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Flat Screen mount on plaster wall  

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Was hoping to solicit some advice on how to mount my 15" Sharp Aquos LCD panel.

I live in New York City in an old (>100 years) building with plaster walls (no studs).

Has anyone else had any luck mounting a flat screen without drilling into studs? I realize this may be impossible for a 42"+ plasma, but I'm hopeful that this is possible for my small flat-screen.

I have an OmniMount cantilever set-up that I'd like to attach to the tv. Yesterday, I made an attempt using 50-lb. plastic mollys, but the weight of the tv pulled them out.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I believe there would still be studs behind the lath (the strips of wood used to support the plaster). If you can't locate the studs, which could be very difficult with plaster because a regular stud finder won't always work, you might be able to use the metal molly bolts (the ones with a bolt and a removable hinged piece that opens up to look like a "T" after being pushed through an opening) through the lath. There has to be framing behind the plaster, but finding it is the hardest part.
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Andy, I just mounted (Actually my installer mounted) a Sharp 37" Aquos on my plaster wall which is 1" thick. The mount is an articulating mount that swings out 29". Works great. We were able to find one stud and used heavy duty molly bolts for the other set of holes. It is not easy to find studs in plaster walls but your lighter weight panel might find enough support with the mollies.

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pj-there may not be any wood structure, studs or otherwise in Andy's walls. I live in a 70-year old house with plaster walls, and we have only masonry behind the plaster on all outside walls of the house-there is a brick/clay block wall with a rough surface for the plaster to adhere to inside the bricks on the outside of the house.

Andy, I've got a 42" plasma mounted on the wall, the installer used the bolts that mount in epoxy. It's very solid, so with a much lighter panel you should be fine as long as it's solidly mounted too.
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Thanks for the good suggestions. I was thinking about trying the "T" bolts next.

Also - I'm going to swing by Home Depot to see if they have anything that would locate studs behind plaster - I have a garden-variety stud finder and it gets pretty confused when I put it up to my plaster walls.

Will report back after my next try (hopefully I won't have to dive and catch the tv before it hits the floor like yesterday when the mollys pulled out).

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Oh yeah...I think it was too early in the morning but like you said I forgot that not all structures are made of wood. There are plenty of older houses that have brick walls rather than studs, which would make mounting the bracket even harder.
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I recently ran into the "older house" syndrome when I tried to hang a new 42" ED Panasonic on an articulating arm. I ended up sinking 6, 8x3/8" threaded rods from Hilti, into the brick, using structural epoxy to cement them in. Home Depot had all the needed materials. I would have liked having the Hilti rotary hammer for the masonry drilling job, but my old Sears Craftsman finally ground out the holes.
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I live in a 120 year old brownstone. The exterior walls are plaster over brick. The interior walls are plaster/lathe over 4x4 posts.
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