RPTV on my new xbox with HDpack. I tried to keep my expectations in check because of it only being 480p blown up, however I am quite pleased with the few games I have played so far. Obviously it is not like the picture on my PC with the settings maxed out, but very good none the less.
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Whaaaaaa...... I have played PS2 and Xbox games on a 47in Panasonic CRT RPTV and a 55in Mits CRT RP in during the last two years and the games looked beautiful. Halo 2 by far is the best looking game I've played on my Mits. I played SSX 3 on the PS2 on my Mits on Saturday and the game looked wonderful. But then again I have calibrated the two televisions so that may make a diff. I also agree with what David said about the cables. I have component cable connections for the PS2 and Xbox and that certainly helps.
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What is good and what is bad vary widely with consoles and large displays. One guy will see and image and think it's poor and someone else will insist it looks fabulous.

That being said, let me try to personalize this for you. If you think the Xbox is horrible on a well setup 65" HD display and are running a quality HD pack component cables (Microsoft or Monster) chances are none of the current consoles on a large screen (50-55" and greater) is going to be satisfying. This is regardless of cables, display type, or any other variable.
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Chrisfb, I don't think I'm being overly critical. Some game play so dark they are unplayable. I even tried this on my Nec ht1000 projector and had the same results with the same games. I do find it interesting that there are alot of large tv owners that are happy using their consoles. I would like to know which sets these are before I make another purchase.
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I'm not saying that you are. I'm just saying that the Xbox at 480p is about as good as it gets right now and if that is dissapointing there is nowhere else to turn outside of a home theater PC. Personally, on my 55" Mits I think the picture is fairly good but if I choose to really examine it the lacking areas are fairly evident so I totally understand when someone says they don't like it. I'm not passing judgement, it's simply a matter of what someone's eyes are drawn to (i.e. people sensitive to jaggies can go so far as to use Svideo and 480i on the Xbox sacrificing sharpness and color just to smooth them out).

If the dark scenes are the primary concern, those games are the same on all televisions providing they are setup properly (AVIA or DVE for brightness/contrast etc...). I don't know whether the people making the games have their monitors blaring or what but when we discussed it before it affected all of us on a variety of displays. Some people choose to up the contrast or brightness to help but I can tell you that I calibrated my Xbox input directly from the Xbox with a modded 480p version of the Xbox DVD player (hex edit on a modded box). It's setup correctly and some scenes in Halo2 and other games are just too damn dark. It's not the display, it's the games. I have no idea why they do this but at times I pause gameplay and adjust my settings so I can see - and yeah, I'm irritated by that.
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My Gamecube and PS2 look great on my 51" Sony via component cables.
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"I am using the componet cables and some games look really awesome but there are game such as halo 2 that contrast is horrible (very dark). "

yeah on my set as well, for some reason Halo 2 is darker in 480p than 480i as well.. Halo 2 is truly a game where I have to turn up my settings to play it, quite annoying.

Other than that PS2, Gamecube and Xbox all look amazing on my 65" CRT RP HDTV Hitachi 65T500. The xbox in general puts out a darker picture than the other two consoles, not sure why that is. But I've tested at my friends house on his tv and also on direct view CRT, same results.

My set is calibrated to the DVE disc, but yes I do turn up the settings for a few xbox games.
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On 61" DLP, XBox looks very nice.
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We had a Mits 48" RPTV a year ago, and it was a great TV. For gaming it was good as well, so long as there was a component connection. The problem was that all the little flaws were very much amplified with the "crystal clear" component video.

Recently we purchased a 52" Mits DLP. The video looks tremendously improved with this TV. I think that the DLP processing does a lot to smooth out errors, and account for imperfections not just in the transmission, but in the source material.
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Looks pretty good on my 70" Sony. Jaggies can be an annoyance, but I can live with it. Most games need a bump in brightness and/or contrast. Some are worse than others.
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my hitachi 51s500 everything looks awsome and its not the tv's fault if the game looks crappy it's the crappy game!
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I have a PS2 hooked up to my Optoma RD-50.

Games using the composite cables looked bad - blurry and crappy.
Games using the Component cable, into the 480i inputs looked much better.
Games using the Component cabled into the HD inputs (PS2 doing 480p) look fantastic. Not that many PS2 games do 480p, but the ones that do look great.

I've posted elsewhere that the out-of-box PQ settings on this set are awesome and haven't had to change anything for gaming.

I had an Xbox for a while - the graphics are awesome, but unfortunately a lot of the games I like to play are on the PS2.
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My question is, why do some games look better on an older display? Is it something to do with aliasing?
Right now I am playing Killzone and it looked pretty good on a 27 inch CRT with S video.
Now I'm playing on a 22 inch HD LCD and the flaws are more apparent and there are more jagged edges.
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Originally posted by Dean Martin
My question is, why do some games look better on an older display? Is it something to do with aliasing?
Right now I am playing Killzone and it looked pretty good on a 27 inch CRT with S video.
Now I'm playing on a 22 inch HD LCD and the flaws are more apparent and there are more jagged edges.
One reason is that the TV is capable of showing higher resolution images than what 27" could do. Flaws are going to be much more apparent. The 27" 'softened' the image, making it look 'better' to your eye.

It gets worse when you have an even larger screen. When I had my PS2 plugged into my 27" Sony using Composite (what comes with the PS2) it looked great - this same setup on my 50" looks like crap. Moving to the better cables (component) made a HUGE difference.
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I don't know if that is entirely accurate since some games look better than others.
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