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In-wall component racks & cables  

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I am considering mounting my components in a wall adjacent to my home theater area. The idea is to have them hidden inside the wall cavity, so that they are out of the way, instead of being in a rack on the floor under the display.

Does anyone know of any good component racks that are designed to mount inside of a wall cavity? Obviously this requires that the wall be about two feet deep. This is not a problem.

I will also need to run all my speaker, subwoofer and display cables through the ceiling and walls. Some of the runs are as much as 10-12 meters. What are some good cables that won't break the bank? I looked at Monster Cable, but I don't think I want to pay that much. I also looked at Better Cable, which were more reasonable. Are there any other brands I should be considering?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks a lot.
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Middle Atlantic makes an awesome in-wall rack that slides out so you can access the back of your components.


Not cheap though. In the $500 range I believe - depending upon the size.
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You want cheap? Check out my custom, in-wall rack. About $100, not including the glass doors. Pix on system page, below. It could be done without rear access, but it'd be a royal pain.
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You can also order Custom Face Plates for Racks that really make it look professional. They're not cheap, around $100 per plate.
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