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MX-600, Sony TV, and 16:9 enhanced mode  

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I recently purchased a MX-600 and I am having a problem recording a macro that turns on 16:9 enhanced mode for a Sony kv-27fs13 TV. As far as I know there is button (or combination of buttons) that you can use to switch to 16:9 mode. So every time I want to watch a DVD, I need to go into the MENU, then under SETUP, down 5 clicks to the "16:9 enhanced", over one, up one, and MENU again to exit. This is a REAL pain in the ass, as some of you probably know.

Since there is no button on the Sony remote to "teach" the MX-600, I recorded a macro that performs the above steps. The problem is that it only works about 1/3 of the time. Most of the time the macro choses other various options in the sony MENU, and I think its becuase the TV is not receiving all the steps of the macro (there are 14). This happens even why I point the remote directly at the screen, and using RF and IR.

Does anyone know if there is a faster/better way to turn on 16:9? Am a doing something wrong when programming the remote? Is this a common problem with macros of this size?

I found someone who has a complete list of commands for this TV, but its for a MX-700 and the Editor software. Is there someway else I can get access to these commands for my MX-600?
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My 32FS13 does not have a discrete that goes to 16:9 enhanced mode -- I have to do the exact series of steps that you mentioned (both my Harmony and URC-200 are set up for this). However, I have no issue with getting the MACRO to work properly. You might want to add some delays after each command in the Menu -> L, D, D, D, D, etc.... command string. You might be overloading the TV with IR blasts.
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cmascatello, thank you for the response.

I tried adding a .6 second delay between commands, and I am still getting the same problem. I dont seem to have any issues with the other macros I have written, just this one. Its odd, since every time I run the macro, its seems to finish is a different part of the Sony MENU, as if the macro is corrupting itself.

Have there been any reports of faulty MX-600, and is this a sign of problem with the remote?

Just to make sure I am not a total idiot, let me list the steps that I am doing to record the macro, maybe one of you will find any faults in it.

(1) MAIN + ENT
(3) M2 (this is where I am storing the macro)
(4) TV
(5) MENU
(10) RIGHT
(11) DOWN
(12) DOWN
(13) DOWN
(14) DOWN
(15) DOWN
(16) RIGHT
(17) UP (turns on/off 16:9 enhanced mode)
(18) MENU
(19) CHANNEL UP (to save macro)

If I was able to program via the software editor by trading the 600 in for an MX-700, would this solve the problem?

Any help/advice would be great.
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Let me play with your combo a bit . One thing, did you learn the commands for menu, up, down, etc. or did you use the pre-programmed settings? You might want to try learning them if you have not done so already. The only other thing that I see that is different in my version is that I go LEFT in step(6) rather than through all of the other menu options (at least I think that is how I have it).

I'll let you know what I come up with...
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I have not "learned" the commands, I guess I will try that next. I did go left, as you suggested, and this saved me several programming steps, but it still has the same problem. I greatly appreciate your help with this.

If the remote works perfectly fine using the key combination above with me manually pressing the buttons, will "learning" the commands really make a difference? It seems odd that if I push them it works, but the macro of the same commands does not work.

Sony pisses me off. I have seen older Wegas' with an automatic detect for 16:9, but they dumbed this one down since its a cheaper model.

The other option is to go into the service menu (which I am hesitant to do), and apparently you can make the tv start with 16:9 activated. I wonder if this screws up regular TV, or if you can just switch it off by changing the input source.
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How do you get into the Service mode? I have never tried it on the Sony sets -- kind of curious what options are buried in there.
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I will need to look for the website that lists how to get into the service mode for you, but this isn't really something I am interested in doing, since it seems too risky. I guess I will just keep chaging into 16:9 manually, even though it was one of the big reasons I dropped $230 on a remote....

I did try "learning" the buttons, and this also did not solve my problem, BUT it was very cool, and I ended up learning all the buttons for all my devices. I ran into a very interesting bug/problem, that I want someone with a sony wega to try and replicate. With my remote, when I punch through "channel" between the DVD player and the TV, I can no longer access the MENU via the Menu button on the remote (hard button). I had to erase ALL my macros, punch through, and learned keys in order to get it to come back. I added all these programming back one at a time, and found that it was the punch though causing the problems. Volume and Play punch though are fine. Odd...

I also have a general question to anyone with the base station. Whenever I run a vacuum, or the furnace is about to turn on (static on TV), my base station freaks out like its recieving a million commands from my remote. Could this damage the base station?
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I think I am going to have to admit defeat here, since I can't seem to ge the macro to work, and no one else has come up with any secret way to get my Sony into 16:9 mode. I will continue to do it manually, as I have done for the past several years.

Other than this one problem, (which is really Sony's fault), I am loving my MX-600. I would high recommend it to anyone. I just wish I had more components to control, since this remote is kinda overkill for a TV, DVD, and Reciever only system.

I would still be interested in knowing if other peoples RF base station's go wacky when the vacumm is run.

Cmascatello, thank you for your input.
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