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Xbox AV pack questions  

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I got an Xbox for Christmas this year, and soon I will have a 32" Toshiba 32AF44 TV. It isn't a high-definition set, but has component and S-video inputs, so would the Xbox AV pack benefit me?

Also, should I get the newer "High Definition AV Pack Component," which, judging from the small pictures on EBGames.com, has five things to plug into, or the "Advanced HD Pack," which has three? Which one is newer? And, specifically, does either offer a digital optical out, like the PlayStation 2, for 5.1 sound? It says it supports "digital or surround sound audio receivers," but I was wondering what kind of cable I will need.
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You will get a better picture with component but not HD such as 1080i.
I'm not sure if that set does 480p on that input you would consult your manual and set your video appropriately.
In addition, the HD pack will also have the Fiber optic output as well if 5.1 sound is something you want.
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It will not do 480P with a non progessive or HDTV.

You can get the compenent cables and the image will be a little bit sharper than an S Video cable and Better than the standard cable but since your TV is not a HDTV it will not let you do 480P which will give you the Full Benefit.

I know this because I have tried it, I HAD a 36 NON HD TV before and even though the picture was better with component cables it was not quite HD (ie 480/720P or 1080I). I had to move and sold my TV and got another 36 inch TV but this TV is a HDTV Ready TV and when I hook up the component cables it looked as good as it did with the NON HDTV. Then I went into the X-Box settings and switched it to 480P and the picture on 480P games like Prince of Persia and NFL2K5 Looked unreal.

So to answer your question, better cables will give you a cleaner/sharper image but to get the true HD experience, you will have to hook it up to a HDTV or HDTV ready TV and change the setting on your gaming devices to 480P/720P and or 1080I.

From my experience, you can NOT change the setting to 480P or 720P or 1080I if you have it hooked up to a NON HDTV. I have tried before with my old TV.

Hope that helps,
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I may be mistaken, but I think you can select 480/720P/1080I with an incompatible TV. I'm pretty sure the XBOX only looks for the HD pack to unlock the options. If you somehow get into a bind and can't see anything on your XBOX, use the green component plugged into a composite input to your TV in order to change things back. Or you could probably just use the regular pack, but I don't think it'll let you deselect the XBOX HD settings to recover.
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Originally posted by Javaman
I don't think it'll let you deselect the XBOX HD settings to recover.
> The options will disappear as soon as another pack is put in. I swapped Component and S-Video a few times and as soon as the S-Video pack was plugged in, all the HD options were gone and it defaulted to 480i.
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