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Any way to correct pincushion on sides of Sony 34XRB960?  

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My set finally has over 100 hours of break in time now, and I am seeing some nasty things on the left and right sides of the screen. Most people probably wouldn't notice, but I sure do. Basically, horizontal lines do not stay horizontal. If I had a screen of lines it would look something like this:

A little overexaggerated, but you get the point.
I apologize for it not being to scale or actual size, etc.

There is nothing in the service menu that I know of that can fix this. In the service menu there is an Upper Corner Pin (UCP) and Lower Corner Pin (LCP) but no left and right corner pins. If I had the same adjustment for corner pins as I do with upper and lower for the sides, the problem would be fixed quite easily. Everything else with the set is fine, just the sides are messed up like so.

Any ideas?
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I have the exact same problem. Only difference is that the lower right corner is more pronounced. I have tried all kinds of settings in the service menu and have yet to find one that will help resolve the corner pincushing.
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Since it's a flat screen tube TV you will notice a little bowing in the corners. This is just the nature of tube TVs. Some look better than others. It looks like you got one that is not so good. You really should only notice it in the corners and not clear down the sides. I'd take it back and get another one if possible.
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My lower right corner is the worst as well. I wonder what's up with that? Does the CRT just think to itself "Hmmmm... I'm almost to the edge of the screen, but not quite. What to do what to do.... I KNOW!!!! I'll change the scanning direction! It'll be awesome! I love doing things for no reason! My owner will definitely appreciate it."

I can't think of any other explanation than the one I just stated.
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Well, the thing is the screen is actually curved horizontally behind the glass in front of it. And the glass has a curved backface to make the image you see look as flat as possible. The Sony FD Trinitron technology isn't perfect and you will notice some bowing and/or distortions. This problem exists on my two 19" Sony flat screen PC monitors. If you get up real close to the screen you can see the curve. It's very slight but you can see it. There is no way to correct it other than taking it back and getting one with less noticeable distortions.
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Well from what I've been reading, I'm doing pretty well with my set in comparison to others. But I've now read multiple reports of the bottom right corner being the worst, so I think that if I traded it in it would be the same... maybe even worse! Moving this TV is more of a chore than you can possibly imagine. It's easier to move a furnace.

The Sony FD Trinitron technology isn't perfect
But it's a Sony and they are Japanese. Don't they have some custom where they are either killed or forced to kill themselves if the work is not 100% perfect in every way?
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I have a Sony 30HS420 on the way and I am already expecting to see some bowing at the top and bottom of the screen. All I can hope for is that's it's not too noticeable.

Sony makes great tube TVs and PC monitors. The problem with them over the last few years is they starting making TVs and PC monitors in Mexico. This was a bad move since quality control isn't as good there. I've noticed some people saying that the ones made in Japan are better and have fewer issues. Does yours happen to be made in Mexico?
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How can I check? It's not on the bottom of the set requiring me to lift it over my head, is it?

EDIT: It's made in Mexico. My prayers have been answered. However they did a pretty good job considering it's from Mexico. It actually turns on and hasn't fallen apart yet.

My friend has an 30HS420 and I haven't noticed any bowing, but there is a weird grid-like pattern overlayed over some of the non-component inputs.
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Thanks for the info. I hope mine doesn't have that issue.
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