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What's up all,
First off, Pelican's support S*CKS!! And this is a new product to it is hard to find any info out about it...
Did anyone pickup/get the Pelican Wireless Evo Sport Wheel for the PS2?
If so, could ya PLEASE help me out...
The steering wheel is VERY stiff and hard to turn. Is mine not working correctly or is that what it is supposed to feel like? HOPEFULLY mine is broken!
I played with the sensitivitly dial, but it doesn't help at all...I can't control my car at all in the GTA series, which this wheel is made for...Once I get out of the car, the controller works great..BUT the steering s*cks if it is supposed to be that stiff...
I am going to return it if it is working properly, cause it is a POS!

Thanks all!