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What size screen and type  

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my room is 16x14 and most people will be 13-13 ft away from the screen, whats the biges size Length/width i could use with out being too big and seeing artifacts on the screen. I will be using a crt projector,possiably the sony 12xx series. I can controll all light that enters the room. Also what material/screen would work good with this projector. For the most part everyone will be sitting right in front of it with maybe one or two people slightly off to the side. any help would be great.
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Great source material scaled well or deinterlaced well with a 9" LC CRT about 1X screen width is as close as you want to be .

I'd say there would be nothing at all wrong with a 9' wide screen for that size room. The condition of the tubes will have a lot to do with the light output and compensatory gain that may be needed.

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yea i have room for a 10'wide screen and was thinking of doing that but was concerned with seeing too much artifacts. Yes i will be getting a scaler,good dvd player and the such in the future. Just trying to piece everything together...
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Just be a little careful with the size screen relative to the light output of a single CRT. If you want quality, while still having a nice size screen ,you may be adding some more compromises above 9' wide.This isn't artifacts, but realistically, even new tubes can't get 10' wide above 10 fL running in it's optimum range with a moderate gain screen.

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actually im looking at my entertainment center(bought 3 small tv stands that sit 33" wide and 16" tall and put them togeter side by side, each holds 4+ components. By looking at them and pictureing a screen the same lenght (99" wide) that alone is going to be a killer screen so maybe a 8' wide screen might be enough for me. How tall would the screen have to be if it were 8' wide. ill be watching regular tv along with dvds 16:9. Im not too sure about 2:35 though...
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For the different sizes and dimensions, try the carada.com web site. You can review the different width options, and within each category, you can get an actual height versus width measurement.

They make good screens for the money. I've got a 112 inch, 2.35 to 1 and was very happy with the total experience and results.

My only "concern" is maybe I went too large. Don't get caught up with trying to get the biggest screen possible. I have the Z3, in a total light controled room, which is about 15 feet wide, 24 feet long. The screen and projector work fine together. My issue is just the overall movie experience. Kind of like sitting in the first few rows of a movie theater.

Now that i've lived with this combo for a few weeks, I beleive i would have been more happy with a slightly smaller screen.

I also taped out the size before I bought, and thought I had the perfect size. But once actual moives are playing, especially fast paced scenes, it's a bit much. (although I still love my home theater) Don't know if that helps you or not. I'm probably the first person to tell you to consider smaller.

Good luck
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well i will be getting a projector first and will be projecting different sizes on the wall to get an idea of what screen to get. I just thought i would ask around and see who has the same size room as i do and what size screen they are running. Looks like i will be having lots of fun though...
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I'm sitting 11' from a 92" wide (106" diagonal, 16:9) screen. I would not want it any bigger. That width reaches out into my peripheral vision. Any wider and my eyes would be doing overtime scanning the screen, and the added eyestrain would detract from the enjoyment of the movie. I had been using an old 80" wide (4:3) screen. That seemed too small for widescreen movies. I was contemplating getting a 100" screen (87" wide, 16:9) but couldn't find one acceptable to me. The 106" diagonal gives a good compromise between too wide for widescreen movies and too short (height) for 4:3 movies and TV.

NOTE: I do not like to sit in the front 10 rows of a movie theater either, for the same reason. It's just not enjoyable for me. Also, I have a Panasonic L300U, 16:9, PJ.
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